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Random Large Text Brush Set

There's 10 brushes in total here, the average size is about 1100 pixels ... ideal for desktop wallpapers!!

I made these random brushes really big, so if you want to use them for icons/avatars then you can just make them smaller in photoshop!!

Feel free to download if you want to, please credit me or send me a link to your work so i can see how you used them!!
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Thanks for sharing these are great looking forward to using them.
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like it .. awsm 
GlamourGladness's avatar
awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
Keep up a good work! 

Oh I used them in here [link]
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Can I use them on prints?
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Looks cool!
Gonna try these out..
but thanks for sharing! :)
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I used it here: [link]
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U! ^_^
TheDarkOne8703's avatar
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Thanks for you stock :) I used it here [link]
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credit and i will download :D but i used for adobe 7.0 if not work grr then can u make for image?
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Thank you for the brushes :3

used here: [link]
Oh, thank you so much =) They're beautiful and useful =) *added to favorites*
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Used one of these here [link]
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umm. i dont get do i use it... im a newbie.... :(
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I'm not very good at explaining ... try this [link]
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i meanlike, how do you use the ones that you made, how do i get those and use it?
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to the left of the picture there is some buttons

full view
share this/blog it
download << click that one and then save it somewhere.

Then you have to load it into photoshop, which is explained in the link i posted before

sorry i'm not too good at explaining :S
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its okay, thank you very much!
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nice text brushes :)
Thanks for the brushes.... very nice indeed!!!
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Isn't "I came, I saw, I conquered" from Conquer Online?
But nice brush set ;D I am downloading them now :3
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Oh yeah I've never seen that website before, I'd only heard it from the lyrics of Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb/Encore
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