It's been a while

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Hi, how are you?
Are you okay?
It’s really nice to see you
It’s odd to see you today

I was just thinking
About you and us
And how everything we had
Was thrown under the bus

I just wanted to ask
Was it because of me?
I hate to just bring it up
But it’s been bothering me

You don’t have to answer me
At least not here and now
But if you could say before the day’s over
Tell me why or when or how

Don’t I deserve that much?
You just left it to hang
I gave you some space
Even if it took my heart with a bang

It’s still nice to see you
Even with our whole past
But I should get going
I have to be fast

I just don’t want problems
I just don’t want to fall
But here’s my number
But just give me one call

I want to be friends
I really, really do
But I don’t want to fall again
Even if I still love you

So this is almost goodbye
I might see you around
But next time my guard will be up
And I won’t be backing down

I’ll be waiting for it
The explanation and call
It’s still been good to see you, though
Even with the situation and all

But I have to go
I have somewhere to be
I’ll still miss you
Even if you don’t miss me
Meh, I couldn't think of a better title

But I've finally posted again~! It's a little rough, though. I hope it's still okay ^^;

Comment and favorites are appreciated~ :aww:
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quite a great poem! I can relate wholeheartedly :)
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Thanks~ cx
and nice icon, btw. FMA is awesome o:
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your welcome :3 and thanks!
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I've never actually been in love before but I've seen it, and I know how influential it can be. Btw, your username fits perfectly with the poem name! :D (Big Grin) 
ForeverWaitingforYou's avatar
yeah, it's veeery influential and hard to ignore
And lol it does! xD I didn't even realize
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It has a real good flow to it! And I think everyone has been there at some time or another! Good stuff!
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Thank you~
And yeah, probably ><
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You're welcome :D
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