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The Last Supper at Wayne Manor

Been workin on this since May of last year, good god it's hard to believe it's finally over o.o

I hope you all like it, I gotta thank :iconb-nine: :iconsamszym: :icongoldendaniel: and :iconmahons: for giving me critiques on the piece as it all came together.

There's a few little hidden nods to the REAL creator of Batman Bill Finger. A little signature there for Kevin Smith who's Fat Man on Batman podcast was a big influence on this piece and the majority of what I listened to while working on it. And finally, a small token of my appreciation for Scott Snyder's current run on Batman :) I hope you all like it
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Where’s spoiler?

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This is majestic, and Batman is not Jesus, is just like... someone that's gonna explode shouting to all to SHUT UP in any moment xD

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Where’s the Kevin Smith reference?

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Why is nightwing so angry?
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Also I love Jasons innocent "leave me the fuck out of this" gesture.
LOL Me Too. XD

Is that Talia as Judas? If so, fitting...
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I find your lack of Cass disturbing
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Now we know who killed his parents.
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Absolutely terrific!
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instant fav! Love it. Good work. Thanks for sharing. 
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WOOOOW!! It's awesome, RESPECT!!
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This is Perfection right here, the tones are great and it looks so realist ,i love the photos in the background as well B-) (Cool)  do you sell any prints of your work on canvas?
Because i would love to have this on canvas :D (Big Grin) 
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WOOOOOW!!!  This is incredible!!!La la la la La la la la La la la la 
wow this is stunning!!!
so much detail!!
very excellent picture!
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Original and stunning art work, congratulations!
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I wonder whats going on.
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Batman like : just shut up !
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OK, I now know what I must have
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this awesome concept..  La la la la  I thought these guys just debate about the dessert Worship 
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This is incredible work!
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