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Solstice Night

By ForestGirl
Inspired by Tove Jansson.

:star: Model - :iconrammkitty-stock: [link]

Other stock: - [link]
:iconcrimsonvisions-stock: :icontracie76stock:
Rest is panted.

Artwork © ForestGirl. DO NOT reproduce (in ANY way), copy, redistribute, manipulate, sell, or distribute without my WRITTEN PERMISSION!!!

I give permission to any of my groups to feature this deviation in their gallery.

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beautiful work
lifesoulvision's avatar
Loving your work x I have sent you an email x thank you for the pleasure x
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you are really amazing Heart 
This is so beautiful.Can i please use this as a background image for my poem?
ScarlettHime's avatar
oh. my. god. this is just amazing!!

can i please please please please please draw this?? it looks so amazing!!! i've been searching for an image to use as a reference like this for such a long time and this just looks amazing! pleeaaaase can i draw it? of course i won't post it in any commercial way, just on my DA with a link to your profile and this image. i swear i don't plan to use it for anything else. i'm not that great of an artist so it's not like i'd even be able to xD

but please please please pleeeeaaaase can i draw this and put it on my DA with a link to this image? *-*
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Nuuuu!! You spent so much time coloring it and making it all pretty and I liked it BUT THE PROPORTIONS ARE ALL OFF!!!!!! Do yourself a favor: print out a picture of a human skeleton and spend a few months learning to understand the bone structure. It'll make your art 1000 times better. And I'm not trying to be mean or critical, just trying to help out a fellow artist.
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you are just a stupid troll. ;) anyone can see that woman is not painted, it was a photo.
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And another absolutely gorgeous creation, well done.
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Your works are really amazing! :heart:
sahayjaanime's avatar
this piece of art is amazing. with your permission i would like to post this on my tumblr blog, and i will include a link to your page on DA as well. let me know if you're okay with it. i wont post it until i know it's okay. =D
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thank you! the post has been added to the queue as well as a link to your DA page.
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Your work is beautiful!!
doraleepee's avatar
Hello there,:wave:
You’ve been featured at [link] . Please go visit the journal. I do hope you enjoy it!
anafogaca's avatar
Your pictures are so magical and sweet!
MonaParvin's avatar
Beautiful work :)
NettyC's avatar
Lovely picture
Jezebel21's avatar
Великолепная работа! очень красиво!
exellent work beautiful images
Toblerone22's avatar
WOW! I could dwell on this more but seriouly FLAWLESS!
MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite's avatar
This is beyond pretty and beautiful! <3
The-Dreamy-Fairy's avatar
Just gorgeous ! (:
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