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Like Home
Being where you're meant to be
Sets the heart aglow
"Home is where the heart is"
Isn't that how it goes?
Whether atop a sunlit hill
Or buried deep in snow
In those halls is a rare comfort
That sweet warmth of "good to be home"
But what if one's heart
Isn't housed in brick walls
Tied to city or country
Or to this world at all?
Can one find their home
In another voice's call
Find their forever in a heart
For which they never knew they'd fall?
Souls mingling and melding
Sharing agony and glee
Till they find a home in one another
Is the most lovely sight to see
That's why I'll pray for nights on end
To any and all powers that be
That my heart becomes home to you, sunflower
Just as your heart feels like home to me
:iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 5 0
Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 3 0 Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 11 4 Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 13 8
She's the One
She's the one
With the sunflower smile
Who reaches for sunlight
When stranded on midnight's isle
She's the one
With the flames in her veins
An inferno of passion
Scorching her troubles away
She's the one
With cinnamon sugar lips
Just her warm, sweet touch
Sends me down a river of bliss
She's the one
Who I love and understand
And who I fully trust
To hold my heart in her hands
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I'm a hardcore AppleDash shipper. Ever since the first time I saw Fall Weather Friends, I fell in absolute love with this pairing. That...




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|Basic Info|
Name: Setsu Yasumi
Kanji: 節 (Setsu; "section, period, verse, melody") 妥 (Yasu; "gentle") 心 (Mi "heart, mind, soul")
Nicknames/Aliases: Plum Bangs, One-Eye, Sing-Song, Pet, (Bratty) Little Girl, Hot Chocolate, My Mermaid, Mermaid Queen [From Bakugou]; Baby Sis, Sissy, Sugar Plum, Little Doll [From Chouko]
Gender: Cisgender female
Age: 14-15
Birthday: February 20th (Pisces)
Sexuality: Possibly bisexual or pansexual (unsure at the moment).
Height: 5'3" (~161 cm)
Weight: 136 lbs (~61.68 kg)
Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Brazilian
Nationality: Japanese
Hair Color: Dark purple
Eye Color: Greyish lavender
Skin Color: Dark, hazelnut brown skin
Setsu Yasumi by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

|Occupational Information|
Occupation: Academy Student
Affiliation(s): U.A. High School and heroes in general
Class: 1-B

|Personal Info|
Likes: Pastel colors, all shades of purple and blue, seafood, sweets (especially ice cream), animals, most music (is especially into 80s pop lately), fairytales, fantasy/romance stories, mermaids, magical girl anime, cartoons in general, places with water she can swim in (pools, beaches, hot springs, etc.), pretty clothes, cute plushies, feeling warm/cozy, the holiday season, birthdays, quiet places.
Dislikes: Feeling cold, seeing harm done to innocent people, conflict among herself and/or those she cares about, her uncle Sanjiro, any type of discrimination (especially Quirk based discrimination), being coddled by her sister and most other people in her life, wearing swimsuits or generally revealing clothes in front of too many people, the thought of exposing her neck to others, the fact that she can't sing for others without her Quirk effecting them.
Hobbies: Singing (usually alone), writing songs and poetry, swimming, cooking/baking, gymnastics/acrobatics, spending time with Bakugou, hanging out with friends, reading, watching anime.
Fears: Heights, extremely loud/high pitched noises, the idea of being kidnapped again, the thought of the people who told her she'd become a villain being right, and disappointing her loved ones.
Bad Habits: Spacing out, stuttering, bottling up her thoughts and emotions if she thinks they'll cause conflict with those she loves, fidgeting with her hair and/or clothes when she's anxious.

