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When you have no mana in a fantasy world by forgotten-light When you have no mana in a fantasy world by forgotten-light

Meet Red, another person who lives in the same city as Snow White. Her real name is Rayna, but only her closest friends know her by that, everyone else knows her as Red, an off the books curior who can get anything anywhere. Quite a few things she deals with are illegal, but she doesn’t care one way or the other.

Rayna suffers from a lack of magic. It is a rare disability, her parents have basically disowned her, blaming her disability on lack of will, or effort. She has lived on her own since she was 13, and without magic a fair number of everyday objects don’t work for her, thanks to a smart techy friend she gets by. She doesn’t even have the perk that usually follows such a lack of ability, that you see in books or manga. She can’t nullify magic or anything, spells and magic work fine on her. I guess you can say she has no mana.

She does have the strange ability to ‘see’ magic though. It comes in handy avoiding traps set by the city’s wolves. (slang for police, since they are so brutal) Most of the police leave her alone as she leaps across roofs. Rayna thinks this is due to her quick feet, and natural stealth, but it is more because a high ranking officer has his eye on her and orders that other leave her be.

Rayna often flirts with the particular officer, thinking he is a nice guy, but is unaware that his own force call him a wolf behind his back due to his brutality.

Other characters in her story:…
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October 31, 2017
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