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ftg - Your Source™ for all things Garry's Mod.

All works here were done in #gmod, be it fan works for Team Fortress 2, Pokémon, Mass Effect, Marvel and DC characters, Counter-Strike, My Little Pony, Mortal Kombat, an obscure series of sci-fi games with that guy in the orange outfit thingy while wearing glasses that goes around beating aliens with a crowbar, etc. If all else fails, we have a 'Misc' folder.

:bulletred: As of 08/03/16, this group is defunct. Everything here is kept for archive purposes. Enjoy scrolling through either magnificent eyecandy or horrendously creepy shit, because that seems to be what we had to offer.

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1,145 Members
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These guys aren't admins. Just experienced Garry's Mod players or whatever. Some of them are even into SFM now. Lots of good shit, follow/watch them or something.

For the admin list, check the "About Us" page.



Hello everyone!
I'm making this journal to say that I am stepping down from my role as co-founder and leaving the group. Before anyone calls "drama-whore", reason I'm saying this in a public journal is to say a little thank-you to all of those who I've spoken to personally in the group and have had made good acquaintances/friends. I also want to apologise for how the group is currently running, as the way it is now is one of the main reasons I'm leaving. I've also taken a week or two to decide this, since I've been with the FTG group since it was started. It seemed a shame to leave it behind, but I think it's the right thing to do.

I'm leaving for a few reasons:

1. My interest for posing has faded and I mainly stick to other gamemodes, although I do occasionally do poses I wouldn't post to dA.
2. I'm overrun with work and I want to spend my time on other things, rather than digging through the submissions (sorry)
3. I don't feel adequate to critique here anymore. I think the standards have silently increased well above my head, to a point where I can't give much useful critique. I was alright with the basics, but now I think even average work is being declined and I can't really say why they are.
4 is probably the biggest reason: the organisation of this group, in the admin area, has kinda sunk a bit.

I mean no ill-will to the other co-founders; they're all great people. However, I think the standards of this group has remained a very uncertain subject here and there isn't a lot of communication between us, which I feel is a bit of a weakness of the "team". Consequently, a lot of votes remain undecided and, thus, submissions expire. Stuff submitted to favourites just rot there with nobody knowing what the standards are there. I've made a few small attempts to communicate, but with my lack of time (and, at this point, enthusiasm) I sorta gave up on trying to speak out. That's not to say I'm an overlord and saviour of FTG, because I've not done all that well at maintenance myself. It REALLY doesn't help that Sparks178 has not come back to help organise the group for months- maybe even a year or two now.

In short, this group has changed and, in the words former owner iTzApy once said: It's become something I didn't want for the group. I'm not enjoying my position anymore and everything feels a bit all over the place now. and people submitting to tutorials in huge bunches FKFKFKFKFKF why did the submission cap have to glitch

With that, I'm gonna take my leave and focus on other things- namely the other group I co-found, which I feel runs a lot more smoothly. Thank you so much to everyone for making the past few years of the FTG both rewarding and enjoyable, and helping me learn a lot along the way. The majority of you are very nice, fun and overall very talented people, apart from some bad apples that have come and gone. I'd like to think the group will pick itself back up once I leave, since I almost feel bothersome more than anything.

Farewell, and thanks for the fish. :thumbsup:
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