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Forte's Fan Character Flashback Friday 4

By forte-girl7

Forte’s Fan Character Flashback Friday 4

Name: Vilee
Series: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 
Background: Strangely, for a character I again didn’t do much with, there is actually some development/background for Vilee here, which, according to my notes/ramblings, I clarified was pronounced “vi-lee” instead of like… “vil-ee” or however else you could think of to pronounce it. It seems I wrote a whole treatment up for Vilee and what reads as kind of a bad fanfiction of a sequel for Twilight Princess, and while I’ll abridge that here, I’ll link to a Google Doc with her background. I would link to the original dA submission, but considering it’s actually in Storage, I’m not sure how well that work work. In regards to the Google Doc, I have changed any of the content from the original description; I just spell checked it to get rid of some of the silly typos I tend to make when writing things down in a spurt of inspiration or whatever, hahaha. You’ll still get an unfiltered view of whatever writing style I had when I was 18-19, which could be fun.

Anyway, backstory/character stuff time: Vilee here was the daughter of Zant, who sought revenge after his rise and fall to power during the events of Twilight Princess. Her relation to Zant seem to be kept a secret and was relatively unknown, mainly for her protection. She still seemed to share his views and bitterness towards the succession of power in the Twilight Realm and was unquestioning to her father’s feelings towards it and was completely supportive of his quest to take the Throne.

Her aversion to the “unfairness” of the system only deepened after his defeat, so after his death, decided to tread down the dark path of forbidden magic that could hopefully resurrect him and provide greater power to use to attempt to take over once again.

Vilee’s dabbling in forbidden magic did grant her heightened abilities and powers, but as they are forbidden, came with a handful of downsides. The use of these long-forgotten spells and rituals effectively cursed her, branding her with painful markings which would eventually lead to the User turning to stone.

Her first attempts to bring Zant back also resulted in the unintended resurrection of Ganondorf, and though she wasn’t privy to his true role in Zant’s first uprising, she treated him with caution while seeing him as a useful tool in her plans.

The story would basically follow a similar setup to the one in Twilight Princess, with an older Vilee wielding an ancient artifact called the Scroll of Twilight (that actually causes her appear older than she actually is) and a Resurrected Zant taking over the Twilight Realm, though Vilee would take measures to avoid the mistakes of the first attempt, including Ganondorf’s utter disregard to their well being.

This means a heavy use of the Scroll and its forbidden magic, allowing both her and Zant to become even greater threats than Ganon and actually managing to wrangle his power under their control. Of course, this overuse and Vilee’s determination and desperation ultimately leads to her downfall, as the forgotten magic does take its full toll on her and turns her to stone. This leads to whatever power she had supplied to both her and Zant to fade away, allowing him to eventually be defeated as well.

Anyway, like I said, I’m trying to abridge the giant rant I already typed up forever ago, so I’m just gonna keep it at that. For the full character run down I wrote, click the little link here below.

Character Profile

I do actually have older art for this character, though, so let’s look at those next, haha.

I don’t have a lot of backstory for these older drawings, however, because they were just short, little concept things. Even though I did type up a long background treatment for the character, I didn’t do much with her beyond that.

Vilee 1

I guess as a note, the armor is based off birds in this instance, even though I did love Zant’s original chameleon based armor. According to my notes, it’s supposed to be model off of birds of prey (which one, I haven’t the foggiest) and later is recolored to be gold, to then symbolize a phoenix, in relation to Zant’s resurrection.

Vilee 2

These are the only things I have though for this character and looking back at it is a little cringe-inducing, mainly because of the old art, hahaha. 

Vilee 3

These were all done back in 2010 (according to when I posted them on dA anyway), so I was just out of high school and in my first years of college, so by this time, I had my Intuos4 and had moved to using Paint Tool SAI for all of my work.

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Twilight princess is a good game (so far)

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Probably one of the coolest twili person oc that looks like it could be in the game, great job!
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Oooooo Midna Vibe from this! XDD
Yay it's from my Favorite Zelda Game!
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She's very intriguing! It's always interesting to see little bits and throwbacks like this.
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She seems pretty cool!