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Like Home
Being where you're meant to be
Sets the heart aglow
"Home is where the heart is"
Isn't that how it goes?
Whether atop a sunlit hill
Or buried deep in snow
In those halls is a rare comfort
That sweet warmth of "good to be home"
But what if one's heart
Isn't housed in brick walls
Tied to city or country
Or to this world at all?
Can one find their home
In another voice's call
Find their forever in a heart
For which they never knew they'd fall?
Souls mingling and melding
Sharing agony and glee
Till they find a home in one another
Is the most lovely sight to see
That's why I'll pray for nights on end
To any and all powers that be
That my heart becomes home to you, sunflower
Just as your heart feels like home to me
:iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 5 0
Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 3 0 Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Visonya/Vision Grandelle (Tiefling Bard) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 11 4 Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Rheliya (Half-Genie Dream Thief) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 13 8
She's the One
She's the one
With the sunflower smile
Who reaches for sunlight
When stranded on midnight's isle
She's the one
With the flames in her veins
An inferno of passion
Scorching her troubles away
She's the one
With cinnamon sugar lips
Just her warm, sweet touch
Sends me down a river of bliss
She's the one
Who I love and understand
And who I fully trust
To hold my heart in her hands
:iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 4 3
Honey, Whatcha Waitin' For? by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Honey, Whatcha Waitin' For? :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 28 2 One Last Kiss Goodbye by ForTheLuvOfApplejack One Last Kiss Goodbye :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 9 11 Prose Squared Moonlight Magic by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Prose Squared Moonlight Magic :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 17 12 Posh Prime by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Posh Prime :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 12 3 Total Drama Dream Girlfriend by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Total Drama Dream Girlfriend :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 7 5 Total Drama Cinnamon Roll (Unnamed OC) by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Total Drama Cinnamon Roll (Unnamed OC) :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 18 9 Sparkly Bijou by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Sparkly Bijou :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 12 3 Burning Envy by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Burning Envy :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 10 0 Don't Give In by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Don't Give In :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 16 9 Boring Song Contest Entry by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Boring Song Contest Entry :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 14 4 Dream Catcher Reference Sheet by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Dream Catcher Reference Sheet :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 15 5


Inktober 2018 #1 Izzy and the Snake by Pamehameha Inktober 2018 #1 Izzy and the Snake :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 15 5 Inktober 2018 #10 Dawn in the river by Pamehameha Inktober 2018 #10 Dawn in the river :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 24 12 Gwen Retro Swimsuit by Pamehameha Gwen Retro Swimsuit :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 22 7 Inktober 2018 #14 Leshawna needs some sleep by Pamehameha Inktober 2018 #14 Leshawna needs some sleep :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 15 13 Commission #12 Dawn at dawn by Pamehameha Commission #12 Dawn at dawn :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 13 4 Total Drama Vintage bikini Courtney by Pamehameha Total Drama Vintage bikini Courtney :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 40 14 Commission #11 Bridgette on the beach by Pamehameha Commission #11 Bridgette on the beach :iconpamehameha:Pamehameha 34 14
Theme of the Week: Ghost
It's the spooooooky month, everyone! Let's get into some Halloween spirit by writing about, well, spirits! Ghosts, to be specific.
Ghosts have been a large part of cultural mythology throughout every culture. Some come in the form of horrific banshees, screaming so loud you'll go deaf, to the form of a wise ancestor, coming to offer guidance and comfort. Some haunt houses, others are summoned from the grave.
Benevolent or malevolent? What is your spirit feeling?
Happy writings,
:iconunseen-writers:Unseen-Writers 5 19
Warmth by FaithStar1121 Warmth :iconfaithstar1121:FaithStar1121 105 22 Goldblaze Phoenix Vector #1 by PereMarquette1225 Goldblaze Phoenix Vector #1 :iconperemarquette1225:PereMarquette1225 51 1 Finn the Pony by MLP-TrailGrazer Finn the Pony :iconmlp-trailgrazer:MLP-TrailGrazer 109 14 Glowditor - King and Queen (COMMISH) by MLP-TrailGrazer Glowditor - King and Queen (COMMISH) :iconmlp-trailgrazer:MLP-TrailGrazer 63 12
Thoughts for Tricky Fox
Hello there my friends, The Editor here with a quick announcement for all of you to take heed for if you are a content creator...
So YouTube has yet another NEW policy set that state that videos that are solely meant for "redirecting traffic" to other videos or channels, are considered a form of "spam" and will be removed, flagged, or even "terminate" one's channel in order to remove clutter from YouTube, however this policy is new and YouTube hasn't been very forthcoming in giving us content creators "FAIR WARNING" on the matter.
As a result :iconTrickyFox93: channel is currently banned, unless we content makers step up on social media and make YouTube Team Staff members be aware of this unjust take down. Tricky received no warning or strikes on the matter, just a sudden removal of his channel.
I kindly ask that all of you when you get the opportunity, to please go on public medias: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumble, anywhere you can, and post to YouTube Staff, make them aware, to pl
:icontheeditormlp:TheEditorMLP 10 42
The Magicians Fan Art Contest
SYFY wants you to create artwork that celebrates @MagiciansSYFY for your chance to win $4,000 and more! #TheMagicians #ItsAFanThing NoPurNec. 14+. See contest page for rules. No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law and 14+. For Rules, visit
How To EnterPrizesView EntriesOfficial Rules
14+ International

Create artwork celebrating The Magicians in anticipation of the Season 4 premiere!


Have you ever wished magic were real?Graduate student Quentin Coldwater did, and his wish came t
:icongo:GO 256 511
From Pink to Rose, From Rose to Pink by CosmicChrissy From Pink to Rose, From Rose to Pink :iconcosmicchrissy:CosmicChrissy 207 11 Planetary Pinup - Saturn by CosmicChrissy Planetary Pinup - Saturn :iconcosmicchrissy:CosmicChrissy 62 3


I'm a hardcore AppleDash shipper. Ever since the first time I saw Fall Weather Friends, I fell in absolute love with this pairing. That...




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

HuniePop 2 is holding an open casting call, and since I didn't have a voice reel demo to send in for the auditions, so I made this as fast as I possibly could since I think the auditions close tomorrow. I'm really excited to see what happens next after this! Even if I don't get a spot in the game, hopefully this voice demo will be the first of several and earn me other voice acting opportunities I can't even think of right now. :D


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