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Will you please refrain from speaking to me out loud, this Sesshomaru would like to keep others from thinking that he's talking to oneself. The voice rumbled at him.

'Sesshomaru, is that your name?' The Doctor inquired, a puzzled look crossing his -- no, Sesshomaru's face, which probably would look odd to an outsider right now. The Doctor controlled this, wiping Sesshomaru's face of all emotion, returning it to the usual disdained look of uninterest.

Thank you, replied Sesshomaru. Now, I would suggest leaving the area, unless you know of someway to return control of my body to me, because InuYasha is coming now.

'What do you mean-'

The Doctor was suddenly cut off as Sesshomaru's body moved without his command, and drew a sword, which clashed against another. The Doctor peered through Sesshomaru's eyes, at his foe, and found himself looking into the rage contorted face of what Sesshomaru's mind told him, was his half-brother.

Sesshomaru scoffed at him, indigently, as if trying to deny the fact. The Doctor rolled his eyes. 'You can clearly see it, though. It's all in the genetics!'

The what? Sesshomaru pushed his brother away, while giving The Doctor a scowl. You speak the same strange words at the girl-

Sesshomaru quieted here, and The Doctor sensed he was planning something.

You may become useful yet, Doctor.

The Doctor blinked, 'I never told you who I was!'

Sesshomaru smirked. You never needed to. Your mind already introduced yourself.
Yep. I just can't stop this one.
It'll be done in short burts. But if I get really lucky, it'll turn longer. :D

Maybe a Time Traveling Future Doctor, or rather, Time Lord; can help the two star crossed lovers have a chance at understanding each other.
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WOW MOREEEE!!! This story is awesomesauce ^^ I reli like the way you characterize sesshoumaru, it makes him feel like his natural self, even though he's in an odd situation :) Keep it up!!xxxxxx
foreverpurity's avatar
Yeah! I used to write him in a weird way that I adopted from fanfiction, but then I finally got to watching Final Act and I learned he does speak more than 3 words. I'm glad you're enjoying it though! :D
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I loved Sesshy in the final act, no end of people keep complaining on the internet that they thought he was getting 'too nice.'
And its like he has a specific way of talking that not many fanfic writers 'get' but u totally do! ^^
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YAY! I'm glad I get it!!