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DOTL: NPCs Design 1, Family Portriat


can’t believe I forgot to post these earlier

Anyway, a while back (in November, actually), @bludragongal aka MegSyv creator of Daughter of the Lilies (a massive delightful read that matches my aesthetics) allowed people to send their NPC/background character designs (with rules), so I tried my hand and out came these guys!

Here’s a family of three (soon to be four) for the Daughter of the Lilies comic. Some bonus info:Left to right: human woman named Elise Mason, ¾ orc and ¼ human child named Heart (or the orc equivalent name), and half-human, half-orc named Olar.

Olar is Heart’s father. Olar and Elise are married and expecting their first child. Heart loves Elise. Elise loves her two boys. Olar loves his family and likes to play swords with Heart. 

Elise has a port wine stain birthmark.

Extra bonus info: Olar and Heart are actually DOTL versions of my OCs, Amintore and Caleb (you can see them in my OC tag on tumblr, also titled Wolf Dad and Sheep Son)

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These three are so great!! 
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I'm so glad they got in haha, love the designs man. 
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Thanks! I was really thrilled when they were featured and a lot of people loved them~
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Noice noice NOICE.
This is so cute! ^^

I really love the concept of these characters :nod: and your style is really shinning this time.
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Daw, TY!

Yeah, it's pretty thrilling to see improvement in art~
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I'm pretty sure I said this earlier on tumblr but these 3 look really cute. I especially love the skin markings and body hair.

I think one thing you should work on is your character's proportions. It doesn't look too bad on the child however it's noticeable on the two parents (based on my finger measurements they are about 5-5 1/2 heads tall) Usually with adults you want them to be 7 1/2 heads tall. Unless you're doing a character with a short stature or a really cartoony style then you can have some fun with messing with the proportions. But for your style, I feel a more traditional approach would work best.

I use this image all the time for a quick reminder on proportions:…
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-nod- Yeah, you're right on that! Lately, I found out about the head to crotch height is about the same length as crotch to feet. And that's a thing I gotta work on.

But thanks for the notice! Glad you like the family~
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Awww so Heart gets to have a cute little half sibling! Yay for blended and mix families! Super endearing!
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Yay for mixed families! XD Am glad you like~
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Hmm, now I'm not racist against orcs, but domestic abuse is my first reaction..
(Cute family nonetheless lol..)
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Nope, that's a port wine stain birthmark on Elise's face. (forgot to add the info there, fixed)

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