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Autumn Bringer by Forgottenfeline Autumn Bringer :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 4 1 I'm Ruthless by Forgottenfeline I'm Ruthless :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 3 In My Beginning by Forgottenfeline In My Beginning :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 2 6 To Find The Rain. by Forgottenfeline To Find The Rain. :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 4 6 Not All Who Wander Are Lost by Forgottenfeline Not All Who Wander Are Lost :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 7 4 Thyne Divines Gift by Forgottenfeline Thyne Divines Gift :iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 5 2
it seems its been nearly years since i've held you this close
i'm shaking so badly, i'm breaking to pieces
you glue them together, you hold me that much harder
just so we both know, we're not alone
if we're bleeding, the smiles fake a thousand things
the tears you cried and the ones i hid
the things unspoken, i'm glad we didn't
everything seemed to stop for just that moment...
and i held it in my hand
like a butterfly, it was sure to be set free from the beginning
but that was okay
replaced by the warmth, i swore i'd never feel again
you were the feelings in my heart
stirring like i knew no one else could ensue
you eyes still burned with that same light
making it so much clearer that you were fighting, so hard
to keep my hand and my heart
how could i have been so naive?
time together doesn't come often enough
holding and touching like we did so rapidly
i swore we could explode
if the emotions ran more violently
by and by i wondered if i was still dreaming
everything was just too real,
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 0 0
give you my soul.
your weighted emotions had lofty ambitions, enough to shatter my fragile bones of porcelain. fever words burning deep within my chest, the blisters that burned my heart making it nearly impossible to scream along with you, leaving me livid with raw passionate feeling.
the screaming had left sandpaper along the roof of my mouth, gummy texture that glued my throat shut, burning hot cotton, only to be quenched or swallowed. but how could that be, when we never verbally comunicated a word to each other this round?
marrow runs deep, and love, it runs deeper. bound in a series of intricate cuts, the blood, the cells, the fiber of human construction...yet still bound deeper by things unseen and not yet tangible.
paths of mutal and self destruction that destryed the crefully constructed facades we fought so hard to keep up. apperances, of course, have always been everything, and the very thing we could seldom paint beauty into.
you clench my hands, crushing what is remaining of my skeletal com
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 0 0
Figure You Out.
You just love to put words in my mouth.
It's you favorite past-time to conveniently forget every time I've been there for you.
If I don't come running at the drop of a hat, I don't care.
Because I have plans for myself and my future, I'm running from people who care.
You get the nerve to call out what you can't back up.
You can name one time that was only a week ago when you were there for me.
And you weren't the one driving the car.
I've stayed to hold your hand while you replaced me with him.
I tried to be there when he broke your heart and you pushed me away.
You've not been there for the heartbreak...
You weren't even there when I lost something before it's time.
You don't recognize that the roles are reversed.
You just can't see that you're only older in age anymore.
I've walked the narrow wire.
I've fallen into acid.
All this time, I've taken the risks you never will.
And you still think you have some divine right to protect me, when you can't.
I took it upon myself, when you did
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 0 3
Seasons of You.
My eyes first stole a glance at you.
Like nothing I'd ever knew.
My hands shaking, rooted where I was.
You came to me, slowly-
This had to be a dream.
Before you, I was never much to ponder.
Never had the looks to catch an eye.
I was wilted, no sun in my life.
You faded at first.
That I hadn't lost you for good.
Slowly, I was bound to grow.
There was a part of me,
You still had yet to know.
I clung to you;
My many thorns mustn't cut in.
I wasn't much, my petals fallen away.
You realized the danger I held.
You held on- while you bled.
I'd never known a feeling like you.
Ripped from the ground,
It was what you had to do.
Broken, I lay where I fell.
Crying, you loved me at all.
How could I?
The nights were bitter and cold.
You sheltered me from storms.
Rotting, I was trapped.
The only things trapping me,
Were my own sober emotions.
The only green was my jealousy.
How did we stand you and me?
So much, so wrong.
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 0
if you go to california.
