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Every time I stare at a Sunset, I can't help but dream.

Sometimes they are just sensations, chills down my spine or something like that. Some other times they are visions, starting like diaphanous appearances, or a sort of haze that slowly generates images of worlds and creatures, of stories and legends.

I'm aware that those are just illusions, but I like how they make me feel, and I keep on playing exactly like a child who rides a broom, pretending it to be a horse.

Of course this is a game I can't play every sunset, above all when I'm busy, doing important things. So I have invented the methadone for this sunset addition: when at home, with nothing to do, I recall all the details of the last sunset I have seen and visions come.

I know I could simply image stories, because it is all in my mind, but you know... rites are important.*

Talking about rites, one I am going to perform right now is the Introducion of the new Watcher. So here he is:

Another one is thanking all my Watchers and Readers:
Thank you boys, girls, Ladies and Gentlemen for your support, and keep in mind that my thanks are true!

A special thank this time goes to my italian Watchers (and Readers of course)... let's be sincere, they did nothing more than the others, but they are my fellow countrymen, and when your Contry someway supports you, is a good thing, isn't it?

At the end of this weird Journal, I would like to suggest some Artists.
In my opinion they are all talented creatures who give birth to dark Art, and I dare to think that if you like my works, probably you'll adore theirs (or maybe not... take a look and decide for yourselves):

:icongarylaibart: :icongogolle: :icongrimfay: :iconmisspoe: :iconwersalka: :iconmonecule: :iconwilqkuku:

Special Mention
to DragonChest, whose life 's a challenge...
a challenge he will win.

Good WinterEnd

*= If you want to deepen the importance of the 'rites', I suggest the little Prince (above all Chapter 21, pages 45-48).
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I thank you for having me introduced here. I really really really appreciated and I can't wait to read your words more and more... :)
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Thanks for those kinds words! :3
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Miss Josefine from the far North, you don't need to thank, and you always deserve a space in this virtual forest.
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I'm sorry to contradict you but... Yes!
Ok, maybe in this virtual forest there won't be birches like in the cold North...
but I have a lot of dark paths full of trees of words, and on them the characters of your drawings could really feel like home...

Among the ruins of the ancient cities built with the decadent verses of my gothic poetry walk and whisper ghosts and monsters, who will really be happy to host the flying Poes, the magical birds and all of your creature (yes, the Pig demon too).
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Awesome. :) Nice poetry.
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Great journal my friend, and thank you for the kind words concerning my current situation.  :aww:
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You're welcome Dragon Warrior.
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You are darkly welcome!
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