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For a Moment -

This is my entry for this Contest! Mermay is coming to an end but i managed to finish this entry anyways *w*…

I LOVE this movie for some reason, and this song makes me wanna sing my lungs out <3
I wanted to try drawing ice and such, because i love that setting <3

Hope you like it!
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What do you think we'd see if we could take her tail off?

I'm not being weird, I'm just curious!

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lol the same thing you'd see if you cut the tail off a fish! gross things haha

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That's what most people tell me.

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In a way this is actually my favorite part of the movie. It sort of makes me like this film above the original in a way.
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I really love this part of the movie, definitely my favorite part of it. The freedom you feel from the visuals and the song, it really gets to me somehow~
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I absolutely love the angle in where she is in the ocean, I've always struggled with getting that to look right ;p You did a lovely job :heart:
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omg thanks a lot! ^^ 

it was really tricky to do, and im glad you noticed >w< 
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Melody!!! Gosh why didn't I think of her :) This is great, lighting, the scales on the tail and the pose :)
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thanks a lot!  glad you like it~ 
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You did great job with the shading in this picture. I really love her pose.
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thanks a lot! >w<
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Your welcome >W<
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I never liked this movie, but I love this scene and song, and you did a great job capturing it in this piece! I like how you added the sunlight shining down into the sea, and the scales on Melody's tail.
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thanks so much!! *w*!

Yeah, the movie isn't good XD but i still like it despite that, and this song is my favorite of the movie :3
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Gorgeous!! I love the scenery you chose. Very unique!
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Even though this movie has always been very "meh" to me, I've always had a soft spot for Melody. Not sure why, guess she's just a good kid.
Love the pose and the effects in the water. It's a very cute picture.
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Thank you! *w*

it's not a very good movie haha but yeah, honestly i really like Melody despite that (and i have a nostalgic love for this movie mostly because of how many times i saw it when i was a kid XD)
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Awesome work right here! I love that you've even drawn Melody in the icy environment, it's great! I love the colors as well, they contrast nicely. I really enjoy her pose, it looks great and joyful. :nod:
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thanks so much!! 
Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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Cool in several ways, hehe :D
Melody herself looks very pretty and adding this ice environment is a very nice touch, it adds some really cool colours.
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