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Well. Its been so long since I've posted a journal. I've just been focused on posted Deviations. xD  For shame!!

Well! I'm not really sure what else to post except HII!

I finally hit over 1kk views. *go me*
My pixel piece Magic Star Locket ( ) was featured in :iconpixcellentartists: article of the week! Woot! *excited*

My next big project is finishing all those Sailor Scout items I planned on before (but never did).

Im doing good so far though! I've managed the Star Locket and a lot of the Sailor Wands. So I'm....kind of sorta almost done! Right?

Inner Sailor Senshi Transformation Wands:
Magic Star Locket:

Outer Sailor Senshi Transformation wands.
Sailor Moon Transformation Compact (season 2)
Emperium Silver Crystal + Crescent Moon Wand
Transformation pen
Crescent Moon Staff
Cosmic Heart Compact
Rainbow Moon chalice
Eternal Moon Article
Eternal tiara

If you can think of more please tell me and link a pic!! ^_^ <3
  • Listening to: Aly &amp; Aj
  • Reading: xXxHolic: AnotherHolic
  • Watching: Powerpuff Girls Marathon
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
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I LIIVVEEE!!!! *SORTA* I more or less just use this place to whore my Pixels around o-o;;

Oh well... HOW IS EVERYONE!?!?!


Sat Jan 31, 2009, 6:57 AM
  • Listening to: Aly &amp; Aj
  • Reading: xXxHolic: AnotherHolic
  • Watching: Powerpuff Girls Marathon
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea

ZOMF NO WAIZZ!!!! I HAS 4,000 VIEWS!?!?!?!?! :iconmudkipohnoesplz: THIS IS EPIC! well...for -me at least xDDD

Thanks guys! I am now official COOL!

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Thu Jan 22, 2009, 12:51 AM
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  • Reading: xXxHolic: AnotherHolic
  • Watching: Powerpuff Girls Marathon
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea


This is hawt:

What? I dont have an ego o-o?
Jungle Badge by Forlork Crest Badge by Forlork Crystal Heart 50x50 by Forlork Neku headphones 60x60 by Forlork

Posing up a Storm Stamp by OptimusPraino:thumb103621825: I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte :thumb102766906: :thumb99355765: Disney Whore Stamp by tafkae Im the purple ranger YO by Forlork

*sniff* *sniff* and All my gratitude goes to :iconcartoonist: for buying me the subscription xD   It was rather Random o.o


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  • Listening to: Aly &amp; Aj
  • Reading: xXxHolic: AnotherHolic
  • Watching: Powerpuff Girls Marathon
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
So...I guess my time has come. I too, as a Pokemon Spriter, have been drafted by the Fakemon Craze v_v;;

Originally Noted by Pikachu500 and asked to help create some Custom Badges for his/her Fakemon game I was rather reluctant. I mean, the main page of their site had a Crayon-looking drawing of their "Region" which....I think is called Isho.. or Shio. (something like that)

So, I basically closed the Note and went on my way. But, for some reason a few days later I was compelled to go back to the Website and take a 2nd look. The same old map was there *hurray for updates -_- *  But then I decided to sift through the FakeDex.

And Immediately I fell in love. The concept of several of these pokemon are just...phenomenal. But, still I am reluctant to get into this Project.…

So far, THAT is my favorite of their Fakedex. If they would give me permission to sprite it (and use the sprite in the game) I would be very honored :) I mean, REALLY! I -love- the Mime Evos. And that Mime Sr. is just EPIC!!!

Im still not quite sure how to go about the Tanzanite Game. I mean, I know very little, and have yet to see any outcome from the game. Id be very upset if I spent my hard-earned time spriting Pokemon and Badges, and getting all hyped up about this game....and then...nothing ever come out of it.
Personally, I would like a Chat-Box with the Programmer, the artists, and this...Pikachu500 (maybe HES the programmer LOL) and see what all has come out of the game thus far, how long they've been at it, and if they are expecting anything in the future.

Go ahead and Check it out :…

I really want to get into this project. I really do.....but, I know the usual story of "A couple friends get together and think they can make a fakemon game"  they enlist a few good spriters, waste their time, and then drop the project all together.
But yea, the Tanzanite Project looks like so much fun. And if anything, it could give me something to work on when I get bored. But, I dont want to end up wasting my time and getting my hopes up...