Parent(s): Aika Himura (mother; mending relationship), Zen Yasumi (father; good relationship; deceased); Shagaru Magara (step-dad; good relationship)
Sibling(s): Chouko Yasumi (older sister; close relationship); Shizuka Himura (younger half-sister; mending relationship); Goa Magara (step-brother; good relationship)
Relative(s): Sanjiro Yasumi (uncle; bad relationship; deceased)
Friend(s): Itsuka Kendo, Ibara Shiozaki, Pony, Tsuyu Asui, Kyoka Jiro, Ochako Uraraka, Eijiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Juraki Shinka, Lily Yuki, Haruko Shota, Sakura Kagumi.
Romantic Interest(s): Katsuki Bakugou (crush and, ultimately, boyfriend); Dia Burosu (brief crush); Makai Ikari (ex-crush who was manipulated into attacking her)
Idol(s): Rumi Usagiyama, a.k.a., Rabbit Hero "Mirko" (good relationship; interns for her)
Other(s): Vlad King (homeroom teacher); Akane Oshiro (former bully)

|Hero Details|
Hero Name: Lady Vo'Call
Costume: Setsu Hero Costume by ForTheLuvOfApplejack
Motivations: To prevent as many people as possible from ever feeling as helpless and unsafe as she did when she lost her father, and also to grow as strong as she can so she never has to call herself a mere victim of circumstance again.

Quirk Name: Siren Song
Abilities: Siren Song allows Setsu to have a small number of effects on one or multiple people's bodies at a time through her singing. The main effect of her song is on the brain, in that alters the target's brain cells to the point of soothing otherwise upset people and making them extremely susceptible to her commands, which she gives telepathically once they've heard her singing. If she's not focusing her song on specific people, it will only soothe them and positively alter their mood, but if they listen long enough, they will eventually fall under the hypnotic effect anyway. It is also possible for her to create a sound wave attack if she sings/screams at a high enough pitch, and if she focuses on spreading the sound waves of her song across someone's entire body instead of just their mind, it could either heal or injure them depending on her desires at the time.
  .) Serenade: Singing soothes and lifts the mood of all who hear it; any target(s) specifically focused on will immediately be hypnotized, and others in the area will eventually be hypnotized as well if they listen for too long.
  .) Lullaby: After fully hypnotizing one or more people, at the snap of the Quirk user's fingers, the target(s) instantly fall asleep for 10-20 minutes.
  .) Falsetto: Singing at a high pitch sends a massive sound wave attack in whichever direction the Quirk user is facing.
  .) Rhapsody: By focusing on the rest of the body as opposed to the brain, the Quirk user can either accelerate or reverse injuries within the body of one target at a time depending on their desires.
Weaknesses: She has to be continuously singing for the mind control effect of Serenade to continue or until the healing effect of Rhapsody fully sets in, and if she sings for too long, she'll lose her voice for 5-10 minutes. The high pitches she uses for her Falsetto attack strain her voice, shortening the amount of time she can sing for every time she uses it.
Other Abilities: Since neither her Quirk nor her body were necessarily made for direct combat (or at least that's what she's always believed until recently), Setsu's been training since middle school to be as stealthy and generally hard to catch as possible. This primarily involved training herself in gymnastics and acrobatics, which ultimately also led to contortionism. This has made her extremely agile and flexible, making it easy for her to hide in the most bizarre, seemingly unimaginable of places. She was also always much faster than the average person, so she also pushed herself to become as fast a runner as she possibly could, in addition to finding ways to keep her footsteps from being heard too easily. Additionally, despite not necessarily being a fighter, her body is capable of enduring a lot of pain before it has any substantial effect on her. If anything, she's just enough of a masochist that most physical pain that could be inflicted on her would either be enjoyable for her or barely take any effect for a while.

Power: 2/5
Speed: 5/5
Technique: 2/5
Intelligence: 3/5
Cooperativeness: 6/5

As daughters of The Dancing Hero, Nimble Note (otherwise known as Zen Yasumi), Chouko and Setsu lived relatively good lives. Even for being a late bloomer whose Quirk didn't come in until she was nine, most moments of Setsu's earlier years were happy ones, especially those moments of having fun with her father and learning from him all about what being a hero really means. Watching her mother, Aika Himura (formerly known as The Flower Power Hero, Renaissance) grow angrier and more distant from the family by the year, especially when talk of a specific top hero would come up, was one of the only major things she struggled with, but outside of that and occasional teasing from her older sister, Setsu had enjoyed most of her life for those first few years. The night every female in the Yasumi household was kidnapped, however, was the moment when that relatively peaceful life would suddenly be shattered to pieces. The kidnapper, Zen's villainous archenemy called Remix, was not only a man who had fallen in love with Aika, thus explaining her sudden distance from the family), but he also revealed that his name was once Sanjiro Yasumi, only to be changed to Sanjiro Maki once he had been disowned by he and his twin brother Zen's family. The kidnapping took place simply because Aika had tried to end their affair, and in response, he not only decided to take her, but hurt both her and Zen even more by taking their two precious daughters.

