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HJMMD1: Ones To Be Chosen Au Frostcup by FormyHijackArt HJMMD1: Ones To Be Chosen Au Frostcup by FormyHijackArt
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First thoughts ~ 
So I saw this post, had a laugh, but then suddenly I started thinking about this in terms of Hijack, and if it were a fic Jack and hic would be the chosen couple that time of year by the light of mani, and the way the village works is that everyone treats that child as if it were their own, but pitch gets upset because a month ago his daughter died in an accident so he wanted another chance to have a child, which mani just denied him. So pitch plans on kidnapping the babe a month after it’s born and disappear to ‘Elsewear’ so that couple feels the sting just as he did after all that bonding time

More elaborate thoughts on the AU ~
So the village they live in, its actually In trees that slowly alter to whatever they need, and they never need fire except for the festival held away from their village to celebrate mani and the ceremony of the Ones To Be Chosen. The reason they don’t need fire is because of the Tree’s ‘Heartfire’. And The reason it keeps alive and the trees grow is by the compassion and love in the heart of their little human that lives there, and once discovered and facing the thing you hate most with not harsh feelings but acceptance and love does your tree form to represent the familiar animals which you are now your companions. For Example, Astrid has Birds, Those Dragon Vulture ones, Fishlegs Has a Pack Of dogs, Aster has bunnys/rabbits, North(One of 3 Elders of the village) Has his Deer, and so on and so forth. While Jack has his (Ferrets of All things!) Hiccup has yet to find his.thing of hatred. For Pitch, His WAS horses, until his daughter died. Because you see, when your heart begins to sour and negative feelings flood through, your tree begins to wilt and change from Your representing color to a faded, tarnish version of it, . So from the Proud Ebony did his Tree fade to a misted grey except for one branch which symbolically retained its color due to the hope that Mani might let him have one more child. The elders of course worried, this had only ever happened once near the beginning time of their village (Elders Are North, Stoick(He has Ox) And That Lady Elder from Httyd(She has Eagles)) but the way to help the person was lost to the centuries. 

And so the Ceremony came, and for the first time in a long while, Mani chose two males, Jack and Hiccup, which brought even more celebration (and embarrassment on hiccup’s part) when it happened. Hiccup looked over at Jack who also Had the Light on him and he was utterly beautiful and dorky to hiccup as he rubbed the back of his head grinning at him with soft sparkling eyes while his Companion swirled between his feet.. Hiccup was looking just as endearing to Jack because while looking highly embarrassed, as he fidgeted making quick glances at his face and looking away as he bit his lip with his face flaming red.

And looking onward from the crowd Pitch’s heart completely cemented itself into stone and the last branch withered away on his home.

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theyaoione Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Hiccup would have bats cause it's as slimmer to night fury with dark and very misunderstood
FormyHijackArt Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Student General Artist
Maybe. But I was thinking different.
theyaoione Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Midnights-Starlight Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
I seriously want this AU now, it is too beautiful to stay a concept
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March 6, 2015
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