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 "The Steed"
Blitzle; Motor Drive
Moves: Facade (the front he puts up that everything's okay, even when it's not. Gets stronger under pressure; strongest when he's injured), Flame Charge (his fiery answer to all grass, steel, and ice types; increased speed while using), Wild Charge (this reckless full-body tackle is more powerful when he's angry; he's more willing to throw himself behind it, causing more damage to himself in the process), and Thrash (a frantic last-ditch attack; he lashes out with tooth and hoof repeatedly until his enemies are downed or he is exhausted; a by-product of blind rage and the move most likely to be taken too far).

History: from a herd used to traversing the fog. As such, is quite skilled at getting around within it (though 'navigating' is a bit of a stretch). Had been known to roam the fog and some dungeons now and then to get the places he wanted to go. Could sometimes be convinced to act as a guide for the weak and fearful.

His temper got him into a lot of trouble, though, and eventually he ended up wandering completely on his own. Meeting Levi is probably the best thing to happen to him in years, though he'd never admit it.

Personality: Prickly, stubborn, quick-tempered, sharp-tongued, leery of authority; suspicious of everyone's intentions. 

Will argue something until both parties are blue in the face and often comes off as contrary for the sake of contrariness. Despite this, he's lionhearted and has a strong sense of right and wrong; it may take some convincing, but he'll always come around when someone's in need. 

Surprisingly intelligent, though not book-smart. A quick teach when he's willing to learn. Curious about many things - cultures, languages, people, stories - though he may not admit it.

Hates petty in-fighting or prejudice without reason (and damned good ones at that). Fearless in the face of iniquity. He will call out any/everyone for their shit and stand up for those who can't. And promptly tell the weak to learn how to defend themselves. Believes no one should have to rely on others to keep them safe, especially on others like him.

Takes forever to warm up to people unless he immediately takes a shine to them (a rarity; don't get your hopes up). Near unreasonable when angry.

Levi: "The Squire"
Cubone; Lightning Rod
Moves: Bone Club (melee techniques making use of his bone; favors sword and quarter-staff techniques; second-favorite move), False Swipe (a tricky parley - for sparing opponents while still making it appear as though they were attacked full-strength; often used to allow opponents to save face in battle), Bone Rush (ranged techniques using the bone; used for trick shots; his favorite move), and Smack Down (a special ranged technique used to bring birds down to his level).

History: Levi was born and raised in a small town at odds with the fog. For many years, he was taught that the fog only brought pain and suffering, even death to any who tested it. The only things that came out of it were monsters and marauders and the majority of the town was trained from a young age to fight back.

Trained by two of the town's best. Eventually, a misunderstanding lead to his being injured and his masters leaving town in shame. As soon as he was able, Levi set out after his stubborn mentors with the intent to bring them home in one piece. Along the way, he found he had a knack for helping people and solving problems.

It's been long enough that Levi doubts he'll find his mentors, but he hopes to at least learn what became of them after they left. Who knows, maybe he'll hear something while in Andalusst.

Personality: Down to earth, caring, understanding, kind; genuinely good person, likes helping people. Very thoughtful.

Hates senselessness, especially when it comes to violence. Will always step in for those weaker than himself; has a habit of trying to shoulder burdens that aren't his to bear. Tries to take time to help everyone he can.

Capable of seeing both the good and bad in people and more than willing to share if they'll listen. Has tact when he chooses to use it. Would rather be friends than enemies, but will not fake it for the sake of titles. If you are truly despicable, he wants nothing to do with you (except maybe delivering your comeuppance). 

Able to laugh at himself and comfortable in his own skin. Enjoys a good joke and can be a bit of a tease.

Gets attached to others a bit too easily. Becomes emotionally invested in most everyone he meets, and will worry about their well-being constantly.

Comes off as quite the amiable, gentlemanly sort. But he's still fairly young and can be prone to outbursts of sass or exasperation and he doesn't always know when to end a joke.

Happenings (plot-summaries)

Entrance: The statue came to life and the duo assisted in their own ways... Towards the end of the fight, an over-tired, confused Pietro turns dangerous to those around him, forcing Levi to drag the horse away from the fight. The ordeal even forced Pietro to realize that it might be a good idea to stay and train; learn some self-control before being released back into the world...

Errand 1: Team bonding; Pietro's getting acquainted with town and Levi's meeting new people. forta-verity-amity.deviantart.…

Errand 3: What a mess; Pietro and Levi will be avoiding most Researchers and their experiments from now on... forta-verity-amity.deviantart.…
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