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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
RP account and Former Account - :iconbunnygal2:

I'm pretty much just that quite person who loves to draw. I have a degree in ad and design and enjoy creating characters which is mostly what I do in my spare time.

Precious little bundles
-If you have the time, feel free to look at them and click em-

Dragon Cave
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Okay! So we have a bit of storytime saturday here.

Now I never fully mentioned this to everyone aside from a few comments here and there. Normally I draw digital, mostly because I'm a bit addicted to my digital work as it's helped me improve greatly. However, you may notice I haven't uploaded in some time, along with that I'm only uploading traditional work. Well there's a reason for that.

So the first part of this story is about the digital art. Earlier this year my tablet I owned for like, four years is old and run down and essentially it has gone out. While it still occasionally works, it no longer works with my mediabang program or any other complex art program. So I've had to place it out to the pasture and call it an end. The tablets being replaced as soon as humanly possible. However, I do have to save up for the tablet and then wait for it to arrive via mail. (Unless I buy it in the store)

Anyway, the second part is regarding to the traditional work. Now earlier this year my brother also had to move back into our house. Along with him, his girlfriend moved in as well. This is a complicated explanation I won't delve into. All you need to know is that due to our lack of space and lack of a guest bedroom, we have let her sleep in my mother's office room, which is the front livingroom as well. (We have two, a large livingroom and a small one) Essentially the room is really small and hard to move around it. That's with the bed. So the problem lies with the scanner being located with my spare laptop in the office which is hard to reach and alongside it, I prefer to respect personal space. because of that respect I try to avoid going into her room very much. So I tend to just hold the images until I have a large stack of them. After that I try to wait till I have permission or till she's gone to work till I can get in there.

So that is the story here. When I upload images I will upload them sporadically and in mass quantities.
Okay so you see my brother had to move back into our house, along with him his girlfriend moved in as well. Naturally this is only temporary, however the space we have is limited and with no guest bedroom we placed my brother's girlfriend in our office. This is where the dillemma sets in. Not only is it a small space, but I also prefer to be respectful to other's space and not enter the room very often. That said, the scanner is located in the office with my spare broken laptop. So I decided to do


Little Grinch
Fun marker doodle of my shisune Emitt. My markers actually wore out in the middle of this image,

Art and Emitt (C) me
Shisune (C) Erii-chii
The Blue Flames of the Wisps
Carina is my special will o' wisp child. I honestly had some trouble picking between candy corn or will o' wisp and honestly if a candy corn shisune is made please I will trade you my life for it. Anyway, This was a drawing of Carina done half in markers and half in colored pencils. I started it last year and just now colored her body.

Art and Carina (C) me
Shisune (C) Erii-chii
Space Children Headshots
A few headshots of all my space themed Shisune. In order you have:

Kerberos - Pluto Themed - originally thought to be a planet and a small moon, many have their thoughts about pluto and what it  is specifically. The name Kerberos derives from one of Pluto's moons which is named Kerberos. In honor, the shisune was dubbed Kerberos - Kerberos is not much like one would expect. Known to be small in stature, Kerberos is very upbeat and enjoys playing the drums. Having no real job, Kerberos is trying to join a band.

Thalossa - Neptune Themed - I don't actually know much about the planet neptune. However, I do know the origin of the name. Thalossa was taken as a derivative of the name Thalassa which is known to be one of Neptune's Moons. The name was varianted into Thalossa - Thal is pretty much the fashionista you'd expect her to be, loving to branch out and study fashion, Thal dreams of being a designer and is working to make her current small house shop into a wide branch of clothing stores.

Lua - Saturn's Rings Themed - lastly my favorite, Saturn is known to have rings that surround it, this was taken as the theme for Lua. Her name was chosen by Lua's father's owner in the group. - Lua while she doesn't technically exist in canon hierarchy, is the future daughter of Pandoria and Hunter. Born as a mutant shisune, Lua is as adventurous as one would expect. Remaining close to her adopted elder brother Edward, Lua tends to be a bit of trouble. She officially decides to stop her aging as a teenager, this is due to her desire to not find a mate and to be able to explore.

Art and characters (C) me
Shisune (C) Erii-chii
Baste the Mikemon
Another doodle of little Baste my digimon. I didn't really do much with her design, Baste is a special type of Mikemon who will evolve into something other than Mikemon's traditional persiamon evolution. She's a pretty upbeat kitty and tends to be more of the princess type.

Baste (C) me
Mikemon (C) digimon



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You didn't draw Sunrise Shimmer again, and since i said she was special and you had to follow the rules,I have to take her back.
ForeverSavior Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually did draw her, I just haven't uploaded the image, my art tablet broke so I'm drawing traditionally and the image hasn't been scanned yet. I intended to scan it when I could get to the scanner.

20190214 134527 by ForeverSavior thats the image, like I said I haven't uploaded it as I couldn't get to my scanner at the present time and my art tablets broke so I'm drawing traditionally right now.
RomanticGaze Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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