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Alex | 18 | ♂️

Leo | Virtuoso

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Hey there, I'm Alex but you can call me whatever you want.

I'm a pony artist, currently working on trying to draw other stuff like humans, reptiles, canines, felines etc!

I've been drawing for about 4-5 years now and I hope to continue for the foreseeable future woo!

If you enjoy my art then a follow would be greatly appreciated! Ever want to get to know me then feel free to add me on Discord or join my server! I don't bite! <3

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Discord: Alex ✧#7738

Instagram: @Forestemni

ToyHouse (still a work in progress): @Forestemni

Great people:

(People I talk to frequently and adore, no specific order)

DoeKitty BlitsAzalisDashacuppacrylics LuvYaYt hishoh + more!


DoeKittyBlitsAzalisDash OhHoneyBee SilentWulvHuiRouTenebrisTayga Scarlet-Spectrum PrettyShineGP MagicalBrownie + more!

Favourite Visual Artist
DoeKitty/BlitsAzalisDash/Emala Jiss -- The list goes on...
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Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (currently)
Favourite TV Shows
Anything vet related honestly.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
BTS/TXT/NEFFEX/Little Big etc..
Favourite Games
Spyro Franchise/osu!/Beat Saber/AC:NH
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4/Nintendo Switch, 3DS etc
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool SAI 2/ Wacom Intuos Draw tablet/ Camtasia Studio 8

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Hello Forestemni :D I was wondering if I could redraw this particular speedpaint in my style as a gift for you. Here’s a link cause the photo isn’t in your gallery.

I ask for this speedpaint in particular because it was the first MLP speedpaint I ever watched. It was what inspired my first ever ponysona and got me into watching more. You were my first and I’d love to express my appreciation. If you still have the full photo that’d be wonderful. :hug:

Sure thing!! As long as you credit!! :>

I'm happy to have inspired you!! <33333333333

Sadly I don't have the full image :c hopefully the one in the speedpaint is enough!!

Okey thank you!! I will start as soon as I can and post the results! I will tag your profile in the description to make sure you see it :D :heart: