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30.365 Childhood Memories


So this yet again looks nothing like it did in my head. I had a huge internal battle over if this should be in color or black and white. I like it in both!!! So comment if you think it should be in black and white, I may swap out. But like the whole idea behind this is how we grow up and so easily forget the things that were so important to us. I dug out my old teddy bear and felt bad that I just stopped using it one day and it ended up in the basement. It's sad, but Enjoy! :D

Another teddy bear shot!!
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Aug 23, 2012, 8:06:32 PM
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Would it be alright if I used this photo for my story series and give credit? It's absolutely perfect for it. 
maxlake2's avatar
Beautiful light, and I love the trail-off in depth of field.
Very nice photo!
maxlake2's avatar
You're welcome. :)  I really like the image as it is, but i think it might have been a tad more effective if the bear were not so centered in the road.  Still, a very good image! :nod:
forever-just-jess's avatar
ya, ive gotten that a lot! but thanks :)
a-new-way-of-seeing's avatar
If I give proper credit (not that I would ever use art without permission), could I please use this photo for a school assignment? It will not be published anywhere.
forever-just-jess's avatar
of course! go for it!if you ever want to use anything of mine feel free, no need to ask, just credit me please!
if you're able to, I would be curious to see what you make? totally cool if you dont want to show though! good luck! :D
a-new-way-of-seeing's avatar
oh, it's actually a comparative essay for english class. compare a poem to a visual piece. There were a lot of themes about childhood, and I thought your picture was so great!
forever-just-jess's avatar
Thats a cool idea. If you're willing to share I would love to read it!?!.....:D :giggle:
a-new-way-of-seeing's avatar
oh, sure! I'll send you a note
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This is great ... I like it very much
TehGaverer's avatar
Pretty nice! Lens flare is usually nicer in colour.

I think you pushed the orange a bit too much though ;)
forever-just-jess's avatar
I will try to take it down a little. :D
Clockwork-Reaper's avatar
So nice. Lol, I still have my teddy bear, rather than having it stored away in the closet of something. ^^
forever-just-jess's avatar
Thanks. I still have mine also, I use it quite often for pictures. :D
esee's avatar
haha.. poor bear.
Anonthegreat's avatar
God dammit you, your photos are so good it made me bring out my old teddy bear :)

It's sad kids neglect them, now instead of teddy bears, the now "hot spot" "toy" is a phone or ipod or something electronic. Remember when we didn't have laptops and ipods? Anyway, amazing! I like it like this, honestly.
forever-just-jess's avatar
thank you, that means a lot! :D
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