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TAL Garden - Side B by forestchick501 TAL Garden - Side B by forestchick501
And 'Side B' - aka the dark side of Mogeko works that ALWAYS COME UP.

"??? (Maru)" - A side of Maru that no one would expect to meet. '???' was apparently created when Maru was traumatized by a demon attacking him and MuYeong one night, causing Maru to 'Fall' and thus twisting this personlity into what Lord Ja Yun classifies as a 'Fallen Angel'. '???' is very outspoken and has a very cheerful but violent disposition. However, while he admits to enjoying 'cleaning up' (the implied definition being killing), '???' does not actively seek fighting, and will admit to 'loving' Haru, MuYeong, and Hotio (whom will state that '???' creeps him out).

'Lang' - MuYeong's most violent form. In this state he will attack even his own brother and opponents he normally would never take on sanely. 'Lang' can only be brought back to consciousness by Hotio or Maru. The Lord of Devils, Bi Gak, states that even he would have a hard time if he ever fought with 'Lang'. '???Maru' refers to 'Lang' as 'MuYeong's sexy beast side' and it is implied that '???Maru' covets MuYeong in this state of being.

"??? (Haru)" - The thousand yard stare is the only warning that Haru has snapped. Despite being an Angel still, '???'Haru has the stats of a Devil, and the doll MuYeong made for him bears a monstorous look about it. It is unknown exactly what happens to enemies when Haru is in this state, but he will be found after battle unharmed and only slightly dirtied - mostly by the chunks of 'meat' that will be surrounding him.

"Izzy" - Hotio's 'true' personality. 'Izzy' is completely sadistic and has a twisted sense of humor. However, he does not have ill will towards '???Maru' and even conversates with the Fallen Angel in a calm manner. 'Izzy' admits that Maru is the only Angel he would never kill, as Maru is one of few factors that Izzy can use to cause MuYeong to go berserk and become 'Lang'. It can be assumed that 'Izzy''s only real goal is to push MuYeong of the deep end eventually, but he sees no need to rush and is fine with playing the role of 'Hotio' until he gets bored.

I don't own the TAL characters or The Gray Garden, please support the TAL webtoon on Naver~!
xXDarkblue-MageXx Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
Wow! They look so cool! And awesome!
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did my best to keep to Mogeko's style but still be loose with the characters themselves. 'Lang' came out way scarier than I even thought I was capable of doing XD
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