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Hunting. Is only for necessity. Anything but is a blunt form of murder. And necessity, must be of dire or pure survival reasons.

I'm not a tree huger. I'm not a "Save the (species)" kinda guy. But my own personal view stands for myself.

Found this in my old art file as i transferred old works to my new PC today. I meant to post it but just never found the time i guess.

I expect the flak, its your opinion. Share it as you wish.

PS: i know where my "food" comes from. That's another topic entirely.
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You know, I fight with my room mate all the time about this, i will hunt, but anything I do hunt, I am going to eat, I will make sure that everything is used for something, not him, no he just wants a "Ten point Buck" on his wall, and I really hate that
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I'm one of "those" people who could never kill their own food. I'd rather be a vegetarian than hunt. Especially for sport. Good job displaying this!