The art is great, the people *seem* knowledgeable of what they are doing, but I still have my usual pessimistic doubts like always. ^_^   I guess Ill have chit-chat with this Pikachu500 fellow later tonight and give him the 20questions >:
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  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
  • Listening to: nuttin
  • Watching: Power Rangers
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: I think I'm in the mood for Ramen Actually -zoom-
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
  • Listening to: nuttin
  • Watching: Power Rangers
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: I think I'm in the mood for Ramen Actually -zoom-
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
  • Listening to: nuttin
  • Watching: Nuttin
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: I think I'm in the mood for Ramen Actually -zoom-
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
I can feel it coming guys. A big ass argument between friends. Soon enough a few of my close friendships are about to explode on a professional and personal level *gets his hard hat* Lets hope they dont pull me in!!

*grabs his Kuriboh and hides behind the bed*  -whimper-

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  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
  • Eating: I think I'm in the mood for Ramen Actually -zoom-
  • Drinking: Cherry Kool-Aid OH YEA!!!! 8)…

Ok so! the Whole avatar Schpeel went down. People were pissed. And I mean like, they were making full blown topics about how much they hated it. Seriously people? Really? A 100x100 image means so much to you that you'd go out of your way to demand Money back from the site? Remove all your adoptables? Make User-hater clubs? And then act like "Oh, why is Yoshi mad? He did it! He shouldnt get mad at US for being annoyed!"
When you take something so small as a joke...that lasted not even 48 hours, and then EXPLODE it, send hate mail, and threaten to overthrow the site...yea I get pissed. I get REALLLLYYY pissed.

I never get truly mad. Maybe irritated, but never Mad. The way people were reacting made me so mad I was sick to my stomach. People surprise me sometimes. They really do. The way they can become so vicious so very easily. I-it blows my mind. It really does. I mean, I had a LOT of respect for a good portion of the members. Sure, not all of them are the BRIGHTEST crayons in the box, but I never expected them to stoop as low as everyone did.…

Thats the boycott thread. He has since removed it from his post. But it said something along the lines of "DONT CLICK ADS!! DONT SUPPORT THE SITE! REMOVE ALL EXTERNAL LINKS!! REMOVE YOUR ADOPTABLES!! DEMAND CASH SHOP REFUNDS!!!! I WANT MY SHITTY-ASS IMAGE BACK!!! D<"  Wonderful, no?
OH! But thats not all!! After we call him on his "Remove Adoptables" Bluff. He goes on to say
"How about this: give them a week. if it isn't fixed by then, THEN boycott the site. if i get banned, then something's wrong here. i should be able to express my frustration without being banned.

removing the adoptables is a last resort move."
I love how people can turn on their ideals so very easily when confronted. Once more, Im rather speechless to be perfectly honest.


Tehodis (whom I admire and respect no matter what happens)
"I think that its really just a rehash of the dA April Fools Day prank, and is just
annoying. :/ I didn't find the dA prank funny, and nor do I find this funny... its
just... Really immature. I'm glad that I didn't come up with it. I'd be rather
ashamed. :/

Sorry if I sound rude or any number of negative words, but I'm just stating my
opinion. I tend to do that."

My reply?
"I dont know why people keep pointing their fingers and start hollering "DA KNOCK OFF!"

I have -NO- idea what anyone is talking about when they talk about that!

And I am quite proud of this incident, it got the point across and it got people to stop posting the annoying sprites. The original cause was met, people got pissed along the way but 90% of the time people will get pissed so matter what you do or how you do it, so might as well do it the way that pleases yourself best."

I mean...really, I DONT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT! When they say the D.A rehash shit. It just makes me think "LOLWUT WITH THE WHO-NOW?"

Lets sift through the rest of the PMs

"You seriously have a problem. Just because you don't like how one clan works doesn't mean you can change the avatar of almost everyone on the entire forum.

That was uncalled for. Change it back."

Hmm a couple of the basic "why did you do this" stuff umm *continues on*

OH! This one made me laugh.
"I'd like to retract my application to become a member of Org. 13. I've read several of your posts about people complaining about the avatar prank, which I myself hate. But your completely insulting them. Yes they are whinning and yes some of them seem stupid but you are a staff member and shouldn't insult people like that. You could just NOT reply if they are angering you. Your only making people upset or feel stupid and some are likely to leave. You may not see any problem with PP losing a few members but it's still wrong. I don't won't to be a member of a Clan run by a rude staff member, let alone anyone that's rude.

Hate me, insult me, I don't care. I just wanted to tell you not to consider me for membership, tho I doubt you were."

Why was I being so -rude- to people? Well, as I said earlier people were blowing it ENTIRELY out of proportion like they did.

Lets go through the forums now! GOODIE!!

