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It's about three months since the first time I learned the cutesy more than ever.

Learning such things that slowly but surely alter my style, I found myself doubting about a thing I should do to balance the output: draw more males, manly ones. I've drawn lots of girls since the beginning of year, while I rarely draw some guys and even a slight of testosterone :lol:


Still have lots of essays and a bunch of works to be done, not to mention there are some commissions to be done as well. Gonna have a good time circa August or later, perhaps.

Commission? Of course, yes. I still open it although I don't announce it here in deviantArt. Interested? Send me a note. :lol:
If you're curious enough about my gallery, most of my recent works are mash-up from various things outside there. I tend to make my version of what things I like and appreciate, and messing with things unrelated is kinda fun and worth to try.

Well, pardon me and my creator side also my individualistic tendency :lol:

Here is a disclaimer, where I state the reason of my latest and future deviant entries.

That's why there is a new folder in my gallery: Eremidialised References, meaning the works under that folder is a thing I've mixed-and-matched, based on various materials I found in the Internet (that most of them are pop-culture stuffs). There is a 'Curiousities' section, where I explain the source of stuffs. Reasons? Whenever I like something, I tend to make my version of it. Credit goes to the respective owners, of course. :)

While this journal is being written, there are two artworks included in that folder. Not that a big deal, but expect something more in the future.

Your appreciation means so much for me, so if you're stopping by to check the artworks I've made, don't hesitate yourself to give them some appreciations. Given that case, I have another reason to rekindle this deviantArt account besides as my personal artwork stash.

After all, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like my works.
Cheers~ :bademoticon: 
...with variable price.
Since I'm still working on my own artwork style, I'd like to apply it directly to my works rather than randomly doodling like to tomorrow. I learn and work at the same time :lol:

'Kay. If you're interested, take a look into my recent uploads as they're the most accurate in describing my current artwork style. About the price, it's negotiable but please make it reasonable both for you and me.

Maybe that's all for now. Feel free to contact me for further information.

Initially added a self-insert character to introduce the entire system of the game, now that character is being my current identity.


Yes. That's the sprite of (that guy who supposed to be) me. He'll make a debut in Eremidia: Dungeon! as one of essential NPCs...
This is embarassing but I'd think a little attention is all I need for now.

Doesn't matter, though. The show must go on, I can't rest my back to the wall again.
Wow. Last journal entry is about six months ago...

Well, it's a good thing to use my deviantArt account back. Well, still in chase to take the control of myself making me can't have enough time to develop some of my expertise...
Taking vacation has never been like this. It's good to go outside, play stuffs and walk the way home at evening.

Getting a life. 1UP :lol:

It's been a while since I left dA....
Well, it's actually has been released two weeks ago...


I did it to finish the first chapter of my game, entitled Wandering Brawler.
What I must do next are making artworks for the game, and continue the progress to the next chapter till it reaches the final chapter. :lol:


Meanwhile, I don't have any real job IRL. Struggling alone in the city with under 50 cents money is a tough challenge to do. D'oh :lol:

If you want to know about the Wandering Brawler, just leave a comment and I'll tell you some :D
Ha, just kidding :lol:

I moved to a new place. Not a bad place, though, but it's a bit further and takes more time to go to campus. Well, new year, new style, new house, new things to do :dummy:

Well, since I'm really broke out these weeks, I considered to get a job. There are two path or this one; Path of Programmer, and Path of Illustrator.
And nobody ain't got time for that :dummy:

I just have a question to myself one day. "Is my artworks worth to be portfolio?"
Frankly, it's just a step ahead, but far from worthiness. Damn :lol:


Never mind. Haters gonna hate.
Suck or not suck, I must give myself a try after years of doing this hobby :)
I shall make a fighting chance for my drawing skills. Carpe diem. :)


Laptop is dead, final test is coming, and now I'm in financial crisis. Totally screwed up in last year.
Most of targets are REALLY missing :dummy:
Requests are suspended, so with the projects, tasks...


This year's end I shall make a resolution for a better year... and better year's end.

As the title said, December is just too damn fast to come :nuu:
Most of my target are missed, instead I got several new stuffs to rejoice. Well, not that bad to end this epic year :lol:

When I drawn too much girls, sometimes I just want to just hug them :lol:


Nah, just kidding :lol:
Anyway, I'm just recovered from sickness and trying to catch some fresh air. Back to work soon, now I just wanna be crazy as :la:

Sorry if you expect something from me. I'll do it as fast as I can :)

Well, mates and I remade the site, now with brand-new name Yes, it's based in Bandung, consisted of creative persons (so the name is kreatif, Indonesian for creative), and delves in web and game development. You should check it later when we're open for business :dummy:
It's here, fella.

I'm working on the site's design now so I'll put my pencil off for a brief days.

Ha. Just kidding.

There are some reworks and the character design for the comic. But the mid-test is in on sight, then I meet the crossroad this time; stay at work, reworks, or prepare for mid test.


No matter, I'll improvise as I always do :iconpffplz:

tl;dr has been annonced! :dummy:

Two days of adventures, through rain and storm we enjoy. Mountains, we'd gone, for the hot spring we intended to soak our body and soul there.

I and friends were taking holidays, went to Pangalengan mountain range, my hometown, to relaxing the strain and such. But most things we got are aches and cold, as the storm and everlasting rain forced us to went back to Bandung through them.


That won't end the story, though. Even with heavy-lifting adventures in the storm and flood everywhere, experience and the brotherhood bonded more tightly and makes us ready for next challenges. :lol:


Aaaaand, the three angels are waiting for me. Can't sure how such a handmade picture could relieve the worries and wearies, they, for me, are sweet. Maybe too sweet. :love:
Anyhow, the WIP must be done :lol:

Well, these are the WIPs for this week
Three Feathers WIP by foresteronly The Unknown Man by foresteronly
I should remake The Unknown Man in full-body size, maybe...

Thanks for you guys, who still keep on track with my progress.
Really, I just want to say that :lol:

For now and then, I tend to make pencil artworks as well as training with some techniques I learned from guys around me and deviantArt as well. :lol:

Now I have a tight schedule. Not to mention I'm bothered by them but I must adapt to it or else I'll be left behind. Night is the only spare time I have besides of weekend if there aren't sudden events.


Pencil is my friend. If there isn't any, I usually sleep instead. Drawing something relieves me from bothersome moments and is good as 'borebreaker' when waiting for some work to do.

This just filling my journal entry, though. Special thanks to :icontheoallen: for his awesome Ayako Otsumi :lol: (am I right?)
I add this :iconcannotevenplz: and :iconohfuckplz:

That's all :lol:
When the night was with me, when the last drip of coffee has been spent, when the almost-full moon was in its zenith, I found that the one I missed so much is back and made a contact with me--Elona is back!


I know that she was in her time, so I can't even make a contact with her. Knowing she's fine and still have angst to face, I'm sure she's all fine and maybe someday we can meet each other for one more time...


I bet for a tall glass of coffee that she's way more cute than before :lol:
I stand, gaze upwards to the sky. I made it through the weary and heart-breaking tests, but I feel there's something bigger awaits me beyond my sight. Till my sleep I don't even think about it, but when I'm awake, it calls me to come...


Anyway, is this a good idea to stay put my sight to the better ones?