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Expression Meme by Forsaken2544 Expression Meme :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 4 1 Torea's Retribution by Forsaken2544 Torea's Retribution :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 124 13 Pharis Dawnlighter by Yumedust by Forsaken2544 Pharis Dawnlighter by Yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 74 11 Gareth by Yumedust by Forsaken2544 Gareth by Yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 36 10 Crystalis by yumedust by Forsaken2544 Crystalis by yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 53 13 Lysander by Yumedust by Forsaken2544 Lysander by Yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 30 11 Gareth Byrne by Forsaken2544 Gareth Byrne :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 30 17
The Empress' Throne Room
     The Empress sat on her throne, the fractal starburst of faceted crystals behind her limned her silhouette in a pearlescent radiance.  The throne itself rested upon a polished black marble plinth and an ornate dais of gold and topaz that reflected the heat and light from nearby braziers onto the crystalline throne.  Small fragments of crystal hovered around the throne as though orbiting the empress.  Before her was her personal guard; twelve men who stood silent sentinel before her throne; each dressed in the uniform black and white silk cloaks and jewel-eyed bronze masks that marked their station.  In the center of the chamber a single man knelt on the polished stone floor, naked except for a white linen drape wrapped around his waist.  His gaze never lifted from the delicate golden engraving in the veined stone.
     An aviary adjoined the room; its large gates of wrought gold sepa
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 20 13
A fireside dream
     Lightning flashed overhead, bathing the moonless night in a brilliant pure white strobe of light and briefly illuminated the driving rain and the silhouette of a sinister figure crouched on his haunches in the crook of a large oak tree overlooking a distant campsite.
     Had anyone been looking, they would have seen the man watching the campsite with a predatory intensity; his gaze fixed on the large pavilion tent with an iron-gray pennant that whipped in the gale.  He flexed his fingers into fists, timing the seconds from the flash of lighting while he waited for the thunder.  The frigid, driving rain soaked him to the bone, the rugged cloak of loosely woven canvas strips and carefully selected forest detritus offering no protection from the elements.  The wind and rain plastered his unwashed blonde hair to his face in ropy strings while grime–streaked rivulets dripped down his face beneath his
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 4 6
Tao's inner bio
     I know who I am. I know what I am. No one can change that. I have witnessed first hand the terror in the eyes of those who have learned of my origins. The fear and hatred in the words and actions of people, who would even have been friends, had they not found what I am.
     I am proud of my heritage. Only I know who I am. You can love me or hate me, but spare me your ignorance. I hold no value for your opinion until its worth has been proven. Watch your mouths, those who seek to label me. Lest the nightmare you believe me to be, becomes reality.
     My unyielding perception of self has guided me throughout my life, I will not change to meet the expectations of those who claim to know how I should act, or how I should think. I am not on this earth to perform for posturing lackwits. If you think any differently, I will take great pleasure in exposing your faults. If you don't believe me, just give me rea
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 3 2
Torea by chibiniko by Forsaken2544 Torea by chibiniko :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 30 3
Midori Adventure
     Bright neon signs flashed by, as a lithe silhouette darted past at near breakneck speeds.  Long bounding strides ate up the distance as the figure sprinted across the roof of a high-rise research building.  Following closely behind, but losing ground, were two figures clad in bulky tactical armor.  They were moving fast, but not fast enough.  One paused to shoulder his weapon and as the whining power cells reached a crescendo it unleashed a plume of superheated plasma that sailed over the fleeing target’s head.  
     Midori didn’t bother to turn around as she dashed across the roof of the building, cursing to herself as the monofilament circuitry of her bodysuit glowed with bright blue tracings as they pushed her speed to nearly superhuman levels, “Damn, damn, damn!”  She was carrying a small cylinder that glowed with faint green flashing lights, about
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 4 6
Got Beef Midori vs. Talbot 3
     Midori drove her foot into Talbot’s face, her momentum augmented by the super suit.  He swayed back under the impact as Midori catapulted into the air and turned a somersault landing behind him gracefully.  Talbot kept his footing and whipped around with a savage side kick that Midori was only barely able to block.  The kick connected solidly into her crossed forearms, staggering her under the impact.  
     Midori skipped back a few short paces putting yet more distance between them.
     Talbot lunged forward, pursuing the offensive.  He drove his fist forward like a trained boxer.  Midori tried to dodge, a straight jab to her nose, but ducked right into his real attack; a left hook that came out of nowhere.  His fist buried itself into her solar plexus and drove the wind right out of her lungs as it lifted her clear off the ground
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 1 17
'Got Beef' Midori vs. Talbot
Midori vs. Talbot
     Midori sat motionless behind a rusted shipping crate. She shook her head and whispered into her sub-dermal vox unit, “You sure we’re after Talbot?” she asked, “He’s never been on our radar before.”
     The rapid click of ancient keys rattled through the connection. Midori knew that Gene was going over his intel one more time. bless him, Midori thought again, he keeps checking
     “Sorry Midi, this is clean, someone wants him brought in.” Gene answered.
     “Are you sure you haven’t been hacked?” she asked quietly. An angry grunt and overly dramatic clearing of the throat was his only reply, “Right then.”
     Midori moved slowly from her hiding place, her suit rendering her nearly invisible in the low light, not that she would need it. Only her outline blurred slightly as s
:iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 5 16
Jen Samadahl by Yumedust by Forsaken2544 Jen Samadahl by Yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 124 27 Kokichi by Yumedust by Forsaken2544 Kokichi by Yumedust :iconforsaken2544:Forsaken2544 17 1

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United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Davan McIntyre, Marten Reed, Ron Stoppable, Raven, Toph, Sokka
Personal Quote: "The trouble with being a hero is that it is a distinction most often given posthumously."
The last couple days have been... _eventful_

Made some wonderful memories.  Made some questionable decisions.  

There is a part of me that is glad that no one I actually know in real life reads these.  There might be a few people who know that I have a deviant art account, but none that would take the time to seek out my journal.  So there is a certain amount of -safety- in placing things online.  

Even then, I don't know how much I want to divulge here.  Because I am pretty sure I have reached grade A levels of douche-baggery...   

The worst thing is...I don't regret my decision.  On the other hand it has also made things more confusing.   
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