"i want my avatar back

i just made i new kingdom hearts avatar

i dont know what neku is

i thought it was a funnl looking sora lol :lol: :lol:

man i hate yoshi (id say the same about clyde but i might get banned)

is their anything i can do to get it back

i no its still thier but i really want to see it"

oH WOW!! he wont hate Cydewinder out of fear? Thats REALLY something special. Truly it is. Not to mention his avatar is one of the worst pieces of offensive flashing images to ever roam this internet. Really! I dont see why you would WANT people to see it....*shudders*

"its so stupid that you guys polled this stupid prank its not funny it wasnt funny and it never will be funny why did you you do it and just please change it and dont tell me to quit whining because im not whining im complaining and you no what i really dont care why you did it just CHANGE IT
(im not proud any more to have the second best cyde rock on pp anymore)
i made a song
lala la la lala la la this prank is stupid

edit:i dont get wat u said and put one point up for the yoshies haters"

Need a spell checker anyone?

On the BRIGHT SIDE!! A couple of people supported me and I truly am grateful for that. Hell, they even asked me to make them their very own "NO NEKU" avatars. Which I was more than happy to do! =D   I made a few random ones as well for friends. So SOMEthings came out of it. ANd the people with a good sense of humor, I admire you all! As for everyone else...well, I dont like to talk with *those* kind of words...

SO, in the end, i have a new-found look at the Pokeplushie Population. Before it was:

90% of PP are great people!
10%....are just stupid.

But now its more like

15% of PP are good people!
85%...not so much any more.

OH! By the way, the Avvies were taken down so maybe everyone will stop their 3rd yr old crying fit of "I WANT IT MY WAY!!"

-deep breath-  ok! I feel so much better!! Whose up for some Twister?!?! *gets the board out*
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Please Read my latest poem entries Comments before reading this, as this journal is a continuation of that!

So as I was saying.

I can name 4 instances when she has Blatantly showed herself to me.

A long time ago when I was about...5 and just starting school my mother wouldn't wake me up for the day. Why? Well, because I was already up before she had a chance to fetch me.
Every morning I would here a soft voice coming from.....well...wherever idc xD  But, the voice was soft and gentle. And would wake me up with a very light touch. I would wake up, go into the kitchen and ask,
"Man, Mom! Why did you wake me up, it's Saturday!!"
But she claimed to never wake me up. She said she NEVER had to wake me up. Not even for school.
The voice eventually stopped as I matured, and I NOW sleep the most crazy schedule ever xDDDD

Instance 2 is really more recent and the only other one im going to say. It deal with the voice again.

This happened about a week or 2 ago. I was laying on the ground sleeping away in my room. (yes I sleep on my floor a lot of the time) And I was in the Twilight State about to hit the 5th stage/phase w-e of sleep. When i heard a voice, it was rather muffled and distant. I couldnt make out what it was saying. So my mind tried to focus on the sound and as it did I heard the voice say "SAMUEL!" And it wasnt loud or scary or anything but it startled me to hear my name. The voice was CLEARLY Latino or Hispanic and sounded quite nice! ^_^

So these are 2 instances in the past that my Spirit has shown herself to me. Im going to meditate more with my runes and do several readings on the matter to focus my energy a little. Maybe she'll show herself more often! *super happy* This just goes to show all the Wiccans out there that even if you dont have your spirit yet, it's ok. You -do- have one. And you've definitely seen them before. You just had your mind closed at the time. You'll notice them when they -want- you to notice them :)

-Later Days!
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I dont know....I just thought I should update this with SOMETHING so........HERE IT GOESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!O…

OHHHH!!1!!! Ive got a lovely bunch of Coconuts *doodley doo*
There they are standing in a row11 -bum bum bum-
Big ones! Small ones! Some the size of your head!
Give a twist! A flick of the wrist!
Thats what th----


We dont need to hear that song again do we? How about a little rhyme?

Hello new friend.....
My name is Fred
The words you hear,
are in my head.
I say I said my name is Fred
Hello new friend,
My name is Fred.

FWEE THAT WAS FUN!! 8B *retarded smile* Umm let's see, What other retarded antics can I shove through your Optical Nerves and into your wittle bwains =3
OH I GOT A JOKE! "If a White bird brings a white babie, and a black bird brings a black baby. What kind of bird brings No Baby?"

