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Steel Sword Final: Sarina

I know i just posted a sword almost exactly the same last night, but after thinking about it i didn't really do a good job on it, so i made a new version with visual improvements. The sword is named Sarina, i have no clue why, but it is, just thought it could use a name.

I love swords, they have a lot of meaning, especially if they never come to harm anyone.

Scifi stuff is coming soon, i swear.

UPDATE: I changed up the design a little, the blade you see at the top is the original.
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Just as a note. I am acquainted with a lot of medieval sword fighters. It's important for the sword tang never to be cut square where it meets the blade. The sword break exactly at this spot. I know of a lot of sword that broke this way. Actually almost all swords that were made with a square cut tang break.
I know yours is only a graphic but I thought you'd like to know.
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Thanks for the tip. I sort of had a feeling that would be a major weak point for when the blade hit any hard surface.