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Information on commissions is available below, so please read! ^^


Things to Keep in Mind:

All prices listed below are in US Dollar amounts.

I DO NOT take point commissions.

Full-color digital commissions come with a simple color splash background by default. Other color options are available for an additional price. Prices listed below are per character. More detailed backgrounds start at $50 and go up from there depending on complexity.

I also offer physical sketch commissions, as noted above, that have a $5 shipping charge to them. They will be done on a 9x12 piece of Bristol paper, place in a clear archival bag and mailed in a rigid cardboard mailer.

There are no character limits for digital commissions, but to take into account the size of a physical commission, those will have a hard limit of 3 characters per single commission for the physical sketch commissions.

I will allow for up to two revisions on a commission before additional charges may apply to account for time and labor involved with the revisions.

For any other options not available on the list below, please message me and we can discuss the details and pricing for any special requests.


Digital Character Options:

- Chibi:  (ex. Commission: Cheapcookie, Commission: Inbetwix, Commission: NyaPowa, Commission: Socks192 2)
 - Inked/Lined: $25
 - Full Color: $40

- Bust (from waist up): (ex. Commission: Star Breakers, Commission: Kamo, Commission: Clainedeline, Commission: HeartofDusk 2)
 - Inked/Lined: $35
 - Full Color: $45

- Full-body (from head to toe): (ex. Commission: knightlyone, Commission LoudNoises 2, Summer Commission: EvelynNightingale, October Commission: takeyourvitasaws, Commission: Euro---x)
 - Inked/Lined: $45
 - Full Color: $65

- Profile Sheets: (ex. Commission: Dedniphe 3, Commission: Dedniphe 5)
- Basic (1 full body pose, 1 headshot): $85
- Upgraded (2 full body poses - front and back, 1 headshot): $150
- Turn around sheet (3 full body poses - front, back, and side): $225
- Add-ons
  - Props: $10 each
  - Expressions: $15 each

Traditional Character Options:

- Chibi: (ex. Coming Soon!)
 - Sketch: $20
 - Inked/Lined: $35
 - Full Color: $50

- Full-body (from head to toe): (ex. Coming Soon!)
 - Sketch: $35
 - Inked/Lined: $55
 - Full Color: $75

As mentioned above, for traditional drawings, the physical piece will be done on a 9x12 piece of Bristol paper, mailed in a cardboard mailer. There is an extra $5 charge for shipping on top of the commission cost.

Other Option Prices:

Color/Shading Options:
- Cel-Shading: Default option
- Soft Shading: $30
- Lineless: $30 (ex. Summer Commission: Henslow 2, Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Get Messy, Valentine's Commission: Nchantingmama)


Starts at $50 for more than a simple color splash.

Specialty Options: Due to the nature of these, we'll need to do a more direct consultation for these type of commissions, but they are available if you're interested.

- Color Comic Pages: (ex. Secret Identity - Page 3 and 4, Super Complicated - Page 1 and 2)
 - $300 per page
 - Above price covers sketch, lining, coloring, and lettering per page
 - Character design work is extra

- B/W Comic Pages: (ex. Chameleon Charm: Promo Comic Pages 1 and 2)
 - $175 per page
 - Above price covers sketch, lining, coloring, and lettering per page
 - Character design work is extra

- Short Animations: (ex. Demo Reel)
 - Please message for pricing details
 - Animations are done in Clip Studio Paint
 - Character design work is extra

- Licensing Fees:
 - If the commissioned image is for use on anything such as YouTube thumbnails/videos/assets, an additional licensing fee will also be required
 - Licensing fee is 200% the commission price (ex. commission is $10, the licensing fee will be $20 for a total of $30)
 - The payment of this fee allows you to use the commissioned work for use as assets on Youtube, Twitch, or similar channels or social media. The only other stipulation is that you credit back to me on the videos/webpage/etc.

