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After I finish coloring/redrawing the other thing of mine of course >__>

But I'm kinda attracted to drawing tiny comics of the boys in Modern AU, as in their daily lives

Yes, the daily lives of these sarcastic asshole boyfriends is EXACTLY what I want to start drawing every 1-2 weeks. Just little things between them, no consistency as if it's one day after the next but just the tiny glimpses in their lives you know? Does that sound good?
I am now using my MangaStudio5 program to now redo that comic I have stalled atleast 2 years on. 
I am so so sorry everyone its just my style has changed so much and now I can use my tablet better and i understand layering now to make it better.
Sorry I got really perfectionist-procrastinator on this.
You know, I can't tell you how annoyed I get if someone suggests sexual actions in a perfectly innocent fanart, particularly in my OWN fan-art, it just makes me upset.
I can't tell you how much I wish I was able to smack someone through the internet and say a loud "NO." If I say it's a perfectly innocent action that is happening in the picture, then by gods it is and screw what you think.

I decide what my art is and write like so in the description. Thats it, end of story. 
*Sigh* I really wish people could understand that not everything needs to have some sort of sexual reference in peoples actions to make it a legitimate relationship or bond. There are things beyond hormones that connect people.

Okay, so on the previous journal I managed to do everything but the page 2 recolor, v__v"
I seriously need to get that done.

But besides that I wanted to let you guys know that I'm re-doing my Hijack Fluff fanart and already have 1/3 of it done so far! I'll post the bit i have so far up, and I can't wait to show you the improvements completely!

Much love from me! <3
Mafia/Fiddle done, now for:

- Finish Recolor of page 2
- Boarding School hijack
- History AU hijack
- Geek/jock Hijack
- Character Redraw
- Tiny comic
Makes life easier ^^"

-Recoloration and new ending to comics
-Mafia-Short comic
-HighSchool AU - Drawing
-History AU - Drawing