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SM: Painting MemoriesFandom: Sailor MoonRating: TSummary: Mina finds love in a very unusual manner, which all starts from a drawing she drewQuick Notes: This is a rewrite of “Sailor Venus Finds Love”, written back in 2002 and then edited it in 2004. Now with so many years since then has gone by, I feel it’s time to give it another overhaul. I will be using elements from the original dub, redub and Crystal. I will be using a mixture of original dub and proper names. There are some names I have trouble pronouncing and spelling. I apologize to those who don’t like the old English. There isn’t much information on Mina’s parents. In a one shot manga Codename Sailor V, Mina’s mother is a housewife with her father working a dead end job. In the third Exam Battle Sailor Moon manga story, Minako listed her mother as one of her dislikes, complete with an illustration of her yelling. Her family was never mentioned in any other incarnation of the series, and in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, it was implied that she was living alone. - Mina, also known as Minako, sat at the desk in her room, wondering what she could do for her friend, Usagi. Usagi's one true love was trapped in the Dark Kingdom with no memories of his true life. He only had the life Queen Beryl gave him. Just the thought of him there, caused shivers to crawl up her spin. She had no doubt in her mind the evil queen and the young man were on intimate relations. The young man was known as Darien in modern day but once upon a time was known as Prince Endymion. There was no way she would ever tell her leader that, besides the teen wouldn’t believe it. This was hard on the blonde, especially the last time she saw Darien. She was up at a resort with her family on vacation. Darien, who was going by the name Mamoru admitted to not ever knowing who she was, which broke Usagi’s heart. ‘When I get my hands on the Dark Kingdom...’ she thought. Mina’s thoughts then shifted to all the times Darien had now tried to kill her and the other Senshi. However, each time he had the opportunity to give the killing blow, his signature rose would turn red and it would see he was having a conflict within himself. It was like the memories were fighting through the brainwashed but there was no proof as each time, the rose would return to black. It was amusing though, seeing Darien stop Malachite’s evil plans. ‘I wonder about him...’ The evil General’s appearancematerialized in her head. His looks were very vivid in her mind. His long, silver hair blowing in the wind, along with his long white cape. She could even picture him standing on top of a hill, holding his hand out towards someone, looking sad. Hair and cape blew in the wind looking very handsome. He looked very regal and elegant. What was most surprising was his facial expression wasn’t angered by loving. Her thoughts were interrupted when her father knocked and walked in. “Minako, I am getting ready to leave,” he said. Mina blinked and looked at her alarm clock and realized an hour had gone by since her thoughts drifted to the enemy. “How long will you be gone this time?” “Maybe a week. Business trips tend to be unpredictable. There is money in the safe so you can get yourself what you need.” “Thanks,” she replied as he walked out, leaving the door open. Her eyes closed as she listened to his footfalls become quieter and quieter until she heard the front door close. With a sigh, she looked down at her desk and her eyes nearly bugged completely out of her head. There on the desk was a complete drawing and even colored of Malachite in the exact manner she pictured him in her mind. How in the world...’ She couldn't understand why she drew him. What more was she couldn’t recall grabbing any paper and began drawing but sure enough, all the colored pencils she used were off to the side. He stood on an edge of a cliff wearing his cape. His long hair and cape were blowing in the wind. But he was not wearing his Dark Kingdom uniform; he wore a blue-gray uniform with white trimming going down the arms and legs. He, of course, wore white gloves. The uniform looked like something the captain of the guards would wear to a formal gathering for a king. His hand was held out for someone to grasp it. The expression on his face was a sad happy grin. The picture looked like he was saying good-bye to his love. Suddenly, an odd alarm was heard. Knowing what it was, she reached into her school bag, pulling out her communicator, which was given to her by Luna when she joined the Sailor Senshi. “Hey, what's up?” Serious Trouble,” Ami's blurted, sounding nearly out of breath. Her voiced trembled with fear. “Ryo and I are at the fair and Prince Endymionjust showed up, claiming he wants him.” “I'm on my way.” She blurted, jumping from her chair, causing it to fall to the floor. Mina folded the picture just to make sure her furry friend wouldn't see it. Just as she put the communicator away, she accidentally placed the picture with the communicator. She was about to run out the front door of her home, when Artemis appeared. “What's wrong?” “Darien is after Ryo. He's been collecting the crystal carriers.” “Well what are we waiting for, let's move,” the white cat said and dashed off down the street. Mina was on his heels. - The Senshi had another brutal battle with a youma. They were so close this time in getting Darien back. Sailor Moon used her Moon Wand on Darien to heal him and his memories return but before Sailor Moon could be reunited with him, he was sucked into a black vortex. He was taken back to the Dark Kingdom before he regained consciousness. Though she was really upset, Sailor Moon felt a new sense of renewed strength. She was determined to get him back. It was only a matter of time. Just had to outwit the Dark Kingdom. With nothing else to do, the Senshi and Ryo decided it was time to head home. Sailor Venus slowly walked off with the gang, taking her time. With the crisis now over, her mind went back to Malachite and the picture sure drew. Believing she was alone, she reverted back to her normal self, pulling out the picture. A moment later, her white cat came back for her. “Mina, you ok?” he asked. “You had me worried.” “I’m alright Artemis,” she exclaimed as she folded the paper to put it back in her pocket. However the paper never made it. In her hast to conceal it before Artemis saw, it slipped onto the ground. Just as the two rushed out of the fair grounds, a pair of black boots came out of the shadows and stopped just in front of the folder paper. A white gloved hand, reached down, picking it up and bringing it to his other hand. “So what are you hiding Sailor Venus?” Out of curiosity, he unfolded the paper to reveal the drawing and it caught him off guard. He saw a painting just a little while ago some time ago and current hid it in his private quarters he used to share with his partner. After a few minutes of shock, he refolded the drawing and tucked into his grey jacket. It was time to he left to find Venus, taking the paper with him. - Mina walked into her home, muscles aching. From the long workout with volleyball and then having to rush to the fair grounds to save Ami’s friend and then get back home before it got too late, really did a number on her muscles. Artemis wasn't far behind. She walked to the kitchen for a drink of water and came back. The second the cat walked in, he felt a little uneasy. “We get a good work out when we fight Malachite and Darien,” Mina said. “Don't let Usagi here you say that.” “I would never say that in front of her, even if my life depended on it.” “Well, your life depends on it now," a voice said. Mina snapped her head to find Malachite sitting on her sofa, one leg crossed over the other, looking quite comfortable. A glass of wine held in one hand while the other rested on his lap. She watched, mortified, as he took a sip of wine before resting in on the coffee table, slowly standing. “What is it that you humans say? It’s not very polite to stare,” he mused, voice deep. “I mean since you weren’t going to invite me in, I thought it was best to invite myself