If you're gonna start leaving
There won't be any holding you back
If you're gonna stay there
There's where I'll turn to when you ask
The wind is getting colder now
All I can see is clouds
The words you spoke have left me here to think
I never thought that I
Would have to show the side
That I have tried so desperately to hide
From you
The side that shows no emotion
The one that reminds you I have no feeling
When I choose
I always feared competing
With the able bodies humans
The girls that chased relentlessly
The boys that won at video games
I never thought you'd be called
By a state line
So many miles from home
Save for my own
Tonight I look away from your direction
Even with all the miles
I can't stand to think you might realize
THe tears I held back
The nights I laid awake
The times it hurt me worse than you
To speak the words I had to say
And when I said it's unhealthy
For us to stay in love
It was to both of us
Can't stand to comprehend
Letting go is one of the hardest things
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 0
breaking it down.
t i r e d
tonight, my fingers move slowly
ironically, i am wide awake
recently, sleep is escaping my being
eventually, i will admit my defeat
dawn, i will great it today
y a w n
you never saw, the effects you left
any scars, i hid from you
whenever i cried, you were not my consort
now when i'm affected, i cannot seek comfort
t e a r
today, i am matured
even though, i'll never meet your standards
angry, are you?
really funny, i worked around the system
m o v e
my body aches, shaking slightly
overbearing, you've exhausted my mind
venturing too close, you only built the wall
exhaust, all you see as i disappear
b r e a t h e
beneath a bridge, there were promises
reasons i hid, to protect all of us
envy isn't kind, you know
another time maybe, i'll admit the faults
there is shame, in the end of this
here you'll die, under your lock-down
enter stage left, the demise you dreaded
n o w
never again, will i call forth your comfort
over you, i'm getting so close
without you, i'm still alive
w o w
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 2
a nameless grave.
my breath is growing shorter
gasping and heavy
raspy, no, i do not understand...
fingers interlocked
face touching palms
sweat beads, slipping
enough to put
this city
under water
the night is growing
uncomfortably warm
vision tinged red
my rage..?
and i am drifting
in and out of
strangled thoughts
i will give up
the screams of
don't want to see
the faces, damned
not again
they chose
a personal hell
falling endlessly
nothing could be real
you've stolen the proof
ripped my heartstrings
at the seam
the sanity has long since
slit its throat
jugular spraying rust and salt
liquor adored by so few
my angel is out of sight
the days and nights
blur grotesquely
a grave without a name
freshly dug
mortician's chelsea grin
cold clutch at my heart
my throat
just a job to massacre
iron grip, hear the
rush of blood
within shallow veins
knuckles white
death lock
blue lips and
black tongue
how do you like it?!
i never held that heart
anyway, right?
bastard, the grave
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 0
promises broken.
        Same mottled gray carpet, same puke-yellow walls, and the same blood red ceiling decorated the room that Jazare stood in.
"You want me to believe everything's the same?" She waved a hand casually, if not helplessly, around the expanse of the small room
"So it's the same, then, that...that that THING..." The word was short, clipped, an abbreviation of it, as much as it could be.
It was like even the thought of it disgusted her- with nothing more than the proper infliction on the word. "That fucking bitch, having BEEN THERE-" Jazare jerked an accusatory finger at the twin mattress in the corner
"That she's known...every inch...every goddamn thing I thought was held here, just for me?!" Punctuating the sentence was a vase knocked from the desk in her desperate attempt to get out the door.
Nothing was even making sense to her, vaguely registering the sound of breaking ceramic as it shattered on the bedroom floor. A hand caught hold
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 2 3
dew glistening off the grass
facets in the water
droplets sparkling in the moonlight
feet tread, softly
motion light flood the yard
flinch involunterally
bottle weighting hand
neck gripped loosely
not yet a lifeline
sitting on the step
crack the cap
take a pull
phone ringing
conversation spent talking
around the
neck of a bottle
reaching the bottom
have to hang up
sit, to wait
naseau setting in
this fast?
shaking hands dial
no answer
and again
questions become answers
answer, moron
stuttered words
forming some martian greeting
confession arises
missing you
the secret that was never hidden
knowing too much
knowing too little
sleep is deprived
on nights like these
best friends
no kidding?
tell me you'll
stay for as long as needed
more important than sleep
even just babbling
love you
love you too
at least someone
is sleeping tonight
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 2 2
break in.
my blade...
shining star in the darkness
my savior, in truth
protection from the world
to use, or not to use?
the darkness...
its choking me
terrifying, or comforting?
i guess you'll never know
i keep it hidden, at least from you
cell phone...
my lifeline to my love
can summon 911, with just buttons
powerful tool?
or false sense, of hope
bedroom window...
broken glass, doesn't open
light shining in
i'm on my knees shaking, and i'm screaming
at the taps we ponder, where is my sanity now?
that voice...
the one i hoped to never again hear
haunting my dreams, he is my fear
nightmares he induces to us
why have you returned?!
mouth open...
screaming at my boyfriend to help me
telling what's going on, but can he do anything?
the miles that separate
my legs find me, and i scream for daddy
closed door...
there's someone trying to get in my window
mom, dad
will you save me from my past?
all those miles away, my boyfriend fears for me
out the front...
trembling so hard i almost hit the floor
:iconforgottenfeline:Forgottenfeline 1 5


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