Be Thankful for Love

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You complain about him
How nothing is perfect
But he’s trying his best
And you’re just not worth it

He loves you so much
He tells you time to time
But you doubt all those words
And still hope that your hearts intertwine

You take him for granted
Yet you say you love him
If I had a guy love me so much
I’d just be happy to be with him

I don’t really get you
And you don’t get me
So please tell me again
Why you’re still friends with me

I’m still broken hearted
I have healing scars
But you’re day is ruined
Because the meal he gave you isn’t five stars

Don’t call me so horrible
When you’re just so blind
To not see that you have someone who loves you
And not a guy who just left you behind.
Obviously inspired by an argument me and a friend had.

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