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Lilo and Stitch: Normality
Summary: Myrtle may not be sure what normal is anymore, but she's pretty sure Lilo still doesn't qualify.
When Myrtle is young, she's good at making friends, and keeping them. She's queen of her own little clique. She's forceful and confident and sometimes mean, yeah, but only to people she and the others had decided deserved it.
But she and her friends keep getting older, keep moving up in school, keep meeting new people. One day the girl known for making fun of people who are different realizes she's different. Most of her classmates are native; they have a shared heritage, culture, language. All Myrtle has is an absent father and a mother who tries way too hard. Eventually Myrtle realizes the downside of choosing friends just as likely as her to exclude someone for not fitting in.
She never quite recovers after that. It's not like she's a total social outcast, but she doesn't really fit in with most of the kids she knows. It doesn't help that she doesn't become less abrasive
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Once Upon A Dance
The noises outside kept the smaller children from focusing. Loud hollering, curses, and cheers all merged together to create a symphony of chaos that invaded the dance studio. The older children were able to focus on the class more, but even they were not unaffected. Every time the little ones regained their focus, another roar of noise would begin, and they became hopelessly distracted.
Gabriela grimaced at the racket. Every day, those culos and their futball made enough noise to startle a deaf person. "Mama, why do you keep letting them play by our studio?" she used to ask. Her mother always replied "Because, cielita, everyone loves the sound of children laughing."
"Kieta el stupido pendejos!" she finally screamed out the door before she realized what she way doing. A roomful of wide-eyed children looked at her in shock as she tried to recover from her outburst.
Adelina tried, and failed, to contain her laughter at the sight that had just disappeared.
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United States
Shell of choice: Turtle
Personal Quote: I'm like butter, because I'm on a *roll*!!!
Heeeey peeps!

So, first off, the Homestuck Shipping Olympics are going on. It's just a bunch of people getting together to have fun and ship all kinds of relationships with all kinds of characters. Just fun all around.

Now, I think it'd be fun to have a Rose:heart:Jade team. There isn't one yet, but I'm now submitting to start one. We have a week to get at least 5 members total. So, who's with me? Who wants to join in the human girl femslashy goodness? You know you want to. Don't fight it. Dooon't fight it. Come to me, my dahling. Step into my world. Let me hold you like a lover should. The creepiness will not be an everyday thing if we're on the same team. Or maybe it will, if you're into that. #winkwink

So if you're interested, read the info HERE and then go and add a comment to sign up HERE. Be sure to read everything, though, so that you're sure what it is you're getting into.

You are all wonderful, sparkly stardust particles, regardless of if you sign up or not. I love you already.:3
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Do you still take requests?
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Do you take requests?
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I absolutely love your tLOu fanart. It feels like looking into the reality that could've been had Riley survived with Ellie. I just finished watching that scene earlier, so finding your art has been a WONDERFUL FEELING. Thank you so much!!!! 
fortheloveofpizza Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed what I've done so far! :3
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