The girls, only ages fourteen and nine at the time, were trained to the point of exhaustion to be Remix's agents while their mother was repeatedly brainwashed by the music produced by Remix's Quirk until she no longer has the will to leave his side. Speaking of the hypnotic nature of his Quirk, discovering this same quality in Setsu's singing made the man a little too elated. He'd managed to convince the young girl that she was probably his daughter and not Zen's, and that she'd be perfect to become the next major musical villain in his place one day. If that in and of itself wasn't enough to break little Setsu, the arrival of her father and the SWAT team only made it worse. There came a point where Setsu, as well as her mother and sister, had to watch as Nimble Note got distracted in his battle with Remix, having been told about the affair between his estranged twin brother and his wife. When Zen asked Aika to tell him it was a lie and received no answer in return, he was left stunned. Stunned and open. Remix took full advantage of this, his final attack killing Zen instantly while his wife and daughters could only helplessly watch.

The rest was all a blur for Setsu. After that moment, she heard her mother seem to snap out of her daze, ranting and raving at Remix for what he'd done, felt he sister drag her away while explaining that she had a plan, and reacted in the absolute bare minimum amount necessary to get her from point A to point B alongside Chouko. Even when the security system had been shut down and they managed to escape with the SWAT team's help, though, nothing but the cold numbness of depression and despair resonated in the young girl's heart for a while. The only thing that caught her attention was the news that, after their father was cremated and his ashes were spread, the girls would be going into foster care since none of their relatives were able/willing to take them in. The only reason this caught her attention was the fact that Chouko had told her siblings got separated from each other in the foster care system all the time, and she was already mortified enough having watched her father be murdered and knowing that her mother hadn't been able to be saved. The older Yasumi sister was equally as distressed by the idea--so much so that, the moment she saw the opportunity, she took both her younger sister and their father's ashes and ran as far as she could carry them. She'd run all the way to the other end of Japan if that's what it took, as long as she didn't have to lose the only family she had left.

At some point, the girls stumbled onto information about U.A. High School, the one school with a hero course that matched their parents' alma mater, Shiketsu. Being located in Tokyo, plenty far away from their previous home in western Japan, Chouko and Setsu decided then and there that they would both attend U.A., finally giving themselves a destination as they ran while also providing them with a means of still feeling connected to their father. Zen was a firm believer in protecting the innocents of the world by any means necessary, and the girls themselves had decided they never wanted to watch anyone else suffer the same fate they had. As such, their choice to become the best heroes they possibly could came to fruition, and their journey to do so really took off.

It took a lot of smooth talking on Chouko's part, but she was eventually able to get a small apartment for herself and Setsu once they reached Tokyo, having proved unofficially to the landlord of a small complex and officially to the city itself that she was more than capable of caring for herself and her sister alone. From then on, while Chouko worked for the apartment complex itself and also attended U.A., Setsu did everything she could to live the normal, happy life Chouko wanted her to live. Unfortunately, another roadblock to that happiness appeared in the form of middle school popularity queen, Akane Oshiro. How she had picked up on this specific insecurity of Setsu's is something she never found out, but Akane had found out quickly that she was afraid of becoming a villain, using this to convince the frightened young girl that she'd be helpless to prevent such a fate without her guidance. Sadly, once Setsu took the bait, that guidance came in the form of bossing he around at every opportunity, spreading vicious rumors about her, and punishing her with various acts of humiliation when she stepped out of line. For a while, Setsu was also forced to wear a pair of music note earrings to school every day as a subtle yet consistent reminder of her Quirk and what it was capable of, and she was threatened with much more severe punishments than usual if she didn't wear them when she was with Akane.

