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Wh40k Rogue Trader Space Marines

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A little idea I had recently. In Rogue Trader rulebook, Space Marines are the mobile force of the Imperium while Imperial Army is stationary force. The idea I had is that there are two kinds of Space Marines - one as a replacement for later Imperial Guard - massed force for interplanetary/interstellar warfare but more reasonable to bother transporting between planets or even stars.
Because as evidenced by the later addition of Imperial Guard, having just a million Space Marines for a million of worlds wouldn't be enough. They'd quickly get ground down into dust.

So as a replacement of Imperial Guard there would be Auxilia Space Marine Legions - they have up to 5000 legionnaires. There's no upper limit of amount of these legions and many more developed systems have multiple legions. Hive worlds can even have hundreds of legions within system securing shipping lanes, neighbouring agriworlds, protecting vital facilities, etc, guaranteeing practical unassailability of these.

They are recruited from hive scum and feral worlds as adults and given minimal surgery and extensive doping, indoctrination and training.

They have the same stats as Marines in the rulebook and are represented by plastic beakies.

Then there are Imperial Space Marine Chapters - they have up to 1000 battle brothers and there's only 1000 of them. A chapter usually has an auxilia legion or two under its direct command, bearing the Chapter's colours and livery.

They are the monsters described in The Origin of Legiones Astartes - recruited as children and subjected to extensive implantation putting them way beyond human capabilities.

They have much higher stats - for example M6 WS5 BS5 S5 T4 W2 I5 A2 LD8 Int8 Cl8 WP8 for a trooper due to their extreme modification. They are usually equipped with heavy or special weapons - the default firearm used by C100 marines being interpreted as Heavy Bolter.

They wear Imperial Power Armour which has 2+ save. All of this makes them closer to Space Marines from novels.

They are represented by C100 marines.

The picture depicts Imperial Space Marine and a bunch of Auxilia renegades fighting in dark tunnels.
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