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:bulletred: All textures and photos by ForestGirl (Julia Popova).
:bulletred: Commercial use outside DeviantArt is not allowed. Note me if you would like to buy the rights. For fast reply use my main account.
:bulletred: You must leave a Note or Comment with a link to the Deviation you've used my stock in.
:bulletred: You cannot use my stock for making new stock.
:bulletred: Please give link to my page in Artist`s comment if you used my stock.
:bulletred: Please :+fav: stock if you used.
:bulletred: All PRINTS are allowed.

My MAIN account :iconforestgirl:
© 2009 - 2022 ForestGirlStock
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i'm a writer and visual artist.  my visual works are not for sale. they are mainly for personal enjoyment and showing what i've learned. may i post edits using your stock to instagram, please? 
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I am doing working on a Miss Rodeo New Mexico souvenir magazine and was wandering if we could use one of your stock images as part of the background images. It is being done by the Print Production class I am and if we are allowed to use the image we will be putting your name inside with credit for your stock image. Once we have finished I will be uploading the images on my deviant art page. If you would like we will send you a copy of the magazine if we actually go to press but I will upload the images for you either way.
Hi, forestgirl. I absolutely love this image, and I was wondering what the protocol is for using it as a book cover? It would be an ebook cover if that matters at all. I've been looking for a new cover for my second dragon book, which has a castle much like the one depicted, and would love to use it. Could you message me? Thanks. :)
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Hi, I love your image here. May I have it? It's so beautiful. Thanks if you would so
Hey. I'm making a horse rp. Would I be allowed to use this as a reference for one of the lands? If not, I understand. It's a beautiful photo by the way. :)
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I'd like to use this as a background for a picture for a request. This is perfect for what I want to do with it. I'm going to go ahead and use it and I'll follow the rule by fav'ing and doing all the other things. THANKS!
would it be ok to use this picture for my facebook background?
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Can I use your stock outside DA? (on psd-tutorials.de)
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Quote: "All it is ALLOWED, lol :lol: Have a fun with my images."

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do you have an automated respon of "No problem. You have my written permission and you may use my stock." then it was "OK" then "No problem" ? cause it is funny :) no offense.
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May I use some of your stock on Paint.Ponybox.com? I am "I r o n s t o n e" on that server. Credits will go directly on the image itself.
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Beautiful stock!
May I use on howrse.com? I will credit you and also post finished work on DA
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Could I use this stock on Ponybox.com? (:
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May I use this premade background in a manip for horsephenomena (sim site)?
I absolutely love this! Of course, credit will be given ON the picture. :D
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Sorry: I mean this background [link]
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Thank you! I will repost with my finished results!
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Can I use my work with your stock in my portfolio? (Here: miramorawska.esite.pl )
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may i use on howrse.com with proper credits?
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