The worst came not long after meeting Makai Ikari, a boy with an equally dangerous Quirk, Demon Wrath, and the horrible reputation to match. Makai was drawn to Setsu despite all he'd heard, finally having someone to relate to, and he was soon drawn enough to her to try to ask her out. She honestly liked him back, but unfortunately, Chouko had drilled it into her head by now not to get too close to guys who screamed danger like Remix, and if any one word could describe Makai, it would be "dangerous". She rejected him not only once in private, but also a second time in public when he'd decided to try asking again in front of their entire class. This would come back to bite her the one time she stood up to Akane, refusing to wear the music note earrings anymore. Akane originally was going to cut off all of Setsu's long hair in retaliation, but instead, she remembered Makai and forced his Quirk to activate by reminding him of Setsu's rejection and how humiliated he was. There was no other choice then but to give into the dark anger festering in his heart, which made him take a demonic form with fire powers and the strength of a young man ten times his usual strength. In his demon form, and now completely out of his right mind, he let his flaming hands strangle Setsu, giving her permanent burn marks on her neck and nearly crushing her throat in his hands if not for how slowly he was grasping it.

Thankfully, the incident was defused before Setsu could die, Chouko coming to take her sister home, Makai inevitably getting sent to juvenile detention, and Akane somehow getting off scot-free. Setsu was pulled out of that middle school as soon as possible and spent the next few months recovering by helping and spending time with her sister as much as she could. Until she was ready to go to school again, she did everything in her power to take care of Chouko while also training, both to prepare for when she'd eventually take the U.A. entrance exams and to be better prepared to defend herself and evade attacks when need be. She went on to finish middle school and get into U.A. with two major goals in mind: have an open mind when a boy who seems like trouble expresses interest in her, and never allow herself or anyone she loves to be a helpless victim again.

.) Thanks to conditioning from Akane, Setsu spent most of middle school refusing to use her Quirk, a behavior that carried over into her final years of middle school and part of her first year at U.A.
.) During this time in her life, Setsu also developed selective mutism, also partly due to Akane's 'guidance' not to talk too much.
.) For most of her life, Setsu only ever sang by herself for fear of either hypnotizing someone or being punished by Akane. The only exception to this is when Chouko would watch musicals with her, as this is the time when she'd be encouraged to sing as much as she wanted by her sister.
.) Despite her fear of what her Quirk was capable of, Setsu had always desperately wanted to be a singer, or even do karaoke once without running the risk of hypnotizing her audience.
.) Setsu's soft demeanor along with the trauma she's suffered make Setsu a constant target for coddling and babying by not only her overprotective sister, but most of the people around her. In her attempts to become a hero, she aims to prove she can be stronger than people give her credit for.
.) Even though she tries not to because her sister said so, Setsu does find herself being attracted to more aggressive and dangerous people, Makai, Katsuki, and Dia only being two of several examples.
.) Coincidentally, it wasn't long after realizing the type of people she was attracted to that Setsu also started to discover her masochism and massive interest in BDSM.
.) Setsu's interactions with Katsuki Bakugou originally started from her using her Quirk to defuse fights he'd get into with her classmates, forcing him out of a room and making him fall asleep. Standing up to him was her way of making up for not doing so in middle school.
.) For all the trouble he'd caused, when Katsuki eventually asked her out, she said yes for the sole fact that she didn't want to repeat the same mistake she did with Makai, judging solely by his reputation and nothing more. She knew, after all, what it was like to be told you'd only ever be a villain because of the way you are.
.) Since she's still insecure about the burn marks on her neck, Setsu regularly wears turtlenecks, chokers, scarves, and anything else that will cover as much of her neck as possible, even during the summer.
.) Throughout middle school and at the start of her first year of high school, Setsu wears bangs over the left side of her face as much as possible, having been conditioned by Akane so thoroughly that she hated letting herself or anyone else see her whole face.

(Credit to RosenThorns for the original blank profile *Warning! Do not remove!*)
(Also crediting CamomiIe for making the profile that inspired the Personal Info and Occupational Info sections, as well as the idea to add ethnicity, nationality, and name kanjis to the original profile.)


Prophetic Prose
Artist | Student | Literature
United States


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