in.” In a matter of seconds, Mina had dropped the glass, smashing to the floor with the liquid pouring as she fled towards the door. However, she wasn’t fast enough as Malachite swiftly grabbed her arm, pulling her back close to him. He had a good strong grip on his wrist. No matter how hard she tried to pull away, there was no way she was getting away from him. Artemis was in position about ready to bite his hand. Malachite gave the white cat a sideways glance. “Don’t even try to bite my hand, or you will never see your charge again.” Artemis kept his stance, but backed a step, letting him know he was listening. “I know who you are,” Malachite said out loud, “Sailor Venus. You may not want to de-transform while there’s places for the enemy to hide in." He then lent his head closer to her face to whisper in her ear, while watching Artemis. “By the way, you are a talented artist it would seem. Drawing my likeness is quite remarkable.” Mina gasped. “Yes,” he grinned, still staring at the cat. He could tell the cat was terrified. “You dropped it. And I suppose your feline doesn't even know.” His lips was so close, his breath seemed to kiss her ear, causing her body to shiver. “You're trembling, Sailor Venus.” “Artemis is it?” Malachite replied suddenly, standing to his normal height. “If you do not wish her harm, you will do as I say.” To emphasize his seriousness of the request, his hand tightened a moment, causing her to wince. “You are to retrieve your other Sailor friends and bring them here.” “Mina?” the cat questioned. “, A...Artemis,” she stuttered. The white cat was quick to run up the stairs and to Mina’s bedroom window. He wasn’t able to get to her communicator, as it was on her, so he had to it the old fashion way. Using his free hand, Malachite snapped his fingers, producing a magical rope, which wrapped around her arm. “Now while we are alone, you will answer some questions and you will not lie to me. This rope will know if you lie and will squeeze your arm.” “Why should I?” she asked in fear. Here was a man, holding her hostage and he could do whatever he wanted. He was stronger than her in her normal form. “Because if you don’t, by the time your friends get here, you won’t be,” he warned. She took a deep breath and bowed her head in submission. “Good girl,” he replied. He walked back over to the sofa, taking a seat, picking up his wine glass. Mina was forced to follow as he held the rope and then took a seat in a chair near the sofa. “What is your full name? I heard Artemis call you Mina.” “Minako Aino,” she answered quietly. “You're from England, which fought off enemies as Sailor V?” he questioned. She glared at him. “Why would you care? You're just going to kill me anyway and my friends.” “Maybe and maybe not. I may decide to have a secret love affair,” he whispered again this time chuckling. Mina gasped in horror. How could he suggest something like that? “You wouldn’t?!” He laughed. She was very innocent. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. Perhaps she could divert the attention away from questions. She knew a little bit about Queen Beryl from what Luna and Artemis told her and the others and knew Beryl did not tolerate failures or traitors. She was going to try and use her knowledge of Beryl to get herself free. “I know a little about you people,” she challenged. “What would Beryl do to you if she caught you having a love affair with the enemy?” “Don't you play that on me,” Malachite growled, nearly slamming his glass on the table. “Well, I'm not that stupid. I know something happened to Zoisite and it wasn't good on his account. Queen Beryl killed him, didn't she?” The rope loosened from her wrist and she was able to pull it off. A sudden notion struck her. What if he too was brainwashed. “You say something like that again and I'll…” “You'll what? Hurt me? I can help you. We can help each other,” Mina said, reaching over to grasp his free hand now that the rope dropped from his hand. “You're just saying that to have me let you go. But it won't work.” His voice, she realized, was not the same strong, deep, in control, voice. He was holding something back and she was going to find out what that was. It was also easy to note he had yet to realize she was free. “You're hurting. I can feel it,” she encourage. “Enough!” “You're allowing me to feel your pain. I am, after all, the Senshi of love.” “I am not.” “Really. Then tell me why, your voice doesn't sound convincing or its usual controlling voice.” All she needed to do now was to kick him down and she would be able to escape. But she remained where she was, holding his hand. “Nobody can get passed the Senshi of love,” she eased. “Well, I can.” “Really? Because if you look, I’m holding your hand and your energy rope has now disappeared.” He looked down at her and saw the truth. For a while they looked at each other. He started to fight a battle within himself. This teenage girl was able to sense his pain for Zoisite. He soon realized that the tables were now turned. She had the advantage, not him. All too soon, they heard noises coming from upstairs and knew it was the Sailor Senshi. Malachite abruptly stood, shaking his hand free. “Until we meet again. And this, I shall keep,” Malachite said, showing off the picture. Before she had a chance, to try and snatch it, he disappeared as he Senshi came down. “Mina what happened?” Sailor Moon asked and then looked around. “Where’s Malachite?” Mina stared where he disappeared. “Malachite knows who I am.” The girls gasped. “Well, where is he now?” Sailor Mars asked impatiently. “He left. I manage to switch the advantage.” She looked to her friends. “Somehow I was able to hone in my powers and feel his lonely heart.” “Actually,” Artemis replied as he jumped into his human’s arms. “You have the ability to manipulate the heart.” “I think it was more than that though,” she answered as she hugged the furry animal. “We better be careful,” Mercury said. “He may know who Mina is but he doesn’t know us and he could if we become careless. Anyway to theorize how he figured you out?” “Actually he will be able to figure you all out,” Luna interrupted. “All he has to do is piece together who Mina hangs out with.” “But we go to different schools than she does,” Sailor Moon answered. “I’m not worried about that,” Mina answered. “When we left the park, He hid in the shadows. I stayed behind for a few minutes longer and transformed back to normal before leaving.” “And you're ok?” Sailor Moon asked, turning to the other blonde. “Yes. He didn’t do anything but give empty threats.” “He had a tight grip on your wrist,” Artemis countered. “If you’re worried he left a mark, he didn’t.” Mina looked to the near empty glass of wine. “What kind of threats he did make?” Sailor Jupiter asked. “Just the normal he often does when he threatens us.” Mina purposely omitted the love affair "He does have some kind of hidden agenda. Maybe you should stay with one of us," Sailor Moon suggested. “Not a good idea,” Mina stated. “He could be watching us now, therefore if I got with you, he will know your identity as well.” Artemis sigh. “I hate to say it, but Mina’s right.” “Mina, if you need us, just call,” Sailor Moon answered. She turned to the others. “We might as well head home.” When the girls were gone, Artemis turned to his charge. “Ok, everyone’s gone. Now, what really happened?” “Artemis, that's the question. He didn't do anything, except threaten me. I don't want to get into details what he said. But I felt something from him.” “What?” “His pain. I felt pain for Zoisite. If I had been alone with him for a few minutes longer, I would have found out what happened to Zoisite.” “What? How? Never mind, don't answer that. You were able to feel his pain?” “Yes. There's something else. I think we know each other from before, on the Moon. Why else would he have held me hostage only to leave when the Senshi showed up?” “I don’t remember. It’s still quite hazzy at this time.” She released her cat on the sofa. “I better clean up this mess and then I’m going to head to bed.” “Mina, did he drink that wine?” the cat asked suddenly. “Yes, why? Mind you, I am curious on how he find dad’s stash of wine.” Artemis closed his eyes and in a moment his body glowed and his body stretched, turning himself into a human with long white hair and a white odd outfit. “Artemis! What the hell!?” Mina squeaked. He ignored her as he reached over and picked up the wine glass. “I’m going to have this analyzed.” He then turned to her. He stared at her as her mouth was agape. “Mina, you know I can do this.” She shook her head. “What if he’s watching! Now he’d know you can transform into a human!” “Then I guess he will know my secret identity as well. I’ll be in the spare room, getting DNA off this.” Mina watched as the tall slim man walked up the stairs, leaving her alone to her thoughts. She slumped down on the sofa. For several minutes she sat that until finally getting up and cleaning up the mess she made when her glass of water smashed. When the mess was cleaned, she went to her room to prepare for bed. Up until she fell asleep, her mind kept drifting from the picture she drew to Malachite's little visit. - Down in the depths of the caves leading to the Dark Kingdom, the Senshi were having a large battle with Malachite. Not once during the fight did he give away their secrets. So it was safe to assume he never figured them out. However, in the last second before he was to kill them all, the five girls were transported to another world, long forgotten. Malachite was shocked to see the Moon wand, take them out of there. When he was over the shock, he knew the cats were also down so he went and found them. For what seemed like hours, he began to interrogate them of where the girls went and why. They were not able to give him the answers he was looking for, so he finally resorted to attacking them. The Senshi then returned just in time to see the cats be hurled through the air, slamming into the cave wall. Sailor Venus was angry but she wasn’t as livid as Sailor Moon was. The girls went to attack but he was able to take the advantage fast by producing two energy weapons. Sailor Moon was the first to get hit by the weapons and then the girls combined their powers together to place a shield up to help Sailor Moon, but the energy blades weakened them, leaving on Sailor Moon to fight. In one more attempt to take her down, Malachite swung his blades, one missed her while the other was deflected right back at him. The attack took him completely by surprise, but unlike what happened to Nephrite when he was killed, Malachite slumped to the floor in agony, dying. The girls regained their strength and cuddled their furry friends. While holding Artemis, close to her chest, Venus looked over to the dying man, there on the floor beside him was the drawing, and suddenly her eyes glazed over as she had a vision of Malachite in the past. Princess of Venus ran through the meadows on the Moon. As she ran, she almost tripped over the skirts of her gown. She picked up her dress and was able to run faster. When she reached her destination, she found a man standing on top of a cliff, looking out over the kingdom. He was wearing his formal attire, cape blowing in the wind, as was his long white hair. The man who stood before her was her love. It was last day she was going to see him for a long time.Why do you need to go?” she asked.You know why,” he answered sadly. “My love.” He turned to the small woman and wrapped his arms around her. “I shall miss you.”I shall miss you as well. Please return safely.” She closed her eyes as the man bent down and kissed her. He let her go and started to move away while still looking at her. Their hands were linked. As he slowly walked away, his hand left hers. When her hand no longer touched his, tears fell from her eyes. He smiled at her to not to lose faith. His smile was sad as he feared that he may never return back her, alive. Unknowingly to her, it was going to ever be the last she saw him as her love. She had no idea he would have been taken hostage and brainwashed to work for Queen Serenity’s mortal enemy, Queen Beryl. Venus blinked as several memories flooded her mind. Her eyes were still on the dying man. The drawing… It was the vision she had of him as a good man on the Moon. She could feel his physical strength leaving him. “We have to help him!” she blurted suddenly. She quickly rest Artemis into Mercury’s hands and rushed to the man. “Are you insane!?” Mars blurted. “He just tried to kill us!” “I've kept something from you all. I had asked Luna and Artemis to keep it quiet. When Malachite was at my home, I felt his pain for Zoisite. Somehow I managed to turn the situation around by being compassionate. That is what made him really leave, I think. He couldn't stand that I could feel his emotions.” She knelt down to him. "Why didn't you tell us?" Jupiter asked. “I had to be sure. He is from the Moon. But before it was destroyed he was a good man.” She looked to Sailor Moon. “Please. You could heal him with the Moon wand.” “How can you be so sure?” Sailor Moon asked, hesitant. “I just had a vision of him. We were in love and he was part of the Earth’s forces.” She then picked up the dropped paper and unfolded it, holding it out to them to see. “I drew this of him the night he held me hostage. I didn’t know what it was or why I drew it but now I remember.” Artemis weakly looked at the drawing. “Head Captain Knight Kunzite!” “Kunzite?!” the girls blurted. Malachite weakly opened his eyes. “Wh--?” Venus looked at him with sadness. “Try not to speak, Save the rest of your strength.” “Kunzite...” he breathed. “Is my real name... It was forbidden to use our real names.” “It’s true then...” Mercury breathed. Tears brimmed her eyes as Venus looked back to Sailor Moon. “Please Sailor Moon. We need to save him. He hasn’t much time.” With a short nod, Sailor Moon pulled her Moon wand back out. “Jupiter, you are the strongest. Can you pull his weapon out and I’ll heal him.” Seconds went by and Jupiter was in position to pull the weapon out. Venus stayed by Malachite, holding his hand. “Ready,” Jupiter said. She wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but she trusted Venus with her life. Venus tightened her grip on the man’s hand while Jupiter grabbed the weapon and pulled. Malachite felt a huge surge of pain in his left side by his heart. The pain was so great that, he thought he was going to faint, but Venus held on to him. He was surprised at how warm her energy felt as some of it poured into him. The warmth of her energy was like walking out into the sunshine on a warm spring day. When Jupiter had the weapon out, she threw it against the wall, it then shattered and disappeared. Jupiter stepped back to the others and watched in silence as Venus cuddled Malachite against her. His wound was closing fast from her energy. The two cats shivered. “We need to get out of here,” Luna responded. Jupiter looked around before moving back over to Venus. “Venus, help me get him standing,” she requested. With a nod, Venus stood, without releasing the man and brought one of his arms around her shoulders. Jupiter did the same to the other side. “So now we’re going to help him?” Mars exclaimed in disbelief. Sailor Moon glanced between all her friends, somewhat confused but with a deep breath, she nodded. “Yes,” she answered. “He’s part of our past and was manipulated just like Darien.” “Sailor Mars,” Malachite said with difficulty. “I will not fight you. I don't even have the strength. Without your help, I will surely die. I can not go back.” “Fine,” Mars sighed in defeat. “But if you do anything I’ll fire your ass!” Malachite smirked. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” "So what do we do now?" Sailor Moon asked. "Go home and rest. We have a big fight with Beryl soon," Venus answered. "What about you? What are you going to do?" Mercury asked. "I'm taking Malachite back to my place," Venus said. "Don't worry I'll be fine. By the time I get back home, the energy you gave Malachite will have worn off. Artemis, I think it would be better if you stayed with Sailor Moon. She can tend to your wounds." Artemis and Luna got off Malachite and were picked up by Mercury and Sailor Moon. With Malachite's arm wrapped around her shoulder, she stood up, taking Malachite with her, and started to leave. Sailor Moon was going to make a protest but Artemis stopped her. Artemis was now in the arms of Mercury. "Usagi, she'll be fine. There's something I know that she doesn't." "What is that?" Jupiter asked. "She already told you that he is from the Moon. Well, what she is doing is actually out of love." "Artemis you're not making any sense," Jupiter said. "Malachite and Mina were lovers on the Moon," Artemis said. Everyone gasped. "She may remember her life with him but she doesn't realize how much she loved him. I figure she will by tomorrow. Let's get out here." With the girls exhausted from being transported and fighting Malachite and the said man still healing from his fatal wound, they slowly made their way back through the caves. The girls had to take turns in holding the man up, preventing him from falling. It took the gang little over an hour, including some quick directions from the now former Dark Kingdom member to get back faster. They didn’t stop until reaching Sailor Venus’ home and helped the man inside to rest him on the couch. “You sure you will be alright with him?” Sailor Moon asked as she held Luna. Mars, holding Artemis, looked annoyed but kept quiet. It was decided Artemis would get medical attention with her. First Sailor Moon would have to go with her to the temple. “I will be fine,” Venus answered as she detransformed in front of them. Since Malachite knew who she was, there was no need to keep it secret. “I trust her,” Artemis replied. “Let’s just get going,” Luna requested. “We all need our rest. We have a big battle ahead of us.” Reluctantly, the girls left Mina’s leaving the young girl with the former Dark Kingdom general. Once they were gone, Mina went to the kitchen to get two glasses of water. When she returned, she found man was now laying on the sofa, eyes closed. For a quick moment, she thought he had fallen asleep. “You don’t have to worry about me,” he replied, eyes remaining closed. “Queen Beryl will now think I’m dead.” She walked over, taking a seat near the sofa. “I’m not worried,” she answered. “I’m more worried how long it will take you to heal.” “I will heal,” he answered. “It just may take me a few days.” “You do need your rest. Here’s some water for you.” She set the water down on the coffee table, before turning away and heading to her room to change for bed. Moments later she returned to the living room to find the glass of water was gone and the man was asleep. He looked very peaceful. An idea came to mind and she pulled the coffee table, then pulled the chair closer. Going to the closet she pulled out a couple blankets. She draped one over him before taking a seat on the chair and curling up. - It was well into morning when the guest on the sofa stirred. As his eyes opened, he glanced around to find what happened the night before was not a dream. He had really betrayed the Dark Kingdom and Sailor Moon saved his life. Well actually more Sailor Venus. Sitting up, he looked to see a blanket around him. He turned to see Mina sleeping nearby in that small chair, curled up. With a small smile, he stood and made his way towards the bathroom. As made his way back to the living room, he looked at Mina once more, and then carefully shook her awake. As her eyes opened, Malachite was staring at her. “Are you alright?” she asked. “A little better,” he answered. “Why did you bring me here?” “Why did you take my drawing?” “Well, I guess one question deserves another,” he took a seat on the sofa as she stood to pull the kinks out of her back and then sat down again. “For the past three weeks, I've been searching my past. The morning, I took your drawing, I found a painting in the exact pose.” Even though he was still weak, his voice was almost back to normal. “There's a painting of you?” “Yes. Now time for you to answer my question.” “I’m assuming you never told Queen Beryl of my true identity. And she you said she will think you’re dead, so this is the safest place to be. Here you can regain your strength and not have to worry about getting twenty questions from the others. My father is out of town.” “Mars doesn’t seem to want to help,” he snorted. “Can you blame her? You tried to kill our guardians. I don’t have all my memories but I do remember you weren’t always evil. Therefore you are not in control of your actions. “Bold to assume that.” “What do you mean?” “I suppose you remember the last time we saw each other, well when you came back, I remembered my past before the Dark Kingdom. You are right. I was a good man once. I am from the Moon and you and I were close.” “Close? You mean like...friendshipclose.” He smirked, seeing she did have a dense side to her. He carefully slid to the edge of the sofa. “Closer,” he said sensually. He grasped her hand. “Extremely close.” Her heart sped up as her cheeks turned a small rosy color. She tried to pull her hand away from him but he kept a close grasp on it. “Were we married?” she breathed. His brows lifted. “No, but we were intimate and was your betrothed.” Her blush brightened as she turned her head away. “That is why I kept saying weird things and dreaming about you,” Mina mumbled to herself. Malachite lightly chuckled. “Well now you know.” At first Mina didn’t know what to do. A moment later, she managed to shake her hand free and jumped off the chair. She needed to get some air. It was one thing to remember him, it was totally another to know they were lovers. Before she got too far, her arm was snagged and she was pulled back against a hard chest. She looked up to his face, nervous. His warm breath blew onto her face. He grasped both sides of her as he leaned forward, until their lips touched. The act was quick and surprised her, heart hammering. This was, after all, her first kiss. But it felt so right and so familiar. After a moment, her eyes closed as she responded back, hands sliding up to wrap around his neck. One hand left her face and wrapped around her waist, bringing her closer. This kiss was tender and sweet. The longer they kissed the more she could remember the sensations. The kiss lasted longer than they both thought. Never once did he push the limits. But when they separated, they were silent. They stared at each other for a few minutes until the noise of Mina’s stomach growled. He chuckled and allowed her to do what she then needed. Two days later, everyone had healed from their battle with Malachite. Said man was still a guest in Mina’s home. The other Sailors were a bit cautious on the idea of a former enemy staying there but they didn’t argue the matter. At that time, the girls had decided it was high time to take the battle to Queen Beryl, once leaving the cats at Mina’s home, the girls transported to the Arctic using Sailor teleport. The battle was brutal but in the end Sailor Moon was victorious but at a heavy cost. Everyone she fought for was dead. Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and even her Prince. She wound up making a wish on the silver crystal during her battle which then resurrected them all with no memories. The morning after Queen Beryl was defeated, Mina woke, remembered nothing of the previous night. In fact she remembered nothing of her adventures as Sailor Venus. She sat up and stretched then got out of bed. Since it was Sunday, there was no school, so it was a day to relax. She walked over to her dresser and took out her clothes. Just before heading to the bathroom for the necessities, she took a quick glance at her floor length mirror. While staring at herself in the mirror, she noticed something on her arm. With a closer look, bruises around her shoulders like she was wrapped around a rope or something. She touched at the bruises and found that they did not hurt. But the worse part of it was that she couldn’t remember how she got the bruises. Deciding that staring at herself wasn’t going to get any answers, she quickly went to the bathroom and dressed then went down for breakfast. She was going to find out why the bruises were there. Upon entering the kitchen, a strange man stood in front of the window above the sink. In his