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Americas - UPDATED

So i was trying to make outlines of the world, and came out with this. It is a Mercator map. It is slightly possible i may do another, with asia and europe, maybe africa in another set. If anyone wants that, leave a comment for it. This took about 5 (rough guess) hours and i think I may have strained my pointer finger. It may be irreversible! OH NOES!

so yeah... download and fave if used. If used please give me a link, whether it be by comment or note, does not matter.

Made in CS2.


OOPS! i just realized a problem in northern canada islands! I'll fix it and upload soon.

Edit: Okie dokie, that's finished, and I even included the UK! hurrah!

Looks like :iconlukeroberts: made a much more detailed, and complete map of the world.

World Map

Also, I love how much people care to comment with a thanks, or even a fave. I appreciate it 3000 people
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So useful, thanks so much.
Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents! It is much appreciated!
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These will be helpful with my kids. Thanks!
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Nicely done! Thank you, I hope to use the Alaska shape in particular, and may do so often! Two sites I will likely use it on are here [link] and here [link]
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wow. fantastic :)
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Thank you soooo much!
this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. [link]
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Wow, I love it but it would've been much better if you did one of Europe =D !
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I may do another, but ive been kind of busy. I just got a job, finals are next week, and im trying out a new version of ubuntu. But maybe over the summer.
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Nice work on these. I've just updated my custom shapes maps too, and added UK and USA. I hadn't seen these before but i've used the same star shape, very similar colour and shine :P it's kind of strange how similar they are actually. Just thought i'd say something, incase you thought i copied your idea or something...

i guess great minds think alike ;)

If you wanted, i could link to these shapes from mine, since they compliment eachother well. Let me know.
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Yeah, the day after posting mine i saw yours and was like, crap... I didnt realize that it was already done. I just switched over to linux and im going to see if the gimp can use photoshop custom shapes. I was going for more of a defcon look, simplistic. Here's a picture of what i was going for. I was alot more detailed than in defcon, but it seems like i was less detailed than yours. Linking to mine would be cool, I guess, I'll link to yours aswell.
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Wow really cooL!
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almost like it was
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