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a Sheet found somewhere in the roman Countryside
Small branches of tomato dry nailed to the only standing wall of the ancient house in ruin and ivy is all around. Sheep graze in the distance: they seem a white cloud precipitated. There, in the open countryside , my fathers and theirs used to summon Ahatar, the white Lord, sacrificing in his name, since the dawn of our disgusting kind. The soil, now almost abandoned, has had been fertile for centuries, looked after like a child, fed with human and animals remains. Then Inquisition came to accuse, condemn, torture, kill, jail. Luckily  part of us survived, and after eight generations away, it is time for me to regain this place. Tonight I will dig there where the notes from my ancestors suggest, and bring to life again the altar, glorious symbol of death. With me there will be three faithful servants who want to become acolytes, and an unaware villager, the first - although too miserable - sacrifice. This I will do, and the blessing of Ahatar ,Lord of the things that are but shoul
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 2
El mundo es tan sutil
que en el medio mi corazón no pasa.
El mismo corazón en el que antes de partir
tu mirada ha construido su casa.
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el Mundo en una Casa
El sol de Agosto calienta las tejas del techo
las plantas en el balcón se marchitan ...
en la habitación un corazón tiembla de frío.
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the golden House
When the ruins of this ugly Place will lie in the depth of the future seas
and its towers, all of concrete made, will offer safe dens for their newborn beasts
a shadow will gloomy stand, beholding the dust of the late tree where it opened its soul:
my ghost will linger there, floating through the streets I used to walk with you, my hapless love.
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Giocando ad amarsi sulle panchine
nelle sere d'estate e ...
le nazioni nei tuoi occhi.
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the Girl
Beauty happened in her eyes
without formal invitation:
what an adorable impolite!?!
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Creer en un día de verano.
Cazar a un amante como una rara presa.
El corazón sediento que vive y muere al mismo tiempo.
El sonido que hace una avellana cuando cae sobre una hoja seca.
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an empty Autumn' Sonnet
A reliable witness used to say
that the guy came alone on the hill,
at the hour when mosquitos arrive,
and, defeated, the flies silent leave.
He had spent all his day sad, in mourn,
for the loss of a love never born.
He had drunk salt and water of tears,
from his eyes, slipped warm with his fears.
To the Moon, only friend of his heart
he decided to tell from the start
all the thoughts and feelings he thought;
what he yearned and what he yearned not.
And the pale silver globe in the sky
really moved from that pure soul so bright
sent to him, like long arms, two gray rays
but too cold was, alas, her embrace.
Once withdrawn, the young boy met the ground;
like a cold stone he fell, with no sound.
And no one since that day could awake
the first man who had roused the Moon'sake.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 1 0
Tutto il Mondo
che non ho vissuto
insieme a te.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
Küss mich jetzt, da schnell die Stunden weglaufen
Zeig mir die Liebe du verstecktest in deinen Augen.
Die Bäume im Garten haben Ihre Blätter verloren
und bald der Winter des Herzens ist gekommen
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 4 0
Io muoio
disastro di buio nella luce.
Io muoio
tu parli,ed il tuo cuore tace.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 1 0
the little man
Nighttime; in the big house The little man walked in the dark the two flights of stairs that separated the kitchen from the bedroom. He had brought a candle with him, but his hands were needed to hold a pitcher of hot tea and biscuits.
He proceeded slowly, looking for the contact - mediated by the soft slippers - between the toes and the steps, while reflecting on the fact that prior, thanks to the candle, he had quickly walked those same stairs.
"Darkness lengthens Time and expands the Space." He thought.
Arrived in front of the ajar bedroom door the little man seemed to hear a strange noise and suddenly opened it afraid to see something absurd ... hopeful to see something fantastic ... but he was just a little man and convinced himself to have it imagined tha sound. He drank the tea, ate the biscuits, and lay down.
The little man was certain that there was nothing fantastic or absurd in the world and for sure not in his life: this helped him to sleep.
As soon as the little man began
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 3 6
the Mirror
That day the icy wind whipped the path. A woman wrapped in a cloak of rags and remnants of fur, was dragging an old sled, loaded with branches for the fire, toward the village covered with snow.
Behind the sled was walking a girl, dressed like the woman, who slipped her left hand into a pocket of her cloak and took out a small mirror with an ivory frame covered with symbols.
The girl touched some symbols, the glass stopped reflecting her image and showed her something that excited her, giving her new strength to face adversity.
She then set aside the mirror, one of the few 'Glasses of time' that escaped the destruction of the temple of Vartag, during the fall of Moanda Tangor, the shining capital of the greatest empire of men and vowing to avenge the ancient family of priests to which she belonged , raised her fist to the sky.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 5 2
a cute Trap
So neat is that knot
- the best in the net -
that beasts
when they’re caught
won’t die with regret
admiring that knot
the best in the net.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 3 2
I heard a baby ... in the woods by ForestoFairies I heard a baby ... in the woods :iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 1
Mantelen (a Christmas Story)
Mantelen looked at the sunset, trying to sight the hand of the artist who was certainly moving covered by clouds, trees and mountains. She believed that everything has been generated by an artist and that the
true work of art is the artist in the act of making it.
Since thoughts lose strength when they become things, even if beautiful, true beauty lays in the act of its making. The little girl was thinking in front of the window, then she tried not to think anymore … to be entranced.
Suddenly her father entered her room with a mourful face and began to cry. Mantelen sought the artist of that sadness too and stared at him, but did not move from the chair on which she was crouched.  After all he had already seen him crying many times: it all began one day, long ago, she no longer remembered how long.
Then the man stared at the window and with the voice broken by the cry exclaimed.
"She was only eight years old and she really liked watching the sunsets crouched on the chair."
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 3 1


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Mich Crown [forest o' fairies]
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
“There are no fairy tales without bloodshed. All fairy tales stem from the depths of blood and anguish” [Kafka]


I'm first and foremost a singer []
with a taste for dark stories and gothic rhymes.

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Although in my writings and images there are macabre scenes and descriptions of violence, I AM AGAINST VIOLENCE ON HUMANS AND ANIMALS.
Proud Vegetarian by scaret

All my works, even if not directly specified in the descriptions, may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, downloaded or uploaded without my permission. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2012-2015 Mich Crown (ForestoFairies)


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