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Custom Zacian - Pokemon Inspired Plush

Since I did Zamazenta I of course had to do Zacian!

This the "Hero of Many Battles" form since I wanted to do something different from the more common "Crowned form"

Zacian uses the same basic pattern as Zamazenta so they match.
He is 55 cm long laying on its belly and about 30 cm to the top of its head.

Everything is sewn by hand in a variety of crushed velour fabrics.

If you are interrested in giving Zacian or any other creature I created a home, hop over to my Etsy.…

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Daaamn dude, you said you sewn this all by hand? With that much detail, that takes quite the commitment. Keep up the good work, my man.

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Thank you for your kind comment!

Haha yes, I only sew the larger parts on my sewing machine, the rest I stitch together by hand!

Pretty cool! Must take a while. I'm starting to get into plush making myself, but I have trouble with coming up with patterns. Any classes or websites you can recommend I check out?

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Yes it does take some time, spend about 3 weeks on this plush. I have to pace myself and not overwork due to some conditions with my body so that's why it goes a little slower then I would like.

It all depends on how much you know and what you want to do.

Now when I started sewing plushies it was pretty old school, my mother bought this book with small simple animal plushies (usually only a few pieces for every plush, two sides and a belly)

And from there I started modifying thoose patterns I already had from the book. Later I started looking at factory made plushies to see how they are sown to create a certain shape. (usually you can follow a seamline and figure out the shape)

Etsy has some really nice patterns for sale, complete with instructions how to put the plush together.

And I know Skill share has some sewing courses (But not sure if they have any about plush making)

All my patterns are custom made by me, my mother is a seamstress (she made cloths and gowns for years) and she taught me about pattern making and basic sewing knowlege.

I hope this is of some help!

That's really cool! I'll be sure to check out those sources. I appreciate your input and advice. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll definitely have to be patient, because I see that it takes a lot of time to put even something small together. I respect your skill and commitment. Thanks again for sharing!

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No worries at all!

I'm glad I could be of help :)

Yes it takes time to master a craft, it took me 5 years just to get to a point where I felt comfortable taking commissions and even now I'm learning new things to put into sewing! A constant learning and evolving craft

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