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lol, this was lots and lots of fun to make. hmm... possible new avvie for me! Except i'll have to fix it up a little bit. The part after the blue emote runs around and screams a lot is a bit dodgy, he looks like he's spasming or something XDDD
The idea itself isn't very original, the emote is trapped in a box forever. I think it's called "The Box" or something. Anyways, I don't think someone's done it as an emote so :D I might be wrong though. There's a lot of artwork out there.

Time: 6 hours
Layers: 46
Frames: 223
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A horrid fate to be trapped.
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:trapped: I'm just seeing if it works... X3 Meow :3
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wat'cha type in 2 get this??? i keep typing in :trapped: like ur s'pose 2... is there the word icon in there somewhere?
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well when u post a new comment theres a "add media" button, click dat and type trapped.
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This made me think of what a friend told me once
"What would you do if your were stuck in a bunker with no doors, a single light bulb, and one gun."
That stumped me :I
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha funny
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may i use as an avatar?
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Your work has been featured here [link] ^ ^
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