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The island was similar to any other one in the oceans. There were palm trees, sand, small crabs, and other things that someone might find in a standard travel brochure for a tropical island getaway. Of course, a storm had brought me to this island instead of a pleasure cruise.

My mind raced back to Armante’s invitation to his island for his newest fashion line, his special request, and of course, the charter boat.

“Getting bad out here,” Captain Cilmain of the Steamer said, covering his face from the hard rain, “We should be turning back about now…”

I replied, “But Armante said that the island is right around these coordinates. Are you sure that we followed them correctly?”

“Listen,” he growled, “You just call up that Armante and ask him if his coordinates are off. According to my navigation instruments and my personal knowledge of these waters, there’s no island near here…”

The boat jerked forward and came to a stop. Captain Cilmain stumbled backward and hit his head on the kitchenette. He blurted out, “Damn! We hit a shoal! I didn’t see that coming…”

“Why not? Are we stuck?” I asked him.

“I don’t know…”

We went outside to inspect the situation. The rain was falling hard and it made it difficult to see anything clearly. Captain Cilmain then pointed out over the water, and said, “There’s an island!”

“Here. Put this on,” Captain Cilmain tossed me a life jacket. As I placed it over my head, a wave jolted the boat forward, filling the deck with seawater.

Captain Cilmain was about to say something when another wave came crashing down, pushing the boat sideways, knocking us off balance and into the water. He was gone, taken away by the currents. I was half floating and standing on the shoal. I buoyed myself and looked frantically around for an island. I yelled out for Captain Cilmain, but there was no answer.

As I looked into the distance, I saw water and dark clouds stretching out in every direction. I was about to swim when I saw two distinctive fins pierce the water’s surface in the near distance. Night was coming soon so I decided to follow my footing along the shoal. I saw sea birds in the distance. I stepped off the shoal and started to swim quickly toward them.

When I finally reached the island, I collapsed on its shore, exhausted and breathless. I laid on my back, watching the sea birds drift in the sky above me. “Is this Armante’s island?” I thought. I had no idea. The storm was breaking, and I could feel the cool breeze off the ocean caress over me gently. I drifted off into sleep.

When I finally woke, I started to wander around the island, exploring it. I found a few berries and coconut palms on the other side of the small island. I returned to where the boat ran aground, but it was gone, and there were no other landmasses in sight. As of yesterday, the waters remained quiet and the sands warm. I still have Armante’s invitation.
For the narrated video of this story -

For the first part, "The Invitation" - 

For the second part, "The Charter Boat" - 

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