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Beer Bottle for Daz Studio

Here is my first Daz Studio product made in Blender.

This product is for Iray.

Included in download is:

:bulletblack: 1x Beer Bottle

:bulletblack: 2x Textures
   :bulletgreen: Heineken
   :bulletgreen: Corona

:bulletblack: 2x Amount settings
   :bulletgreen: Full
   :bulletgreen: Empty

So download it and tell me what you think.

If you use it in a render, I would love to see the final product :)

Since it's my first product it is of course free of charge.

Edit: A file was missing from the .zip. Fixed now.

NB: I may add more beer brands in the future also.
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Thanks a bunch.

Now I'm thirsty

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Thanks a lot. I won't be using the Heini brand since I hate that pisswater but the Corona is most welcome and I'm looking forward if new brands are added. can I do suggestions for brands?

If I use this asset I'll link you to the results.

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Awesome! Thanks so much.

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Thank you, really useful for a project I am working on!

Great, thanks a lot!


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Thank you! :heart: I was looking for a bottle exactly like this.

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I can see many renders with these. Thanks!

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Brilliant, thank you...

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Thanks so much, used here !

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nice. and as i was just working on a bar scene. perfect timing. thank you

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Thank you very much! ... :)

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Thanks! Used it in one of my creations...

Day At The Beach

Thx, looks great!

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Good job! Really neat!

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Thank you really much bro nice bottles =)
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Thank you. Oh, that's a great one for these times. I can't believe the sales of Corona have dropped. :D

Join me in the Green Room? by wbm999
Thank you very much for the item.
It is now more topical than ever.

I'm kind of new to this site. Where do you download this?

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Fantastic prop, Thank You much!

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It looks amazing, thank you!
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Great.  Now my folks won't go dry.  Beautiful looking bottles.  Thank you.
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