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Bat Prosey Tease by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Bat Prosey Tease :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 11 4 Bat Prosey: Christmas Edition by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Bat Prosey: Christmas Edition :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 11 8 Bat Prosey 2.0 by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Bat Prosey 2.0 :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 13 5 Prophetic Prose 2.0 by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Prophetic Prose 2.0 :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 13 4 A Prophecy Rewritten by ForTheLuvOfApplejack A Prophecy Rewritten :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 25 15 Cloud Song by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Cloud Song :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 9 4 Bat Prosey 2 by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Bat Prosey 2 :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 15 12 Bat Prosey by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Bat Prosey :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 14 7
Like Home
Being where you're meant to be
Sets the heart aglow
"Home is where the heart is"
Isn't that how it goes?
Whether atop a sunlit hill
Or buried deep in snow
In those halls is a rare comfort
That sweet warmth of "good to be home"
But what if one's heart
Isn't housed in brick walls
Tied to city or country
Or to this world at all?
Can one find their home
In another voice's call
Find their forever in a heart
For which they never knew they'd fall?
Souls mingling and melding
Sharing agony and glee
Till they find a home in one another
Is the most lovely sight to see
That's why I'll pray for nights on end
To any and all powers that be
That my heart becomes home to you, sunflower
Just as your heart feels like home to me
:iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 5 0
Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 3 0 Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 11 4 Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 13 8
She's the One
She's the one
With the sunflower smile
Who reaches for sunlight
When stranded on midnight's isle
She's the one
With the flames in her veins
An inferno of passion
Scorching her troubles away
She's the one
With cinnamon sugar lips
Just her warm, sweet touch
Sends me down a river of bliss
She's the one
Who I love and understand
And who I fully trust
To hold my heart in her hands
:iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 4 3
Honey, Whatcha Waitin' For? by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Honey, Whatcha Waitin' For? :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 27 2 One Last Kiss Goodbye by ForTheLuvOfApplejack One Last Kiss Goodbye :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 10 11 Prose Squared Moonlight Magic by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Prose Squared Moonlight Magic :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 19 12


My Hero Academia Fan-made Quirks
I've been in a MHA mood lately and decided to take it out by making a list of fan-made quirks I came up with on my own. Originally, I had over 500 quirks, but I narrowed them down to 161 because of...reasons. I might upload the rest IDK. If any of you don't know what My Hero Academia, look at the link cause I don't feel like explaining it. ( Anyways, enjoy! 
Transformation Quirks
Aegis: The user can morph both legs into a sword
Animorphing: The quirk user can transform into any living being they have seen
Arachne Form: The user can transform into an arachne
Ball Body: The quirk user can turn their entire body into a ball
Bandage: The user wraps long bandages around enemies
Bumper: The user can turn their hands into pinball bumpers
Burn Body: The quirk user's body can be lit on fire
Cannonball: The user turns their h
:iconbluecola101:BlueCola101 3 3
BNHA: OC - Butterfly by Glamist BNHA: OC - Butterfly :iconglamist:Glamist 568 36
Theme of the Week: Technology
Humans are a clever and inventive species. We've been utilizing nature to create tools, and using those tools to craft something incredible. It all started with weapons and agriculture. A sharpened stick creates the spear. Attaching a thread on either end of a bent piece of wood resulted in the bow. Carving wood into an even, circular shape made the wheel. Learning to manipulate fire was a turning point in our development.
Over millennia, we humans came to love to create things. Technology has improved vastly in just the last century alone. What's ironic is that we work so hard to make life as easy as possible. Can't catch a fish? Invent the fishing pole. Can't publish books fast enough? Invent the printing press. Can't communicate with your buddy on the other side of the planet? Invent the internet. Are power plants polluting the sky? Try a solar panel. Our ingenuity is unstoppable, which can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing.
Let those thoughts of technology inspire you this wee
:iconunseen-writers:Unseen-Writers 5 20
Theme of the Week: Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights, one of the most well-known natural beauties of the world, a magnificent display of color in the night sky. When you see it, when you even picture it, what do you feel? What words do you want to bring together when you see that dark sky above a field of snow and ice, casting a colorful aura over it? Let the light into your heart, and let that drive you to create.
:iconunseen-writers:Unseen-Writers 2 13
I Want You to Be Happier by Boreal-Fire-I I Want You to Be Happier :iconboreal-fire-i:Boreal-Fire-I 54 27 Equestria Girls x Shantae: Half Genie Hero by Lhenao Equestria Girls x Shantae: Half Genie Hero :iconlhenao:Lhenao 79 4 [ 25 EUR SKCH COMM] Tidorito ~ by Hiratsumi [ 25 EUR SKCH COMM] Tidorito ~ :iconhiratsumi:Hiratsumi 268 25 Christmas Gift~ by Liremi Christmas Gift~ :iconliremi:Liremi 171 16 [ CMM ] pufflin ~ by Hiratsumi [ CMM ] pufflin ~ :iconhiratsumi:Hiratsumi 306 25 Thighs up commission - Minnie by AliceVu134 Thighs up commission - Minnie :iconalicevu134:AliceVu134 138 2 C: Rock Candy by Phoelion C: Rock Candy :iconphoelion:Phoelion 65 6 Jirachi by NeonCelestia20 Jirachi :iconneoncelestia20:NeonCelestia20 262 16 Bakugou Katsuki BNHA Wallpaper by SpukyCat Bakugou Katsuki BNHA Wallpaper :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 1,063 41 [REQUEST] Bakugou - My hero academia by Kyumiku [REQUEST] Bakugou - My hero academia :iconkyumiku:Kyumiku 20 7 K/DA - POP/STARS by x-Hachiko-x K/DA - POP/STARS :iconx-hachiko-x:x-Hachiko-x 46 13 Honoka Secret Agent | Dead or Alive by MiraiHikariArt Honoka Secret Agent | Dead or Alive :iconmiraihikariart:MiraiHikariArt 411 21


I'm a hardcore AppleDash shipper. Ever since the first time I saw Fall Weather Friends, I fell in absolute love with this pairing. That...




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