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Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting to get so many lovely entries! I would like to start off by saying thank you so much to everyone who participated! I decided to give everyone who participated (except for the winners) a sketch/doodle, so feel free to ask me about that in the comments!

Now, onto the results..

In third place, we have ST4RSH1PZ, congrats!

You won:
- Colored sketch (no background) from ThePorcupineWriter
- 5 points from ThePorcupineWriter
- 50 points from Ribbon-Wren

In second place, we have InspectorLia, congrats!
You are Beautiful [Injured Cat Contest] by InspectorLia

You won:
- One flat-color digital drawing (no background) from ThePorcupineWriter
- 15 points from ThePorcupineWriter
- 100 points from Ribbon-Wren

And finally, in first place, we have TheRealBramblefire, congrats!
Deadfoot by TheRealBramblefire

You won:
- Two flat-color digital drawings (no background) from ThePorcupineWriter
- 25 points from ThePorcupineWriter
- 150 points from Ribbon-Wren

Thank you again to everyone who participated again!

(Please reply to my comment below to receive your prizes)
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Group Info / Rules

Hi, and welcome to Forever-WarriorCats!! Before you get started, there are just a few things you need to know (if you don't want to read all this then skip to the last section, it's important):

What we DON'T accept:
:bulletred: Photos/Photo-manipulations
:bulletred: Any written works
:bulletred: Non-Cannon Warriors Characters (OCs)
:bulletred: Artwork on torn and/or heavily creased paper
:bulletred: Any hate artwork
:bulletred: Any stolen or traced artwork. This will get you banned from the group unless it was an accident.

What we DO accept:
:bulletorange: Artwork of any Cannon Warriors character.
:bulletorange: ANY comic involving Warriors, not just Cannon.

Try to submit your deviation to the correct folder, not featured. The featured folder is reserved for TWO deviations per month (unless otherwise said), which I choose.

:bulletyellow: Generally if someone submits something that does not follow the rules, I will send them a warning notice stating the violation. HOWEVER, if someone continually/purposely breaks the rules, there will be more severe consequences.

:bulletgreen: We will affiliate with any group other than hate and anti-character groups. Just send a request.

:bulletblue: Anyone can suggest a favorite, we will sort them into the right categories. (However, I don't usually monitor the favorites gallery as often).

:bulletpurple: Any new member will automatically be placed as a regular member.

:bulletpurple: If a member constantly submits deviations to the group and/or takes part in contests and other actions, then they may be moved up to the Contributors rank. This is a select group of deviants that I can count on to participate. However, you can note me if you think you deserve this promotion.

:bulletpurple: If a contributor becomes inactive for at least two months they will be demoted back to Member status.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your wonderful deviations!

May StarClan light your path,

~Spottedmoth321, admin




Gallery Folders

How to cat again by AnnMY
Like Mother like Son by AnnMY
That watery grave by AnnMY
Student!Firestar charm design by Antoszowa
Medicine cats by Frostedlleaf
Alderheart by TheRealBramblefire
Firestar by alvringer
Crowfeather by alvringer
Crowfeather Updated Design by TheRealBramblefire
Tallstar and Jake by hurricanethedragon
hawkheart by Goldsand
Hawkfrost - Warriors Cats (6/100) by Denicah
Just Chillin (Hawkfrost Collab) by AskWarri0rs
oakheart . by Goldsand
rainflower by Goldsand
Yellowfang  'Mom's here' by OlgaH-SteelClaw1
Tigerstar by eiidolon
Lovey Dovey by AskWarri0rs
She's not a girl who misses much by Uwnycorne
Hawkwing by TheRealBramblefire
Wisdom by Flamemuzzle
leafstar by Goldsand
Leggo my Eggo by AskWarri0rs
One Swipe Man by AskWarri0rs
Love Vs Hate by xxbloodalphashadowxx
scourge of bloodclan by Goldsand
Scougre headshot by Xxwhitewolf-lonerxX
Rogues, Loners, Kittypets
I can't wait to feel your blood on my paws by LilscrapNick
Ask Warriors (Jake) Ask 13 by AskWarri0rs
Sorry... by TheRealBramblefire
SOL - Starclan's time is over. by dusklandzz
The Tribe
Stormfur by TheRealBramblefire
The silver cat by Ghobsmacka
Stormfur by TheRealBramblefire
Stormfur by TheRealBramblefire
The Ancients
. Rock . by WinterBirdi
Gray Wing x Turtle Tail by Friodda
Rock by 0wlwing
Always Gold by miauzen
Mixed Clans
Should I slow down? by Ghobsmacka
Scenes from the books
The Apprentice's Quest by Suomen-Ukonilma
Official Pairings
Cuties by Featherfluffs
Unofficial Pairings
Scourge x Ashfur | 003 | Night. by KittyDrawsCC
happy valentines day from ashfur by Goldsand
Comic Covers and Pages
Torment of the Shadows - Comic - Page 8 by Taffyin
Purebred Pretties Walkthrough by AnnMY
Squirrelflight's Hope Fake Cover by TheRealBramblefire
Cave In - Warrior Cats OC Map Part 4 by OokamiKuna
2013 Song Contest- CLOSED
Hear Me Roar... by Mizu-no-Akira
2014 Death Bed Contest- CLOSED
I will hold you till I die by Army-of-Skanks
2014 Hate-Love Contest- CLOSED
Lionblaze and Tigerstar- colored by AnimeLionessMika
2015 Favorite Leader Contest- CLOSED
Fighter [Contest Entry] by Chrissi99
2015 Halloween Contest- CLOSED
Squirrelkit and Leafkit as Totoro and the Catbus by EllaLikesBooks
The Starclan God by DeerTheArtist
The Dark Forest
soda pop your head off by PASTELGORY
Admin Contest
I name you Jayfeather by Brightstar221
Injured Cats Contest
Gone -CONTEST ENTRY- by MaxdragonxX


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OlgaH-SteelClaw1 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
" Try to submit your deviation to the correct folder, not featured. "
Both "Mixed clans" and "Starclan" are closed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ThePorcupineWriter Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh weird. im not sure how to fix that but i can move your submission to one of those folders if you just submit it somewhere else?
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i submitted something to the wrong folder (featured) what do i do now?
ThePorcupineWriter Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i can take care of it! no worries
is it that 'I fear no cat'? 
Ghobsmacka Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Student General Artist
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