hand was a glass of juice. He smiled to her. “Good Morning,” he greeted. “You did it. You saved the world and freed me.” An audible gasp escaped her lips. “Who...who are you?” He frowned a moment. “Minako, it’s me Malachite, formally known as Kunzite.” “Mala...” she began before a strong dizzy spell swam around her head. “Mina!” Unable to stop herself, Mina began to fall forward, but strong arms stopped her from falling. She looked up to see who saved her but her vision was blurred. As several images flashed through her mind, her hands gripped the sides of the man’s arms. The images were of when she met the man who was standing in her kitchen, images of fighting, and of friends. When the images faded. She took a gasping breath. The images she saw were not from pictures she seen but were memories. She was Sailor Venus, the fifth scout to join the Sailor Scouts, who fought in England as Sailor V. “What happened?” she breathed, still clenching his arms. “You all defeated Queen Beryl,” he answered, concern evident in his voice. “Must have lost your memories. I’m assuming looking at me brought back those memories.” “Yes...yes, it did,” she answered as her fingers unclenched and she then stood up. “When I woke, I didn’t remember anything. But hearing your name, brought it all back. We fought the Doom and Gloom Girls and one wrapped a powerful vine like rope around me.” “The Doom and Gloom Girls? They are the most powerful youma in the Dark Kingdom.” “You mean were. You just said we defeated Queen Beryl.” He smiled. “Yes. I’m finally free.” She smiled a moment and then frowned. “What do I do now?” Malachite blinked at her question. “Live life like a normal person would.” “It’s kind of little hard to do that when you remember being a Sailor Senshi and you have feelings for a man who just recently was your enemy who was trying to kill me. Besides, if it happened to me, the others probably have no memories either.” He brought a hand up to cup the side of her cheek. “At least you have me to help you through this transition.” She chuckled as she stared into his eyes. “Yes,” she breathed as he leaned towards her. Her own hands reached up to grasp his silver hair. The mystery of the one in the drawing she drew had been solved. Malachite was once her beloved on the Moon known as Kunzite. As their lips brushed one another, she gave a soft moan as her hands reached behind his neck and pulled him closer. His arms were around her waist quickly, pulling her up off her feet as the two continued to kiss. Unlike their first kiss, this kiss was quick to deepen and be full of passion. Like before, however, they never went beyond boundaries. The breakfast was forgotten, leaving only two people enjoying their warmth and memories. Soon enough the broke their kiss and reality came back to them. Mina knew that there was no way she was going to lose him this time. She knew she didn’t have all her memories from their time on the Moon but she did remember him....
Kalfu's Moon-1Author's Note:I haven't written in a while and I'm trying to get back into it. Not sure how many people will read this, but either way I hope it's enjoyed. Though it may be infrequently updated unless I really get in the groove of it.--Rating: PG-14----There's a Bad Moon Rising- Usagi's stomach grumbled loudly at the scent of food that filled her home. It wasn't fair that she couldn't even sample a little bit of it! After all, what could she really do against all that food that her mother had been cooking all day long for the dinner that night? Still, she knew better then to set foot in that kitchen while Ikuko Tsukino was in full on cooking mode. The normal mild-mannered mother of two was an absolute tornado at the moment cooking up almost a five course meal with the expectation of company coming over. Company that she really seemed to want to impress. Usagi rolled on her stomach, a little frown on her face as she tried to think about who was coming over. Her Uncle Kouji and his family were visiting today. She hadn't seen him since she was about -what? six? Maybe even younger. She couldn't really remember much other than he had a daughter about her age but she also doesn't really remember her either. Or her Aunt. All she knows was something happened and they never came back over. "Hmm..""Usagi?" Luna yawned then stretched, " What are you thinking about so hard over there? You might break something if you do it any longer.""Don't be so mean!" Usagi huffed, throwing a pillow at Luna, " I'm just trying to remember something, that's all.""Oh that dinner party your parents are having with your relatives?" Luna, who hadn't seen it coming, crawled out from underneath the pillow with an annoyed look, "What about it?""It's nothing." Usagi got up, " Anyway, I better get ready before Shingo steals the bathroom again."Of course, in reality, Usagi was the one that took a far longer time than her little brother ever did. A few minutes turned into more than an hour. Shingo was pounding on the door, his voiced cracked a bit as he yelled at it, " Come on, you idiot! Other people have to use that too!""Don't rush me!" Usagi shouted back, " You can't rush a beauty like me!""A beauty?" Shingo scoffed, "I still think you did something to Mamoru to get him to even look at you! Now hurry up! Mom's going to really be mad if any of us are late to this thing!"With an aggravated sigh, Usagi finished putting the last touches of her makeup on, before opening the door and looking at her brother. It irked her even more that her little brother was growing like a weed and could look at her at eye level now. Soon, he'll surpass her in height. She was so not looking forward to that. "There." She breezed by him, " All yours!""Finally!" Shingo grumbled, storming in, "Took you long enough."Luna lazily came downstairs to get some food when she spotted Usagi smirking by the stairs. Her ears bent back for a moment before she finally asked, "What are you doing?""Give it a minute." Usagi grinned at her devilishly, " In three, two, one-""AH!" Shingo shrieked, "USAGI!""Enjoy your bath~!" She laughed softly."Some times, I wonder if you weren't corrupted by evil." Luna remarked.Usagi rolled her eyes a little before moving off to the living room, " And you don't have a little brother."----"It's almost time." He told his followers. The Vastness of the cavern lit only by glowing orbs of light, still hid the forms of them. They shifted to and fro, as if their physical forms hadn't quite solidified yet. "Worry not, my people. The Time has come. Soon, you shall be free of your torment that had been wrought upon us all."Cries from within the shadows seemed to come from all directions as the man stood before them all. Yes, this time he will not fail. This time he would outdo the others that had come before him. Yet, even as he thought this, he felt his strength leave him briefly. No! He cannot show weakness before the remnants of his people. If he did, they would not only cease to follow him but may even devour him body and soul for such a thing. No. He must gain more energy to do what is needed. Once he left the vast cavern where they dwell and into a smaller channel - a tunnel that opened up to another chamber, also lit by candles and light orbs, he summoned a creature to him. "Go, my puppet." He muttered, "I need the energy of those who's fury still burns beneath their skin. Collect them so I shall lead us all to glory."----Usagi hung back with her brother while their parents greeted her Uncle Kouji and Aunt Susanna. Even though they had a few pictures from a long time ago, it still surprised her to see them in person again. The fuzzy memories filled out more as she took the pair in. Her Uncle Kouji was her father's younger brother that had been a model. Even though he wasn't one anymore, he still held himself like one. Really, the only way she even knew they were related was when he stood next to her father and also wore glasses. His eyes were a dark green like her brother's and his hair a light brown. He was about the same height as her father was.Susanna, on the other hand, looked so radically different than her mother did. Ikuko had dressed up a little and even had tied her hair back in a low ponytail. She looked nice in her short white dress with her pearls on. Susanna, however, looked as if she left a board meeting of some kind. Like some hot-shot movie business woman. Her bright eyes were the things that set her apart from the movies that Usagi's seen. They were friendly, just like her smile. She offered Usagi's parents some kind of drink and then finally moved so she could push another person in front. Fidgeting slightly, Usagi got a real look at her cousin Corinna. It surprised her to see her hair was styled similar but a bit different. 