A swallow. *snicker*

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<center>SUREVEY #1</center>
Deep survey for the bored soul
001. What is Your Name? Sam
002. How old are you? 18
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?
004. Height 6ft 1in
005. Weight: 170lbs
006. Location: Chair

The first time...
007. You had sex? 15
008. You had oral sex? 15
009. The age you started puberty? 11

The last time...
010. You masturbated? This morning >_>
011. You took a shower? last night
012. You kissed someone? who? Long time ago
013. You saw someone else naked? who? Does this count porn?
014. You played truth or dare? Gawd, I was like 6
015. What was the worst dare you ever had to do? Let my friends frog down my pants >_<
016. What was the worst dare you ever witnessed some one do? Jump off the roof

017. What are you wearing? Im naked under these clothes >_>
018. Are you single? Yep
019. How many relationships have you had? ummmm *counts* 7....8?? Idk,,,,
020. How many of them were sexual? 6.......
021. If you could change on thing about yourself what would it be? My nose
022. What kind/brand of underwear are you wearing? Fruit of the Loom boxer-briefs
023. Have you ever had a one night stand? Yes
024. Are you happy with your looks? To an extent

Personal Survey

Name: Sam
Birthday: May 1,1990
Birthplace: Virginia Beach
Zodiac sign: Tauros
Shoe size: 13~15
Skinny/Average/Pleasantly plump/FAT: Average
Righty/Lefty: Righty
Can you afford to lose weight: Of course
Fave part of your body: My eyes
Least fave part of your body: My butt
Fave part on the opposite sex: Lips
Biggest Turn-On: An honest smile.
Biggest Turn-Off: Smoking
Describe the perfect date: Anything so long as we're together
Top 4 qualities you look for in the opposite sex: Well, im gay SO!! Im changing it to same sex ;)         #1) Eyes  # 2 )Honest Smile  #3) Intelligence  #4) Consideration for others
First Kiss: I was 14 >_>
Are you dating anyone: No
If not, do you wish you were: Hell yea
Who: He knows who he is
Ever kissed a member of the same sex: Yep
Current Crush: Id rather not say, he may be reading ;)
If someone really liked you, would you want them to tell you: YES!!! Cause lord knows I may like them back
Long distance relationship or no relationship: Ive tried long distance, it hurts too much
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Cars or Trucks: Cars
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Hot or Cold: Cold
Pants or shorts: Pants
Long sleeves or short sleeves: Short
What are you wearing right now: Clothes
What are you listening to: Tokio Hotel- Love is Dead
If you could have one wish, what would it be: To be able to be with him.....
What is your favorite season: Winter or Autumn
What is your favorite type of music: Rock
Do you have a website: Yes
Have you ever been in love: Oh gawd.....>_>
How many times: Once
With who: *******
Do you like camping: Yes!!!!!
Do you like theme parks: YES!!!!!
Indoors or Outdoors: Either is fine. Indoors in a blast but outdoors is open and free
Favorite type of movie: Horror
3 names you might name your son: Cody, Blake, Tsukasa
3 names you might name your daughter: Natasha, Cecilia, Yuki
How many kids do you want: no more than 3
What age do you want to get married: When ever my heart tells me
What age do you want to have your first kid: So long as Im finacially stable enough to give my child exactly what it needs without having to sacrafice anything in return
Do you have any siblings: Yep
How many: 7
What pets do you have (if any): a couple dogs
T.V. or Computer: Comppie
Do you play an instrument: Yep
Do you speak more than one language: Not very well...
What are your 3 favorite sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Pool
How many posters are on your wall: 3
Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom: Carpet
Is your room messy or tidy: Cluttered
Would you let your crush or b/f in your room: Not at the moment >_>
Do you like to burp: Yea, in the end, im a guy after all
Top 5 favorite foods: Pasta, chicken, fish
Have you been on stage in the last month: No
How many best friends do you have: I dont count.
Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie: Go to the movies
When was your last date: A while back
3 Favorite things to do at home: Video Games, TV, and Cooking
Swimming in the ocean or a pool: Im happy with both
Are you confident: To an extent......
Do you like to take risks: To an extent.....
Favorite subject in high school: Art or Psychology
Least favorite subject in high school: Math or Chemistry
Are you in high school: No
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping: Grocery >_<
Do you drive: Yep
Say one extra thing about yourself: I am who I am, take it or leave it, but don't play with it.

*cough cough*
Hello all! Im glad you decided to drop by! Ok...not really, go away >(

This journal will be mostly pokeplushies related and maybe a little bit of Other things.

#1)  Quetzal, the Pokeplushies Artist has started to sell $10 adoptables, they are dragons that can be customized with any 2 colours you wish. Oh man they are so AWESOME!! I'd love to post it's Image here if She'll let me. (with due credit of course) Idk though, maybe Ill ask her later. LOL ive already asked her for a lot lately. I mean, she made my dragon after she already decided to go to bed AND I asked for a larger scale version of my Dragon for my Fan-Site, Wow......I ask for a lot o-o  -feels bad- BUT! I got mine and I can't stop looking at it! I still need a good name for it....Wanna help?

