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The Fate of Nyght (Chap 47.5)
Chapter 47.5
    Apricot followed the huge line of StarClan cats as they fled as far away from the Dark Forest border as possible. Previously, the Founders had ordered all of StarClan to retreat alongside them as they worked on discovering how to recover those who had been consumed by the Dark Forest's treachery. She could hear the soft, worrisome whispers from the deceased cats around her, causing her to feel just as stressed. She couldn't help but listen as two cats that padded just in front of her spoke to each other in quiet, concerned mews.
    "I wonder what the Founders are planning to do," one of the cats said; her gray, sleek pelt clung to her muscled frame. The thick-pelted black she-cat who trotted beside her let out a discontent snort, her blunt ears flat against her head in aggravation.
    "I don't know, but I'm sick of it all," The black she-cat stated. "I haven't felt my paws
:iconkeranious:Keranious 1 2
How's it going everybody? My name's Will and welcome back to another journal! HAPPY NEW YEARS' EVE EVERYBODY!
This is a very special journal as I will be listing all of my watchers who are active and have taken the choice in 2017 to follow me. I'm also debating whether to do this series again next year in 2018, but the first one will be called 2018 Weekly Shoutout #1, if it continues this week. Anyways, it won't be set on a Sunday, but this is gonna be different.
I'd like to give a shoutout to:
:iconwilliamblitzgamer:WilliamBlitzGamer 11 59
JayFeather by T-TiP JayFeather :icont-tip:T-TiP 150 23
The Fate of Nyght (Chap 47)
Chapter 47
    A whole moon went by, though it was, by far, the longest one Nyghtfall had experienced throughout her whole life. Every day, in both dreams and reality, the silhouetted cats would roam around her, staring at her no matter where she went; closing her eyes were the only escape she was offered. The early leaf-bare chill made her feel as numb as she did in her chest, and the hollow feeling in her belly due to the lessening of food was constant. She often found herself counting down the days, waiting for something she wasn't even aware of to happen, without knowing when or where it will occur; but she sensed something was awaiting her.
    Nyghtfall felt the air stir within her pelt; the breeze was terribly dry and lifeless, just as life in DewClan camp was feeling. The gloominess of leaf-bare was beginning to set in, draining the passion out of every cat in the Clan, and the consuming feeli
:iconkeranious:Keranious 2 5
Blink by CherryDrip Blink :iconcherrydrip:CherryDrip 25 12
The Fate of Nyght (Chapter 27.5)
Chapter 27.5
    "The Creatures are getting out of control!" Shade, the founder of Shadeclan announced to the rest of Starclan. Cloud, Stream and Dew stood behind her, their tails neatly wrapped around their paws. Their matching pure white eyes could not be read.
    "There have been more sightings of them lurking in Starclan grounds than there ever have been," Shade continued, her jet black fur gleaming in the Starclan light. "Therefore, I have decided to lead a group of cats into the Dark Forest and investigate the occurrences. Only the most qualified cats will join. Please listen for your name if you have been chosen."

    Apricot remembered it so fondly.
    Shade lightly cleared her throat, determination radiating off her pelt. "Ambersky, former deputy of Cloudclan," she announced. A bright orange she-cat made her way through the large crowd, her pelt very eye-catching. Her pale bl
:iconkeranious:Keranious 2 3
The Fate of Nyght (Chap 23)
Chapter 23
    Nyghtpaw awoke with a start. The chill of the cave seeped into her fur, causing her to shiver. The brightness of the Moon Puddle stung her eye, causing her to shield her vision from the light with her paw. As her eye began to adjust to her surroundings, she realized the four other medicine cats had disappeared.     
    "Good morning," Clovertail's mew rattled from beside her. "The other medicine cats already left." The stale scent of Streamclan, Cloudclan and Shadeclan still clung to the air. Nyghtpaw looked over at Petalawing and Emberpaw, their eyes tightly closed in slumber.
    "Are they still in Starclan?" Nyghtpaw asked, nuzzling herself close to her sister's side. The warmth of the white she-cat radiated off of her, and her scent comforted Nyghtpaw.
    "Yes, but they should be awakening soon," Clovertail meowed, his voice echoing in the c
:iconkeranious:Keranious 1 5
The Fate of Nyght (Chap 30)
Chapter 30
    The moon's light could be seen shining through a blanket of clouds. The sky was dark; only the dim moonlight attempted to light up the forest, but miserably failed. Clovertail sent Nyghtfall on her night patrol, but she couldn't focus on her task at all. 
    Dustwind was guarding around the Mice Dens and the Flower Field, while Nyghtfall patrolled around the Sunrocks. She averted her gaze from Streamclan territory to Shadeclan, listening closely for any sound. She wasn't too worried about being attacked, but paranoia was still hidden in her. 
    Nyghtfall leaped on top of the Sunrocks in order to get a better look around her. The Great Lake could easily be seen, along with the outline of Dream Island. The sky reflected off the surface of the lake, acting as a mirror. Soft gurgling of the river down the ravine could be heard. The cool breath of the wind brushed past Nyghtfall, sending
:iconkeranious:Keranious 3 5
The Fate of Nyght (Chap 28)
Chapter 28
    The sky was a dark gray, and a bolt of lightning would crawl across the clouds and light up the forest every once in a while. The smell of in-coming rain flooded the air around the Clans. It was another simple day of tasks; Nyghtfall went on a hunting party with Hawkstrike, Foxtail, Fuzzytuft, Echosong and Morningdew. Most of the toms in the Clan were sent to remark the borders.
    The air was growing more and more damp by the second, the clouds heavy with water. Nyghtfall searched through the Mice Dens; not even a tiny pawprint to be found. The mice must have sensed the future rain and retreated to their dens. Determined to bring back prey to her Clan, Nyghtfall began to dig into the ground and into the veins of the tunnels the rodents dug out, causing multiple of them to scurry out and attempt to dash away. The other she-cats in her hunting party chased and killed as many of them as they could get their
:iconkeranious:Keranious 2 1




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So the whole "I am back" thing didn't really fall into action. I find myself using this site less and less and a lot of the art I create I don't post anywhere. I may post one or two things here and there but do not assume I will be overly active, unless DeviantArt spams me with the amount of emails it has been...

Sorry if this is a nuisance to anybody, I don't think I made any real close connections on this sight. I will be leaving my work on here but anything I post will likely not be in the style that has been posted as I have, or like to think I have, improved my artistic ability through school art lessons. If you would like to contact me, my Discord account name is "Swifty_1". 

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