'It reminds me of Chibiusa's hair.' She had thought absently. The bright sapphire blue hair was styled in cone buns on either side of the girl's head with trailing pigtails. She had sepia-yellow eyes that seemed friendly, if a bit nervous for some reason. She wore a simple red dress that fell just below her knees with different patterns and a white shirt underneath with puffed out sleeves with a tiny bow at her neck that had a heart charm at the center. "Why don't you kids go play while we talk?" Ikuko suggested to them, " I'll call you when dinner's ready.""Ok!" Shingo moved off, "Come on, we can play the new Sailor V game that just came out.""Sailor V?" Corinna offered a smile at that, " I heard they remastered it with better graphics.""They did!" Usagi butted in leading the way, " It's way better than the original.""Hey!" Shingo glared at her, "I was going to show her!""Should've been faster!"As the trio walked through to where the game console was stored, Luna watched the entire thing unfold. Wariness filled her. There was something strange about that girl. She followed behind the teenagers, curious as to what this feeling was. She's seen her before. Somewhere. It was nibbling at the back of her mind. Something very important she'd forgotten and it had to do with Usagi's cousin.But as she continued to watch over them, she couldn't find anything particularly wrong with Corinna. She seemed like a nice enough person.Maybe it's nothing? Luna wondered, walking off to get some air on the balcony upstairs. "I'm just being silly." "Are you?" Corinna asked.Luna jumped, her tail puffed out in surprise. "Wha- Uh! Meow?"Corinna had came behind her, with a slightly amused look. "That's very cute, Luna."It looks like she didn't buy it. Luna thought with a sigh before shaking her head. Never mind that. This was strange. Why isn't this girl surprised to hear me speak? "Who are you?" Luna demanded, " I've been getting a strange energy from you ever since you came here. Are you an enemy?""Enemy?" Corinna tilted her head but moved to lean against the railing, " Hardly. It seems your memories, like Usagi's, are still a bit fuzzy.""What?"With a soft sight, Corinna crouched down, to look at Luna more comfortably, " It's amazing, really, you don't even know me. But I need you to remember me." She reached out and pointed a finger at the crescent moon on Luna's forehead, " I don't really have any powers except this small one. I can't access the rest yet but I can do this.""Do wha-?" Before Luna could finish her sentence, a small beam of light shot from Corinna's finger to her. Images from the Silver Millennium filled her mind. Parts that had been misted over or fuzzy suddenly cleared. Oh.She remembered now. With a new understanding, she looked up at Corinna before backing away from her, "It's you! You're-!""Corinna!" Usagi called, stepping out to find her cousin, "Dinner's ready. " She blinked looking down, "Luna, what are you doing down here?" She moved to scoop the black cat up, not minding that the hairs would definitely being seen on her pale pink dress."Are you going to tell her, Luna?" Corinna asked standing up, "Or shall I?"Confused, Usagi glanced at her lunar adviser, "Luna? What is she talking about? How does she know-?"But before she could finish that, a loud yelling interrupted them. "Some thing must've happened downstairs!" Usagi ran out first, carrying Luna in her arms. Alarmed, Corinna followed. It sounded like her father's voice! "What in the world?" The two girls stopped watching as their fathers seemed to be in heated conversation with each other. Their mothers stood by, both wearing various levels of discomfort on their faces. "And this is why I didn't want to be here!" Kouji was saying, " This very reason! You have never respected me or my family!""It was a mistake!" Kenji countered, " I've already apologized but you won't accept it! And how is it my fault that you decided to go in to a career that'll throw you aside the moment you get a scratch on your face? What's more, what are you doing now? Nothing!""I'm doing the best I can for my family!" Kouji growled, " At least, I'm there for when my child needs me. Where were you, mister big shot magazine reporter?""I wonder what happened..." Usagi muttered softly."Don't know." Shingo popped out from around them. Apparently, he had been in another room when this happened, " But I've never seen dad so mad!""Same." Corinna agreed, "My dad's usually more calm than this.""There's something strange about this." Luna whispered to Usagi,"There's an odd energy coming from them. Don't you sense it?""But Dad and Uncle Kouji have always had a bad relationship." Usagi whispered back, "That's why mom and Aunt Susanna planned this dinner so they could make up.""That's my point!" Luna's ear twitched as she picked up something, " There's something unnatural about this argument!""I think Luna's right." Corinna chimed in quietly leaning over to them, "Look at our moms." She pointed and the two women were starting to make snipping comments about each other. "They really never fought before!""Shingo." Usagi said suddenly, " Go upstairs and don't come out! I'll see if I can get them to stop."Shingo hesitated but nodded and hurried off. He didn't know what was happening but it wasn't good."Corinna, watch them. I'll be back!" Usagi ordered before running off, "Come on, Luna. We have to get to the bottom of this!" Once she was far enough away from the house, Usagi raised her hand, " Moon Eternal - Make up!" In a flurry of lights, she transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon."Hurry!" Luna said jumping ahead, " I think the odd energy is coming this way. You may need the others!""I can do it." Eternal Sailor Moon told her running, " Rei, Ami- everyone's working really hard to study for the colleges they want to go to. I can't distract them from it!" She leapt up to a telephone pole then jumped from it, " I can do this, Luna."She's come a long way from that crybaby I used to know. Luna mused to herself but decided to focus. The energy source they felt was close. And it seemed it wasn't only coming from the Tsukino household. As they passed by other homes and businesses, Luna could hear snippets of what sounded like violent arguments. "What on are could have caused this?" "Luna, look!" Eternal Sailor Moon stopped at the top of a building, "I think it's coming from here!"Sure enough, a strange woman with dark pink skin, lavender-pink hair stood on the roof dressed in green puff shorts with a long sleeved shirt that dragged at the back to the ground. A large ball of energy swirled before her. "Yes," She cooed, " Grow more! Pipulla's master will be pleased with this.""Stop right there!"The puppet glared. "Who's there?""I fight for love and justice! I am the pretty sailor suited guardian, Sailor Moon!" Eternal Sailor Moon declared, "And in the name of the moon, I will punish you!""Pipulla doesn't care." With that, Pipulla's form distorted into a strange creature with eyes bugling out of the sockets. A beast-like form with teeth as long as a person's forearm with spikes running down the back. The gemstones that had been on the forehead was the only thing remaining. Without further hesitation, Pipulla charged at Eternal Sailor Moon, the spikes glowed in time with the gemstone before shooting out at her. Eternal Sailor Moon jumped out of the way, yelling, "What IS that? Luna! It's so weird looking!""Now is not the time to comment about looks, you know!" Luna snapped, " You have to defeat that thing now!""But how?" Eternal Sailor Moon