What I Will and Won't Draw:

- Original characters
- Animals/furry
- Fan art
- Comic pages
- Battle scenes
- Romance
- Twitch/Youtube emotes/assets

- Heavy blood and gore
- Underage nudity/etc
- Heavily detailed mechanics/robots/cars
- Anything I deem questionable/am uncomfortable doing.

I realise the above guidelines may be a little vague, so if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me a Note. I reserve the right to decline any commission dealing with subject matter I feel uncomfortable with.

How to Order:

If you'd like to order, send me a Note titled "Commission" and fill out the following form:

Name: (You)
PayPal: (Where I can send the PayPal invoice to)
Commission Type: (Bust, full body, chibi, etc)
Number of Characters: (self explanatory)
Description: (Either include a reference image or a detailed description, or both if you prefer. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.)
Additional Notes: (such as if you need this by a certain date or other miscellaneous items like that, posing, etc. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)

Alternatively, you can also send commission details via email to fortegirl7 @ or filipinaromero @ as well.


Payment is currently only accepted through PayPal, at fortegirl7 @ or filipinaromero @ Payment will be required up front and the commission will not be started until payment is received, unless other arrangements have been made.

Invoices will be sent out for all commissions. When paying for digital commissions through PayPal, please remember to specify an address is not needed and be sure to pay using Goods and Services. This is not necessary for physical sketch commissions, as I will be mailing them to you, and will provide a tracking number once mailed out.

Again, I DO NOT take point commissions, so please DO NOT ask.

Questions, Comments, Etc:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a Note.

Thanks for the support!

© 2011 - 2022 forte-girl7
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NyaPowa's avatar
I want to commission you, please ^^ 1 x Chibi and 2 x bust, full colours please. Let me know if it is good for you
 I am reachable on FB/messenger more than on DA, and I still have paypal.
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Gah....I have ideas, I just don't know which one to pick. ^^;
Would sticker sets count as chibi?
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Are these still open? I know you're around but not very active ATM, and I don't want to intrude on anything if you're busy. ^^;
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
Hmm...I'd love to commission you again, but as of right now, not really sure what to ask for. ^^;
NyaPowa's avatar
I have sent you a note, but got no answer. Did you received it?
Thanks ^^
rayndel2's avatar
Sent a note! Hope these are still open.
Melina-the-Thief's avatar
Anyone else notice that it says "2105" as the year? Forte, I would really love to commission you, but I'm broke. :(
Melina-the-Thief's avatar
Anyone else notice it says "2105" as the year? Forte, I would so love to commission you, but I don't have any money, or a PayPal account, so...yeah. :(
Crash-the-Megaraptor's avatar
I don't know if they're still open or not, but I'd love a commish off of you. :)
forte-girl7's avatar
Hello! Yes I am still open for commissions : ) If you would like something, please send a Note with the appropriate information. Thanks!
SphinxChan's avatar
I sent a note about a commission. =D Thanks.
NyaPowa's avatar
I have sent you a note about a commission, please. Thanks ^^
GnochiiMonster's avatar
I'm interested in your colored Chibi's hand I was wondering if it be possible two get two chibi's together with two little pokemon as well? And how much it would cost?
forte-girl7's avatar
Well all chibis are $5 a piece - the Pokemon would depend on like how big you want them. Send me a note and we can discuss the details : )
GnochiiMonster's avatar
Sending note now! :)
JewelCat1337's avatar
If I wanted a colored chibi but would like to add another character would it cost more?
forte-girl7's avatar
For chibis they are $5 each, so if you wanted two, it would be $10 all together
JewelCat1337's avatar
forte-girl7's avatar
SuperBlanky's avatar
I wish I could request a commission... But I can only offer points... *cries in corner* maybe my mom will let me get a PayPal account...
ScribblyGryphon's avatar
I have a question - do you do draw animals / fantasy creatures as chibis?
forte-girl7's avatar
I could try - I've never really been asked up to this point. What do you have in mind? : )
ScribblyGryphon's avatar
Well, I'd quite like to see one of my gryphon characters in chibi form ^^… <-- This is him :) I don't mind if you don't want to or can't, it was just an off-chance.^^
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