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TAL Garden - Side A by forestchick501 TAL Garden - Side A by forestchick501
The Gray Garden X TAL crossover, because I'm a sucker for cutesy crossovers XD

Maru is an Angel who mysteriously washed up on the beach MuYeong and Hotio were playing on as children. Maru does not have any memories of how he ended up adrift in the sea, and unlike most Angels, only has wings but no halo. He is extremely close with both devils and most in Seoul Town actually assume Maru and MuYeong are dating, if not married already by the way they act with each other.

MuYeong is a very powerful Devil, a HLD (High Level Devil) but he's actually painfully shy around strangers and is often the first to accidentally take damage in a fight. He is very fond of Maru, especially because the Angel will often bake fruit pies, his favorite being the Lemon Custard Pie Maru can rarely make because lemons are hard to obtain. It is common knowledge that MuYeong will quickly become aggressive if he believes Maru or Haru have been harmed in any way.

Haru is a baby Angel who poofed into existence in the town square, much to the shock of everyone present that day. He immediately latched onto Maru and refers to him as 'Mommy', while MuYeong is 'Daddy'. Haru has a habit of teleporting when he feels like it, so MuYeong crafted a doll that will keep Haru from accidentally teleporting too far for him to be tracked. Haru can speak with a very high level vocabulary, but finds it funny to act like a toddler and repeat others in a cute manner.

Hotio is MuYeong's brother, and is loyal to MuYeong, Maru, and Haru in equal strength. Despite him often being calm and collected even when teasing his brother to marry Maru already, Hotio actually has a very short fuse and will more often than not wind up the cause of their group getting into fights with LLDs (Low Level Devils). Hotio also has a habit of running off on his own, often found in high or dangerous places like sitting on the edge of a cliff or dangling from his tail.

I do not own the TAL characters nor The Gray Garden, please support the webtoon on Naver~!
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