dodged another round of spikes. "It keeps replacing them!""Maybe we should call the other girls?" Luna suggested, "It maybe too much for you!"I can't! Eternal Sailor Moon thought as she jumped again, narrowly missing one of the spikes that whizzed by her torso and through her wing. I can't drag them into this now! It's too important for them to live normal lives! Especially since...The memory flashed through her mind of how her friends had all died.. How Mamoru had died at the hands of Galaxia. Even though everything had returned to normal and it turned out fine in the end, she still couldn't forget that moment. The moment where they vanished into small balls of light like star dust. With tears forming at the corner of her eyes, she clenched her hands, steeling herself. No. She had to be strong! She couldn't let that happen again! I will do it myself!She called forth her scepter, the Eternal Tier. "This ends now!" She cried jumping up above Pipulla, " Silver Moon- Crystal Power Kiss!" Pipulla snarled before running towards the attack, spikes firing at it. For a tense moment as the power collided, it would seem as if the two would cancel each other out."Why-how is it so powerful that it could even hold back my attack?" Eternal Sailor Moon's eyes widen in shock, " It shouldn't be able to do that! Luna!" "This new enemy may be more powerful than we thought." Luna was equally horrified by this. "Usagi, I hate to say this but we need the others! Call them!""But-!" "This is the end of the line for you!" Pipulla crowed as a dozen more spikes appeared on her back resembling a porcupine. "Good bye Sailor Moon!"Eternal Sailor Moon gritted her teeth. She can't let this happen! She held her scepter in front of her. I'll do it again. She thought, determined to take care of this. Once more she launched her attack at the creature just as it released another one. The clash was blinding this time. Enough so that she had to shield her eyes from it. "Did I get it?""Moon Glimmering Beam!" "What was that?" Luna looked over trying to find the source of the attack. " Who did that?" The monstrous creature was overcome by the two attacks. It melted within the light. It's features resembling a melted candle as it screamed its final breath then vanished."Oh thank everything!" Eternal Sailor Moon exhaled then breathed in, "That was a lot. I haven't done anything solo in so long. I must be rusty." Luna ran over to her, " It's not over yet, Eternal Sailor Moon!" She told her, " Someone helped you. You can't let your guard down!""Someone helped me?" Eternal Sailor Moon frowned a bit, then looked around, "If they helped me, they couldn't be that bad, Luna.""But you don't know that!" Luna argued. "Especially with this new enemy about!"It was then that the person stepped out of the shadows to join them. Similar hairstyle but with pointed buns much like someone Eternal Sailor Moon remembered. The outfit also resembled Eternal Sailor Moon's but with a normal bow and long tails. It was a cyan, black, and sepia colored skirt. On her brow was a golden tiara with the same cyan colored star at the center. Her shoulder guards appeared to be the same but looked spiraled and her choker had pearls around it over the cyan color. "It's you!" Luna stared up at the girl. " But how-?""A lot of questions but I don't have many answers." She replied, "It looks like we might need to work together on this." "Who are you?" Eternal Sailor Moon asked, " You look familiar.""I should." She laughed softly then placed a hand over her brooch, " It's me, Corinna. Well, I'm Sailor Kalfu now. Thanks to you, Usagi." "Corinna?" Eternal Sailor Moon's jaw dropped for a moment before she moved closer. "But-how? What do you mean it's all because of me?"Sailor Kalfu just smiled, "I'm just glad that I could be of some help." This time. She added silently. "I think we should probably get back home. We can talk about this tomorrow, if that's fine?""Uh..sure.." Eternal Sailor Moon said, still confused but happy to have some help. "Lets get back and make sure everyone's ok."As the two left, Luna couldn't help but worry. "This is bad. If she's become a Sailor Soldier...Things may become worse than I originally thought! I have to get in contact with the others!"...
BSSM: Asteroids-1Rei's Pinch! And a Mysterious new figure!"Hmm.. Mamo-chan.." Usagi drooled over her math book at the study group. "Heh heh, stop it~! I know it tastes good~"Rei was highly annoyed by this. There's an enemy afoot and here their leader and princess was drooling all over her books. Why was she leader again? With a slight growl, she punched Usagi's shoulder, " Usagi! Stop drooling over everything and wake up!""Ow! Rei!" Usagi groggly sat up. She rubbed her arm, " That's so mean! I was having such a good dream about Mamo-chan..." "Yeah, well, Mamoru's going to dump you if you don't pass this test and figure out who our enemies are!" Rei yelled at her. "All you ever do is sleep and eat more than an elephant! Why can't you grow up?""Now Rei," Ami hadn't looked up from her advanced college course books, "That's not fair.""Ami!" Usagi sniffed looking at her with hope. "I knew you wouldn't be so mean like nasty Rei.""There's no way Usagi could eat as much as an elephant. It's just not scientifically possible." Ami said."Ami..." Usagi sighed then stood up, " You know what? I don't have to take this!" She started gathering her things, " I'm going home!""Oh, is your mother not mad at you for that test anymore?" Minako asked curiously.Usagi froze, "Eh...Not..exactly.""Then I guess you should study more!" Rei huffed. "With all that's happening, I'm surprised you could be so relaxed!""I'm not relaxed!" Usagi argued, " I know what's going on!... Mostly." "You're so impossible!" Rei threw up her hands, " I'm going for a walk."Luna looked over at Usagi, who was crying again about how Rei wasn't being fair. " Maybe you should listen to her, Usagi." She told her charge, " It would help if you focused on the task at hand and becoming a better student so you won't get grounded or detention so often.""You're so mean, Luna!" Usagi sniffled, "I'm doing my best!""Here we go again." Makoto smiled a little exasperated, "Come on, lets finish the math homework, ok?"-Meanwhile, Rei had walked off, still fuming. It wasn't fair that they had to work so hard but Usagi goofed off all the time! It also wasn't fair that she- Rei stopped thinking of that. It wasn't Usagi's fault that she grew up with her grandfather. Still, she couldn't help but be a little envious of the blonde. "Never mind that." Rei told herself as she walked down the stairs of her shrine. "Those visions still bother me." She looked up at the blue clear sky. "Who is the Messiah of Silence? Was it that woman I saw in my dream?" She dropped her gaze for a moment, " All that destruction and those lights ...them diverging and a something swallowing the earth whole." She shivered, "So ominous."She finally got to the sidewalk, pondering which way to go when she heard a motorcycle slowly down with the traffic. It wasn't really special in anyway, until she recognized it as belonging to Mamoru Chiba. "Mamoru?" Rei felt herself smile a little. If she could just talk to him, maybe-! "Huh?"She stopped, seeing a girl with her school uniform on sitting behind him. Usagi told them before that sometimes Mamoru would give Unazuki a ride home or to work since he was Motoki's best friend. "That girl isn't Unazuki!" Rei gasped. Indeed, dark brown hands held onto the driver with almost indigo purple hair spilling out from underneath the red helmet. She was sitting astride, seemingly plastered against him. Who was that?"No way!" Rei shook her head, " Mamoru wouldn't cheat on Usagi!"Before she could collect herself, the traffic moved and the pair sped away. Rei stood there, faced with a terrible dilemma of telling Usagi about that or not.---"Hmm.. " Eudial's fingers danced across the keyboard, "Perhaps this will please Doctor Tomoe. To find the purest of hearts, I might be able to convert a mediocre one into a monster. It may be a bit experimental but we'll see what happens." She got up and moved to collect a few daimon eggs. "I'm sure the good doctor won't mind if I borrow some."