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Disillusioned Mind

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Drawn on 15 January, 2009.
It represents recognition of faults of modern society, of it's insanity - being forced to contribute to "common good", but when one is in need and needs a part of the "common good", one finds himself alone, discarded like a broken toy.
It's a rage against this state, a genocidal rage.
One lives in a society, but in fact, one is always alone, constantly in danger. One wrong step may bring ruin and death. There are so many powers that exist to oppress human beings...
These powers... have no fear...
They treat life like a computer game, where people are just insignificant objects.
That's because the people aren't ready for martyrdom. People can do meaningless acts of violence like beatings, school massacres. Or suicide - it's a complete waste of life. They can throw their life away, but they don't make it useful for the society. They just die and everyone except their friends and family forgets about them.
But they will never sacrifice their lives to teach those powers that they can't play with human lives with impunity.
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ToaAkatsukiHobbyist Writer
I agree it could use some more details, but damn, epic concept, man.
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ForgottenDemigodHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :) . I think I'm going to try to do an improved version soon. I'm in the right mood again :XD: .
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ToaAkatsukiHobbyist Writer
that's great! :) good luck!
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Would be more interesting if there were more details. Now it looks like stain trying to become a monster. Maybe next time :)