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Dear Everyone,

After a lengthy absence from this site, I've come back and cleaned everything: 75% of the people I was "watching" I no longer watch. Why? Simply because there was just too much and I no longer have the time nor the desire to dedicate so much time to looking at art I don't have time to comment on. So I've unwatched a bunch and I will try to focus more seriously on those I still watch. The trimming process isn't over, I'll keep removing everyone I don't really know or whose art I don't really like.

Worry not, I suspect most of these don't even use their accounts anymore. I've been here since 2005 and I don't know how or why I've added so many people. I used to be able to check everything everyone made, but at one point I lost hold and within a week I had hundreds of pieces to look at. I didn't want to spend an hour or more checking all that out, so I didn't. Same thing the following week, so on and so fourth. Eventually I had thousands of pieces to see and that's when I mostly gave up on even trying. Until yesterday.

Now I have a nice and neat zero next to my envelope icon. If I have commented on your work before, chances are I will comment again on your new work. At least that is my intention.

As to my own work, I'm rather ashamed. Ashamed of not having done anything, but worse than that, also ashamed of the work that I've actually done in the past. Looking back, I'm liable to cringe quite a bit. You can thank God I've resisted the urge to show your my Warhammer 40,000 modelling skills... (Or did I? I don't even remember...)

If I have removed you from my watch list, it doesn't necessarily mean I dislike your work. The way I went about it is I removed names I didn't recognise, and since dA allows name changes, I may have removed you by accident. I'm sure I've accidentally removed artists I wanted to follow.

So, how's everyone?…

A new chapter has arrived! Enjoy.
I have finally written a new "chapter". Read if you dare!…

Here are the first two paragraphs of it:

"Someone smart, whom I'll honor by quoting, but dishonor by forgetting his name, once said, or wrote, that "You do not follow the rules of chess because you play chess: you play chess because you follow the rules of chess." This probably isn't verbatim either - and I would make an effort and look it up and find out who it was and where it was said, but I'm not paid for this. You probably don't care all that much anyway. (But I do, and I've just done research, i.e. spent 20 seconds typing keywords on Google, and I can't find the source; all I know is that I heard of this quote and person during a linguistics class.)

In other words, rules aren't these pedantic, restrictive parameters that prevent you from anything: they are what defines what you do. You could easily counter any attack at chess by throwing a handful of pawns at your opponent's hapless face, but you'd no longer be playing chess."
I was curious as to whether some of you would be interested in me posting pictures of my 40k material. So far, I refrained from posting out of sheer respect, humility (and the potent feeling that I'm not too good yet). These rarely look good under the scrutiny of close-up photography, but still worth a shot.

I've been doing Blood Angels mostly, but also a bunch of Necrons (doing two armies so I can have people who don't do 40k play with me), and some Orks.…

Added a few recently. Feel free to ask me about any of them on which you'd want to know more.

181 reviews so far! I try to review every book I read; sometimes I can't because amazon doesn't sell a given book.


An inspiring song for an inspiring man. ("Man," although I personally believe he was God incarnate, winking at us.)

Tired of being reminded that Ray Bradbury died every time I opened my frontpage, here's a journal update.

The weather took a drastic turn. It literally went from 37°C to around 10°C, from sunny days to constant rain. I also got my taxes (a hefty 8,000 dollars in value), and the end of my holidays. Is any of this important to you? Nope. Sometimes, rarely, I get the urge to run outside naked and scream everything I think and feel. But I'm civilised and have manners so this is my restrained effort at self-expression through etiquette.

More pragmatically, this allows me to see how many of you are still around (and by around, I mean somewhat following my rather inactive account).

Spirits! Manifest yourselves!
By James Rolfe (Angry Videogame Nerd). This isn't about videogames, though, it's not a review. Well worth a watch, enjoy!…
A very interesting lecture which should interest, and be useful, to all of you.……

Selected for you.
If you're a fan of the alien series (excluding the alien vs predator stuff), then get ready, for this movie is a prequel to it, although not the sort of prequel that The Thing (2011) was. Watch the trailer on YouTube,

and then read this breakdown of said trailer:…

I haven't been so excited about a movie in years. My guess is this movie is going to be strongly based on ancient aliens theory and the likes. Which is cool. Can't wait.

<3 Ridley Scott
I watched this blasphemy last night, and it's pretty much what I expected. What did I expect? Outrageous CGI, hollow characters, and nothing new. I honestly didn't start with a bias, back to when they announced this prequel/remake. I was willing to give them a chance, despite Hollywood's constant ravaging of the classics.

So yes, as soon as "the thing" shows up, it's cartoonish CGI out the ass. And when the thing is seen running in corridors, it was Scooby Doo all over again. Naturally, that kills any potential fear the viewer might have. So I wasn't scared one second. But boy, was I disappointed. Not too much because I expected it, but still...

Hard to believe that special effects made in 1982 still surpass these 2011 effects. If you were intrigued by this movie, and haven't seen it, please go watch John Carpenter's version, from 1982. It's a far, far superior movie.

He can order assassinations, and nobody complains.

: D…
I love FPS games, but I've never been into the seemingless endless stream of Call of Honor and Medal of Duty games, which resemble each other so damn much I can't tell which is which, and which episode it is... My brother seems to like it, but what I saw didn't excite me much. I could be wrong. The blinding stuff à la Counter Strike didn't even appeal to me in Counter Strike itself, and I've never even seen them used on any of the servers I go to (flashbangs, etc). I can't see how that's any fun or challenging, but that's me.

Next game in line is Amnesia, but I'm willing to hear your opinion on Battlefield 3. I've never played any of the previous games of that series.

Share away!

I think I have found the next game I'll play.

Right now, France is winning. Earlier today, the third Reich was winning. Who will it be tomorrow? Drawball is a fun "game" of sorts, and it's often taken by groups of people. If Paint had a war mode, this would be it.

It isn't fun playing alone though, the best way is to be a LOT. Enjoy!