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Warrior Cats: I know your secret

By ForestGirl
Inspired by Warrior Cats series
Stock - [link] as Crowfeather [link] as Leafpool
[link] [link] [link] [link]

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The photomanipulation art in my gallery is copyrighted © Julia Popova /ForestGirl/. 
All rights reserved. 
My photo-art must not be reproduced, edited, published, used commercially or uploaded without my written permission.
If you are photographer or model, whose images are used in my photomanipulations, you are implicitly authorized to use images as a portfolio etc.

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© 2014 - 2021 ForestGirl
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XWarriorCatDrawingsX's avatar
That looks super realistic, your really good at drawing
shinyumbreonperson's avatar
Would you mind if I used it for my clan?… I would credit everything to you and stuff.
I think your art is really nice and realistic! It has a kind of fairy tale-ish add to it which makes it mystical! 
Galaxycat400's avatar
GalaxyIsOk's avatar
This is honestly one of my favorite pieces on DA, the lighting and positioning adds to the overall surreal atmosphere. 
ForestGirl's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
echostarofmarshclan's avatar
TheSculpturedDead's avatar
This would make a lovely book cover :)
IvyXFandom's avatar
PLEASSSEEEEEE tell me that's a picture!! The scenery looks fabulous and the lighting is totally on point!!!
Xalto49's avatar
Please let me masturbate in peace lol
GaySparkleWolf's avatar
Truly amazing, I am amazed by everything in this artwork. The lighting is every so perfect.
Jayfeather128's avatar
:D (Big Grin) Just one word... 
SummaryTax26's avatar
Yessss, a,along work, it's Cinderpelt and Leafpool!
SandDragon189's avatar
This is Fantastic! Its so realistic! I was looking for art like this! -DragonCan we go NAO 
Manu34's avatar
So magic.. So beautiful..! I love the Warrior Cats series and this wonderful photomanip does really fit to the series. I love the green colours and the light, it's really magical! If you are interested could you maybe make a tutorial for this artwork (maybe a YouTube tutorial). I would gladly learn to do magical arts with cats like "I know your secret". Thank you and please keep up the amazing work.. :)
Olga-Sokol's avatar
Так мило, схожий на мого кота, ковбаса)))
MonaParvin's avatar
Your amazing artwork is featured in our group :iconalightindarkness: :heart:
BrokenViolet's avatar
very beautiful, love the depth in it. 
ForestGirl's avatar
ForestGirl's avatar
maiarcita's avatar
Stunning creation!! It's so magical :love:
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