#2) I finally made a fan-site.    Go ahead and check it out!

#3) Im sick!!! I got a stomach flu and I'm puking my guts up!!! >_<   

#4) we went bowling today....Bowling+Chinese+being sick = Miserable night for sam >_<           

BUT! i've finally started writing again, which is good. I haven't written anything in a long time and I was starting to Question my writing abilites. But, I think I've re-affirmed them (for personal reasons)
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That's right....Im making a  journal all about Flyff.

Srsly though, THIS GAME IS FREAKING ADDICTING!! And the people in it are just so NICE! You never find that in an MMo anymore, but Flyff has it.

Just last night I recieved a free egg from a random passer-by. And an egg would normally cost me 100k-200k  (not cool D:)  BUT IT WAS  FREE

and then JUST NOW, this lady walked up and gave me a free Unicorn level C with 35% exp. Which could normally sell for 20mil!!!!!  I was like.....w...t...f...

i will deny the following if questioned:

Seriously guys, try downloading this game. 100% free, when on the Download page go to GamesDaily. They dont require sign-up to download the game client. If anything give this game a week and if you still dont like it, THEN quit. But TRY it at least once.

Im level 36 magician, going to be a Psykeeper, they are called the Devils of *insert Flyff world name here*.   Im on the Clockwork server my UN is Forlork, for anyone looking for me.

Next part of life I feel like ranting about:

WOW! These brushes ROCK OUT HARD! I spent all night downloading her brushes for PS all night. They are so awesome and so fun and I so love them.....seriously

Part 3

New Kids on the Block are back?!?!!? Sense when?! Since why?!  Who the hell gave them permission to bring back boy bands? WHO I ASK YOU!? WHO?!
Someone please enlighten me on this one...please *desperate*


Ummmmmm yea....that's all!! HAVE FUN TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD BREAKFAST! as it is 8am here >_>                       <_<
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HEY ALL! I <3 updating this lol.

OK! Well, I've been getting some good comments on my scratched Pokemon Badges. YAY ME!  And as I was reading the newest comments I noticed someone asking for some custom Badges for a forum that he Global Mods. I thought to myself "-shrug-  Ok, I'll bite"

We hopped over to MSN and he gave me the details. The badges are for (Or (3p) )  They hold regular Wifi tourneys and they need badges for their Gym Leaders. I talked with the admin for a while, and they seemed pretty cool about it all.

They needed a 20x20 version of all their badges and 60x60 as well. And they need a LOT of badges. They needed 17 to start with, and then more as their next Wifi season roll through. Does this make them my Client?! YAY! Maybe I'll post them up here when I'm done.

So......I guess this means I'm taking requests for Custom Pokemon Badges? o-0   I never expected THIS. Is this good? Is this bad? Can I do it? WILL I do it? Or will procrastination get the better of me?! D: We'll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned to  "Forlorrkkkkssss Joouurrnnnaaalllllll!!!!!'  (Forlork's Journal j-i-c)

PS. The smilies for the "mood" arent working. So...I'm not in a Tearful mood. Im in a bubbly Mood x3

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OK! So i found this large webcam chat community, and i wanted to try it out. Ive always heard they were GREAT places to meet ppl online and make some friends.

LOL Thats a funny story. I logged on and not even 10 minutes pass by and everyone is masturabating and asking other people to undress on their cams.


So, i stayed on a doing THAT gawd! Im not THAT kind of person. When this really atractive guy logs in and yes, I will admit he was DAMN fine! His name was Germ4_____   the ___is because idk what goes there. BUT ANYWAY his cam stayed on his face the entire time and EVERYONE in the chat room was talking, and obviously flirting with him LOL. and when i told him  'you know..they want you to undress right?'  he laughed and seemed very surprised.

and of course after that, EVERYONE was asking for him to undress etc. Ill admit, i wouldnt have minded seeing it either -shrug- im human SUE ME! D<   but it was still very funny cause he was OBVIOUSLY not interested in it but they just kept asking

I found out he has a DA profile and i gave him mine. Maybe he'll note me so i can see his gallery. Maybe i already have some of his stuff Faved O_o   

No.....stop thinking what you're thinking. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. gawd! You people think im SUCH a perv! ;_; that hurts
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W00t!   Im active again on DA! EVERYONE LOVE ME NOW! X3

Gawd its been a while since ive been one LOL I have 678 Deviations that i hadnt people are busy! And i think i only watch a few people ._.
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im bored