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I'm only an amateur, and my more recent drawings are shit due to lack of practice. I haven't drawn in a while because school is a bitch


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Just random stuff I found around here and decided I liked. Haters gonna hate but please don't bash me, or the artists who made these, just because you don't like the art or the ship featured in the art, that's just so not cool.


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Fran B. Creeps
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Mabuhay, Creepies!

My name is Fran Creeps. I'm Asian. I am an amateur artist, still learning but I'm getting the hang of it.

I started drawing when I was two years old (yes I still remember those times) and I've been improving since. If you look at my oldest art you might notice they're digital and pretty shitty; that's because for a period in 2016, I was really stubborn and I didn't listen to anything I was being taught in art class. The art I made back then was traced over bases that I'd search in Google (yes I'm a criminal arrest me) and tweaked to "look different". If you'd dig up my past and find my Wattpad account (I gave up and abandoned that long ago) you'd see all the shittiest art I used to make, not to mention the cringy things I've said. Ignore this as most of those were like, two to three years ago and obviously, I've changed so much since then.

I am also a wannabe writer, working on Magica, Isinumpa (Cursed), Shooting Stars, Warrior, and one of my four Undertale AUs (though more like a fanfiction) Familytale.

I also have made a handful of random crafts including a dollhouse and two miniature figurines (if you could call them that). Here's the folder:…

I consider myself a hardcore fangirl and I ship a lot of ships, to see all of them, here's a linky:…

Oh yeah, I tend not to say anything when I see someone adds my art to their favorites, or watches me, just know that I appreciate that you like my amateur art. Thanks so much though! :D

I get stressed easily and I get mental breakdowns often. I am also very insecure of myself, and I actually don't like socializing in real life. My brain has trouble staying on a single thought and I sometimes suddenly realize I'm thinking of an entirely different topic than what was on my mind five seconds ago. I have these...I don't wanna say voices in my head, but that's the easiest way to put it. I am mentally unstable and have a dark sense of humor, and I have mild anorexia. Oh yeah I have weak bones too and I keep feeling random pains in my side. No i will not talk to a professional about it cuz yolo

Click the link below for tons of scary stories (I don't own the site but it's good trust me)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Sketches will be delayed... Exams coming up and the pressure is immense. 
After I finish OwlPower669's and the other one I was talking about in a previous update

Edit: stupid fran made a very stupid mistake no SacredlyMythic did not actually say it was a feminist excuse stupid me somehow fucking confused her reply to a joke i said for her comment on her sketch and stupid me feels stupidly stupid now I am so sorry this is really awkward...yeah feel free to call me a retard niw
SacredlyMythic and ViviCatz93 are done, OwlPower669 is next up in the list haha

Also another sketch made also featuring my friends tho the irl ones is comin up
I had a bit of trouble with this one haha but here ViviCatz93 Pidge is looking real nice
Here comes the Loki lover who apparently hates political jokes, yaoi, and Rick Riordan.

Yeah, yeah, cue screaming at me that I shoulda just drawn Loki but I'm a rebel and I do not follow instructions so boom here you go SacredlyMythic fite me
Had a substitute prof for literature today. She had that "I dont give a fuck what you want you do as i say whether you like it or not" kinda vibe. 

Seriously she was mad about our fucking handwriting, she ranted about us not being elementary students anymore and how much our handwriting failed her expectations. WELL SAW-REE Ms Fuckyou McAssholepants, not all of us are expert calligraphists who can write legible cursive like you! 

And she legit ranted about why we should treat the school as if it was our home, before proceeding to scold us for our supposed misbehavior because "this isnt our house." Bitch what do you want.

She also explained the meaning of reflection in EXCRUCIATING detail. Nope, did not summarize at all. Bruh we're college students we know what that shit Means.

She even didnt allow us to speak Filipino, she made us speak in English, which was not good, because only a handful of students in our entire level were fluent in English. Everyone else could only speak Taglish (only filipinos will understand).

Where did this hellish substitute come from and why did she choose to be an asshole. I know she's trying to do her job but come on, we didnt need you to explain the meaning of shepherd.
  • Listening to: The sound of my own crying
  • Reading: Yaoi doujinshis and being disappointed in myself
  • Watching: Sasunaru videos
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Human sacrifices
  • Drinking: Woh taaaaaahhh


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