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Chibi Nazuna - BNA by ForgottenWinds, visual art

Shiny Celebi is the best!

Shiny Celebi by ForgottenWinds, visual art

Meet an OC of mine!

Nebu - Splatoon OC by ForgottenWinds, visual art

Best Boi!!

Punchy the Cat - Animal Crossing by ForgottenWinds, visual art

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Aimee | 28 | Texan | A Nobody! :3 ***** Icon commissioned from @Haanakko ******

Nothing Special Here! My name is Aimee and I just like to doodle and draw for fun in my spare time if I have any! I work a lot now, so It's hard to find as much time to draw as I did before, but I try! I have some commissions open!

Requests are NOT open / I don't have a lot of time so just commissions and stuff I want to draw! As for things I love to draw, chibis/cute things, Pokémon, Splatoon, Nintendo related stuff! I do try to draw other things too~ Follow me on Twitter if you like as well for Nintendo stuff and other art! @ RinnyBooo I wasn't active on here till 2019 ish, even though I've had this account for a while longer.

And now, I'm off and on on here as per my free time! I have been practicing more traditional drawing and such with markers and colored pencils since I mostly do digital on my iPad, since I can travel with that. I graduated college as a Bachelor of Science, with a computer science degree!

Got a job as a web applications programmer, so that is what eats most of my time! But I try to find free time for other things too! Some of my hobbies include drawing, playing the violin and piano, little instruments I find amusing like the Kalimba, as well as programming of course! Also I play the Nintendo Switch, mostly played Splatoon 2 when it first came out but I play a multitude of games on there! If you wanna add me, my friend code is: 2040-9314-1256 I'm RinnyBoo on there! Some People I've done art trades with before and / or just all around awesome people you should check out that I adore! <3 @CassyHattori36




@SaltyBanana Commissions: Open for some things / Depends on Time! Trades: Closed / but Depends on the time I have sometimes Requests: Closed Collabs: Closed

(Request) Amethyst Bunny

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Switch, PC, PlayStation
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iPad Air, Apple Pen

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For Donations or Commissions Here

I love commissioning people & supporting artists! Check out my artist shoutouts I've done, because those artists along with others i've met on here are amazing! These points are to support others!

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Just Saying~

Current Projects:

Lil Judd Collection - Participating in Novempurr Theme List Doodles on Twitter


New YCH / Commissions Coming

Hello! Also I love supporting artists, please check out this awesome piece i commissioned from BlushingBats below! It is of my OC Alice all with the Halloween theme since that's her fave Holiday, and she's so freaking cute lol.

And also an amazing singer I can't stop listening below as well! I'll add that at the bottom <3

PNG With Sig
This is just for a little more depth on my OC's and to show some drawings of them by others as well! So definitely check out some of their art as well! Just so you know, I love it when others draw my babies, since it's just super cool so see them in different styles of art, it's amazing! Will also use this time to update their BIOS on their descriptions on my art. This will be for references and fanart of my babies here. ***These characters belong to me, and only to be used by me unless you tell me you are drawing my characters and tag me in it! I always love seeing others draw them in their style~
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Trying to catch up on Lil Judd Doodles for the Novempurr Cat Doodle Theme list, I'm so far behind but I'll get there! Sorry for the slew of Lil Judd doodles I'll be posting a bunch to catch up! I'll draw different things once I finish those doodles. I'll still do Lil Judd doodles off and on of course but not as many!
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Thanks for the :+fav: on Peonies and Bow, Swords and Water, and Yami! ^w^ -b

Peonies and Bow| Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Thanks for the :+fav: on Guns and Shield! ^w^ -b

Guns and Shield | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

thank you very much for the watch and keep up the good work :happybounce:

Thanks for the :+fav: on Elias! ^w^ -b

Elias| Gift for eliasthefox

Thank you!! 💕 Your work is super cute and awesome, so same to you!