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Whispering Wind

Whispering winds caress the recesses of my mind. Each carries with it  brief flashes of horrors unspoken. Like lightning across the dark and desolate plains only a glimpse of the horror can be spied, never enough to fill the eye with the vision of that which is and refuses to die. Shame. Oh the winds that haunt my every moment, what is their passion what is their aim... If not to draw me farther from that which is wholesome and sane. Thru the years the winds grow ever stronger and soon with gale like force they rend my soul and spirit leaving me divorced of hope. Fear. How much longer,oh flesh can you withstand the fract


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To my souls cave of dark Despair dampend by streams of  tears comes the brilliant searching light of loves infinite years. Light scatters the darkness and with it flees the fears of deeds past and present uncertainties. All that remains is the souls naked shame exposed in all the ugliness   left by fear, distrust and pain and the question of ones own culpability just laying there for all to see. Love covers my shame in His cloak of acceptance, points to the floor and scatters the shards of rock with his toe... Look, here in the dust of struggle and strain I see nuggets of perseverance without stain. Wait ,there beneath the


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