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Hey hey! Commissions are Open!

By FormalPeanut
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Things I will NOT Draw:
- Illegal content.

- Prices are in USD/DA Points.
- Payments will be made exclusively through Paypal or the commission widget.
- I'll be posting commissions and using them for advertising unless asked otherwise.
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.
- Any level of vagueness with written and/or visual references will be accepted. However, the less detail there is to the references, the more artistic liberty I'll be taking with the design. You can also ask for me to draw with a ton of artistic license even with detailed references, however.
- If you want non-gore NSFW hit me up on my FurAffinity you freak.

About Complexity:
Complexity of the subject is determined based on line density, weirdness of anatomy, and on occasion, dynamicism of the pose. I'll tell you what complexity I consider a request to be from a description and visual reference. Please note, however, that you can commission me with a specific level of complexity and visual references, and I'll tune the drawing to the appropriate level of simplification. Icon commissions will portray a larger portion of a character's body if they are of lower complexity, unless requested otherwise.

The Process:
Please send me a note on DeviantArt or a direct message on Discord (Iegs#7456) with the following details:
- The type of commission.
- A description of what you want, including level of artistic license, pose, background, and/or complexity.
- References of the character, whether written, visual, or a combination of both.
- Your Paypal email address IF you're paying via Paypal.
I'll respond with whether or not I've accepted the commission.

If your commission exceeds 15 USD in price, I'll be sending you a very rough sketch of your commission after accepting the commission. At this juncture, you can ask me to make edits before I complete the rest of the commission. Please note that I'll only allow one major change (e.g. totally different pose).

After this point, please make the payment in full, whether through Paypal, the commission widget, or a combination of the two. Only after payment will I begin work on lining/colouring.

Don't hesitate to ask if you want progress updates! Once the commission is complete, I'll send you a note/direct message with the final piece. I'll also post it publically unless requested otherwise.

For more information, please send me a note on DeviantArt, a direct message on Discord, or an email to .
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