---The next day, Rei tried to find out who that girl was. It was a little bit hard, considering some people found her weird, but she had enough good clout from her performances and hard work for the school to have some goodwill towards her. All through her mind, she tried to tell herself that Mamoru and Usagi were definitely going to get married in the future and Crystal Tokyo was going to happen. Hell, she even looked forward to seeing Chibiusa once more.So, there's definitely no way that Mamoru had anything to do with that girl. "I'm just overthinking it, that's all." She had said to herself. Finally, a girl from her year came up to her, " Um, Miss Rei?" She was a bit shy but knew most of the gossip at the TA Girl's school. " You said you wanted to know if anything new happened at the school, right? Like a transfer?""Yeah, I did." Rei smiled a little, " I was just curious, that's all." "Oh, well!" The Girl launched into detail about the latest hot gossip. Most of it wasn't that interesting, though Rei had nodded almost absently at it. At least until, " And in the High school department, they had a weird out of season transfer." "Really?" Rei tilted her head, " Who was it?" Her heart pounded, could this be the girl? "It's really unusual this time of year. She's probably behind.""Hm, from what I heard she transferred from the international school to be closer to her fiancé. " The girl said, " It's all the hot gossip in the High school.""She's engaged all ready?" Rei's brows rose. Maybe she shouldn't have worried so? "Who is she? Does it say whom she's engaged to?""I only know her name is Harper Breen." The girl shook her head, " But that's it. She won't tell anyone whom she's engaged to.""Thanks so much." Rei told her but her mind was already off again. Worrying over it like a dog with a bone. "I owe you.""Just give me one of your free readings!" The girl chirped."You bet!" Rei replied, and once the girl was gone, she felt she couldn't hold it in much longer. Maybe she should talk to someone? "The other girls might know."But before she could do that, she heard a scream coming from the courtyard. "There's trouble!" Rei ran off in the direction of the screams until she saw one of the villains, Eudial, in front of a nun. "Oh no! Sister Agatha!" Rei cried out, " How dare they hurt such a sweet lady!" She grabbed her transformation pen, "They'll regret this! Mars Star Power, Make up!"Before she rushed into battle, she called the other girls, " They're here at my school! you have to come quick!""We'll be right there!" Makoto said. It was just luck that this was happening after school, so they wouldn't be missed too much.Not waiting for them, Sailor Mars sprung into action, " Mars Burning Mandala!"Eudial had taken the Heart Crystal, inspecting it for a magical relic. When the flames came towards her, she jumped out the way, dropping it. "Damn!" She cursed then pulled out her invention, "Well, no matter! It's the first test subject to try this out on! Ha!" She squeezed the trigger. An energy beam zapped the Heart crystal, turning it from it's dark pinkish hue to a black color and a dark blue light. The Nun screams again as it goes back into her, transforming her from human into a bubbly monster that laughed all the time. Like a child's doll. "Oh no!" Sailor Mars looked over at Eudial, " What did you do to her?""Oh, it worked." Eudial looked surprised, "Well then, Take care of this trash, Sally.""Will do!" Sally the monster said with a wave then turned her doll-like eyes over to Sailor Mars, " Don't you want to hug me?""Wha- No!" Sailor Mars cried out and moved away from it, "Stay away!""Stop right there!" A voice called from above. "Oh, thank goodness." Sailor Mars said looking up. "I am Sailor Moon!""I'm Sailor Mercury!" "I'm Sailor Jupiter!" "And I'm Sailor Venus!""For trespassing on sacred school grounds, in the name of the moon, We'll punish you!" Sailor Moon announced. The group stood in front of Sailor Mars, who got to her feet, " What took you all so long?" "Hehe, we had to wait for Usagi to get out of detention." Sailor Jupiter told her with a shaky laugh. "Really?" Sailor Mars glanced over at Sailor Moon with an exasperated expression, " Can't you go a day without dentition!""Guys, I don't think it's the right time to start this!" Sailor Venus pointed, " Look!""Will no one play with me?" Sally's head tilted at a very odd angle. Almost as if it was broken. "Fine! Don't play with me!" She raised her ahnds and shot out ribbons to try and capture them, " I'll play with YOU!" "Look out!" Sailor Jupiter cried as the ribbons wrapped around her middle, " Ugh, they're so tight!" "Jupiter!" Sailor Moon said. "I got this!" Sailor Mars raised her hands, " Mars Burning Mandala!" The flames shot out at the ribbons, cutting Sailor Jupiter free, though also nearly burning her. "Eh, Sorry!" "Mercury Shine Aqua illusions!" Sailor Mercury's attack flowed towards the monster, encasing its legs in ice. "Now Sailor Moon!""Right!" Sailor Moon began, but the ice cracked quickly, " Ah! It's breaking free!"Sally, the monster, twisted around, breaking the rest of it. It's teeth chattered, " That w-wasn't v-very n-nice!" This time, several streams of ribbons flowed out to the sailor soldiers. Trying to trap them again. "Time to teach you how to play nice!""Not so fast!" A rose pierced through the ribbons, cutting their line of target short. Sailor Moon looked up happily, " Tuxedo Mask!" "I will not let you ruin this beautiful day with your vile ways!" Tuxedo Mask announced, " You should know better than to force people to play with you when they don't wish to!""Shut up!" Sally screamed and threw more ribbons at him. "No you don't!" Sailor Jupiter raised her hand, " Supreme Thunder!" "Ah!" the monster cried out and staggered around, " Tha..that wasn't nice!""Now, Sailor Moon!" The others yelled."Right!" Sailor Moon held her hand out summoning her scepter, " Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" "No!" Sally cried out as the giant energy heart smacked into her, " Lovely!"She falls, but the body of the Nun before seemed to blink in and out with the monster form. IT was something hey hadn't seen before. "What's this?" Sailor Moon gasped. "I'll take it from here, everyone." A sweet voice called to them. "Who's that?" Sailor Mercury saw a figure up in the shade of the trees. "Is that.. another Sailor soldier?""Selene, purifying rainstorm!" the figure called. The sky grew dark instantly before glowing raindrops fell around them. "It's...healing my wounds?" Sailor Jupiter looked over her scratches, "Amazing.""Look at the monster!" Sailor Venus said, " She's changing back!""Sister Agatha!" Sailor Mars went to the nun's side, " She's all right!" She looked up to the trees but found it empty. "How strange...."After the nun was seen to by the nurse on the school grounds, everyone met outside. The day's events were recently strange. "And there's two others we've been seeing too." Ami was saying, " That makes three. Are they somehow working together?""I don't know," Makoto glanced at the TA school's gates, " But it doesn't seem like it. That one didn't look for anything in the heart crystals.""This is troubling, indeed." Luna remarked, " You're going to have to be on your guard. We don't know what might happen!""Luna's right." Artemis added, " They might be friends but they could be foes. We need to keep an eye out for them.""Hm. Right." The girls agreed. "Well, I have to go." Mamoru told them glancing at his watch, " I have an appointment.""An appointment?" Usagi tilted her head, " With who?""Nothing to worry about. It's an old friend." He told her. before turning to leave, " I'll see you all later." Rei watched him go then glanced over at Usagi talking to Makoto and Minako. She worried her lip. She had a bad feeling about all this. But should she tell Usagi about what she saw? Well, he called whoever that was an old friend and Mamoru's always been a popular guy. Maybe she was mistaken?That's right. She thought getting into another silly argument with Usagi. It's a mistake.
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