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RIP David Bowie and Alan Rickman

While still coming to terms with the fact that the amazing Bowie had died, I suddenly learn that my beloved Alan Rickman has just died too. Also aged 69, having also battled with cancer.

Though I intend to draw them both as well, as way of a tribute, I also quickly made this. As the wall theme is so similar.
All credit to the original photographers. I simply made the wallpaper.

RIP David and Alan. RIP my lovely Jareth and Snape. :(
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This is striking, wow.  Where can find the one of David?  It's lovely...
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Thank you! :hug:

I found both pictures via Google. :)
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Will have a look! :D (Big Grin) 
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What a brilliant tribute :heart: :D :hug: 
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I put it on my facebook! Such a fab idea. Still can't get my head around those two gone. I've had different plans  for this last week off than hogging the internet, but so glad I didn't have to work! :(
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Oh god, it's almost as if they're in the same picture! :O
Also you're so right, Bowie here is so Jareth-ish! :heart:
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Thanks! That's why I chose the pics. I thought they went so well together. :)
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They totally do, it's a masterpiece!
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Well, I wouldn't quite call it a masterpiece...;)...but thank you.
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Rip both of you......
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It's nice to see them side by side and you picked perfect images of them to use. Both will be sorely missed.
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Thank you.
I've always loved the wall pic of Bowie, and when I saw the one of Rickman I just had to combine them.

Gone, but never forgotten.
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I'm still coming to terms with the loss. :(
So sad! Losing Bowie was really sad :( (Sad), but Alan was more like Waaaah! Nuu 
Two huge losses in less than a week. I really hate cancer.
RIP David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I´ll miss you.
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I honestly thought it was a hoax about Alan at first, the similarities to Bowie were so uncanny, but then I realised it was true. :(

Cancer is a terrible thing. I do hope we find a cure. And sooner rather than later.
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